Yuletide Wishful Thinking

Yuletide Wishful Thinking is made of these.  Of a happy family life on Christmas Eve.  A Holy Night during which we offer Merry Meets and well wishes.  Of sharing plum pudding and children laughing; of tinsel and silver bells.  And of wishing upon a star!


“Said the night wind to the little lamb

Do you see what I see

Way up in the sky little lamb

Do you see what I see

A star, a star

Dancing in the night

With a tail as big as a kite

With a tail as big as a kite”

Yuletide Wishful Thinking


Yuletide Wishful Thinking
Yuletide Wishful Thinking


Yuletide wishful thinking

Yuletide wishful thinking by day carries over into the night and your dreams.  In your dream, when you do wishful thinking and that it is the Yuletide/Christmas Season, your dream is indeed a magickal one!

Wishful thinking in your dream is your unconscious trying to show you that it is good for you to begin wishing again!  Hope is not dead; there is still hope for you.  There are better times ahead!

What Yule is

What Yule is?  “It is the ancient name in the Germanic Lunar Calendar for a winter festival corresponding to December and January.”

Back in the days of the old Keltic-Germanic Peoples, before the Christian conquest, the old Keltic-Germans could be found throughout what is now called Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden.  The Druids were dominant there, and they exercised a great influence over them.  The more significant majority of these Peoples practiced and placed their faith in an older form of Druidry than what we have today.

Back then, people believed that Witches would come as shadows in the night, to cast feelings of sadness and depression upon them.  These types of Witches would do that throughout the Winter Season, thus placing the Keltic-Germanic Peoples into misery.  Misery is the old fashion way of saying ‘slavery.’

To ward-off the evil Witches and the life of sadness they cast upon the Keltic-Germanic People, these Peoples celebrated what they called Yuletide.  During the winter, people ate well and sang happy songs together.  They spread good cheer to one another.  And they said it worked!

At the time of the Christian Conquest of these People, the Christian priests incorporated the Yuletide wishful thinking into the local Christian faith and called it Christmas.  After all, if being of good cheer and partying all night together worked to dispel winter misery, it would work for Christians too!  So the Christians priests kept and encouraged this strange custom of making merry!

The Christmas Star song

The Christmas Star Song is a song about the star that lights up the sky at night, during the Winter Season.  The Star shines up above, taking people out from under the misery of sadness and despair (the loss of hope, and a life of poverty/emotional slavery), and into its Light.  The light of the Star brings the hope of being emotionally happy.

Yuletide Wishful Thinking

Yuletide Wishful Thinking is of common occurrence during the Yuletide Season, especially at night when the Sun goes down.  Place a lit candle on your bedside table.  The Lit candle represents the Christmas Star and will light up your night during your Yuletide Wishful Thinking.  It will help you find hope when you dream.  During your Yuletide Wishful Thinking thoughts, try to listen to the happy songs of the Christmas making happy times!

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