Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations
Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations


Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations is about the Pope like man or Guru.  In Tarot, he is the archetypical personage of a spiritual teacher.  He teaches a ‘spiritual ideal’ that he, nor any other human can ever actually meet.

Historically, the Hierophant has always had two main disciples who serve him.  One who is responsible for ministering to the Divine Creations here in the Earthly realm.  The other is responsible for the mundane, material welfare of the Church here on Earth.  Both disciples are his trusted loyal assistants.

The Hierophant Card in Tarot depicts a Pontiff like figure who is the intermediary between man and the Divine.  He stands for the ideal that human beings are ‘Divine Creations’, and that he is their link to the Spiritual world.  That without him, there would be no possible communication between the Heavens and Earth.  The Hierophant is always a ‘mediator’ between a God and man.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations says that in spite of the high idealism of the Hierophant’s teachings, somehow man just never is worthy enough before the god.  Perhaps this is due to the Hierophant’s withholding of valuable spiritual info.  Of course, he always postpones the higher sacred knowledge for another time.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations
Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations

An Hierophant can be either a man or a woman.  Historically, there has been few women who were Hierophants.  It has always usually been a man.  This man has always been a married man with many children.  His children assured the stability of the Kingdom of Earth, and the continuance of the Hierophant’s teachings.  However, up until a relatively recent history, The Hierophant of the Roman Catholic Church must now stay a bachelor.  The common of the mortals no longer wants to live under tyranny.

Hierophants have a dual nature.  On one hand, the Hierophant is beloved by many, when his positive side shines brightly.  On the other hand, the very same many people despise him – when his darker side becomes clear.  Historically, a Hierophant is reputed to be a fraud.  He claims to have an higher moral standard and belief, which is above everyone else on this Earth.  However, his own behavior does not conform to it.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations suggests that it may be that the Hierophant archetype might appear at the micro level of society.  A common man might show the attributes of the Hierophant; it will very rarely be a women.  A male member of any given family might manifest Hierophant like qualities.  When this happens, the above would then also apply to him.

In a Tarot Reading, The Hierophant card does not have to be turned upside down for it to be negative.  The Hierophant card upright is automatically either a negative or a positive energy.  In Esoteric terms, the Hierophant is The Power of the Keys of the Doctrine.  In the Golden Dawn school of thought, he is the Magus of the Eternal Gods.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations, speaks to those Readers who read the cards solely from the intellectual perspective.  To interpret this card in its positive aspect, the Hierophant teaches goodness.  A type of goodness that is rarely ever observed in a human being.  In its negative aspect, he is too weak to live by his own morals and principles.  Because of the duality in the energy of the Hierophant, one needs to “read this card with intuition, not by the knowledge of the Cards”.  The masters agree to say the energy of “The Hierophant Card has to be felt (not intellectualized), and perceived”.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant Teaching Divine Creations, speaks of Tarot Magic and of Tarot Affirmation.  In Tarot magic, the Hierophant Card is for manifesting with the “Power of creating with the Tongue”.  The Hierophant is known for manifesting with the spoken word.  Place the Hierophant Card on your altar.  Meditate on what you want to create.  You may want to ask yourself if the words you want to say are well ready enough.  You may also want to ask yourself, whom do you know who can give you good advice and be of wise counsel to you in this matter?

Repeat the following Tarot Affirmation:  “I create when I speak”.

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