Tarot Card Meaning Emperor

Tarot Card Meaning Emperor, means ‘wisdom’.  It is about being aware of the chaos around us.  In Tarot, The Emperor archetype represents a person who is on the Path of Awareness.


Tarot Card Meaning Emperor
Tarot Card Meaning Emperor


Tarot Card Meaning Emperor

Tarot Card Meaning Emperor speaks of someone who is an anchor in our life.  Historically, people who are Emperors are intelligent married men.  They speak as a reasonable thinking man would.  They live to bring security to themselves and to those they love.  Just do not contradict them though…

Tarot Wisdom Card

Tarot Wisdom Card is the Emperor Card.  The Emperor Card is about a man who has reached this level of maturity; a level of maturity in which a man is said to have reached the age of wisdom – in terms of the Human Developmental Stages.  This Card depicts a man who understands the world around him.  He is good at reading people.  He understands the benefits of having power.


Tarot Card Meaning – Emperor Card – Wisdom
Tarot Card Meaning – Emperor Card – Wisdom

The Emperor rules over his domain

The Emperor rules over his domain.  At home, he rules over his wife and family.  From his perspective, they are not his equals.  But from his wife’s perspective, he is her consort.  For she is the Empress.  To learn more about the Empress Card, click on Empress.

Instead of equality, he offers his wife and children – an exchange for their undying loyalty and obedience.  In turn for those, he will agree to love, cherish, protect, and provide for them.  The Emperor is the type of husband that offers a sense of permanence and durability to a marriage.  He holds on dearly…

Passing the means test

Passing the means test of the Emperor his actually quite easy for someone who is loyal and obedient to him.  This husband archetype tests other people’s limits. He does this in hopes of keeping good order in his life.

It is good to know that he is not beyond using cunningest.  He will think of many ways to stabilize his work environment, his home, and his family.  Once he makes sense of the chaos around him, he will turn it to his advantage, and fast.

The Emperor Card Magick

The Emperor Card Magick is quite simple enough.  For Tarot magic, place the Emperor card on your altar.  Meditate on your lasting power in your marriage, and in all other domains of your life.  You may want to ask yourself, whom do you know that has endured in your life?  Who do you know that could give you good advice on maintaining stability in your life?

Repeat the following affirmation:  “I make sense of the chaos in my life”.

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