Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen to all the moms out there!  Children have brought a different meaning to your Love Life.  You created a supportive, healing network!


Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Guiding Light Mom

You taught me right from wrong,

and pushed me to do the right thing,

even when it was hard to do.

You took care of me when I was sick,

and your love helped make me well.

You had rules,

and I learned that when I obeyed them,

my life was simpler, better, richer.

You were and are

the guiding light of my life.

My heart is filled with love for you,

my teacher, my friend, my mother.

(By Karl and Joanna Fuchs)


Happy Mothers Day From Evergreen

Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen!  May this Mother’s day bring all of your children to sit together at your kitchen table.  Let them bring more love into your life!


Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
Happy Mothers Day from Evergreen
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


Children bring a different meaning to a mother’s Love Life.  They change everything between you and their father.  When before,  you and their father were able to enjoy uninterrupted intimate moments together, seemingly overnight – all that changed for the both of you.

At times, it seemed as if your babies had too much influence on your Love Life.  There were those late night feedings and diapers; cholics and whooping cough; homework and soccer practice; running shoes and babysitters.  Their father could not much afford anymore to take you out and show you a good time.

Your romantic future

Your romantic future started to look bleak once the children came along.   Because of them, you had to make many sacrifices.  You were often too tired for a sexy date with your husband.  It often seemed that you had to give up everything for their sake!  However, it was all worth it because you love your kids so very much!

Improving your romantic future

Improving your romantic future seems impossible at times.  Well, that may sound like it is easier said than done.  Nevertheless, it is doable; but just in a different way.  What it takes is a little bit of imagination and a healthy dose of Love with a big “L”.

The word mother

The word mother is usually understood to mean “a woman that gave birth to her own babies.”  Indeed!  However, that is not always the case.

Mom’s often have children that have not popped out of her uterus.  Those are the kids that she carries in her heart.  Some mothers and fathers bring their own children along with them into a long-term, committed Love Relationship.

Step children are your babies too!  And so are adopted children.  You give birth to them in your heart!

No matter how your kids get to your kitchen table, let them add their love to the family you and your husband have founded together!  Children are an extension, a manifestation of your love life.  What I mean by this, is that your couple brought renewed life into your marital home.  Your kids are the physical manifestation of your husband’s and your’s becoming one flesh.  The both of you have welcomed a new addition to your family.

As my adoption Grandmother Breton always said (god only know she can now rest in peace), “children bring more Love into your Love Life.”  Moreover, she sure knew all about that lol.

When she was still married to her first husband, they never could have any children of their own.  So they decided to adopt together – a newborn baby boy.  After her husband had passed away, she met a widower who would become her second husband – my grandfather Breton.

Grandfather Breton had been widowed for some years by the time he first met her.  His four children were already all grown up; and so was her adopted son.  So –  marrying for the second time seemed like a marriage made in heaven for Grandfather, who seriously did not want any more babies in his life.  After all, said Grandfather Breton, “there was no real risk of her getting pregnant; after all, she did have to adopted because she could not have kids of her own.”  Moreover, she was happy that a man accepted her, even if she could not get pregnant by him.  So they got married together!

Then Aunt Cecile was born.  Then two years later, Aunt Helene was born.  Then one of my mother’s sisters brought her two baby boys to be raised by Grandfather Breton and his second wife.  Moreover, then as the other grandchildren were born and got old enough, we would all play together running around  second Grandmother Breton’s kitchen.  As Grandmother Breton (the second) always said, “children bring more love into my marriage with your grandfather.”

Children can bring conflicts

Children can bring conflicts into your love Life.  Not all children are easy to raise.  If you have such a child, know that the Angels honor and support you in your motherhood.  Angels are willing and able to bring you help with any issue concerning children.

Our own inner child’ is in wonder at the world!  It has in common with our kids, the most amazing things.  We mothers have an inner child within ourselves; that is playful and has a lighthearted spirit.  Children bring this to their mother’s lives too.  In turn, mothers bring this to the children lives.

Sometimes, our need for playfulness and lightheartedness comes in conflict with a child’s need for playfulness and lightheartedness.  Our needs may not necessarily be in zinc with our child’s needs.  This is when we need to sacrifice answering our needs to fulfill the child’s needs.  This demands much maturity on the mother’s part.

Healing emotional wounds

Healing emotional wounds takes time, but it is doable.  It is doable with a mother’s love.  Some children have just come out of their parent’s failed marriage, or just got adopted by you.  They feel rejected, abandoned, unwanted, and not lovable.  This is when we need to do the second mile with them.

We need to double up on our love for such a child.  We need to have more patience than we could have ever imagined possible.  We need to create a supportive, healing family network for such a child.

Always keep at the front of your mind that a child brings in more love into your life.  You find more love for the child, more love for your co-parent, and more love for the child’s absent parent.  In a manner of speaking, your Love Life has augmented in love!

Happy Mothers Day to you Moms!  Congrats on having created a supportive, healing family network for your children.  Indeed, children have brought a different meaning to your Love Life.

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