Soured Soul Mate Love relationship

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship speaks of our commitment to each other.  When one of the Soul Mates goes rogue, we need to remember our commitment to him.  However, sometimes we need to let go.


Soured Soul Mate Love relationship
Soured Soul Mate Love relationship
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You’ve Got To

I know just how it feels
to put one foot in front of the other
only to stumble before you fall;
there’s no strength left
to give it your all

But you’ve got to
You’ve got to walk,
And I’ll be there
Be right there to break your fall


Soured Soul Mate Love relationship

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship is a sensitive topic to approach.  As a Tarot Reader, many people come to me for a Tarot Reading.  They mainly want to know if this man they like is their Soul Mate.  Alternatively, if they are in a relationship gone sour, they want to know if that man they are with really is their Soul Mate or not.

Once the Cards give my client the “yes or no” to their question, I like to explain what a soul mate is.  Your Soul Mate is “someone you spent much time with before you were born” into your current life, and even in your previous lifetimes before this one.”  You had even spent much time with him in the pre-existence.


Your Soul Mate is “the one” who is crucial to your spiritual progression.  This is someone you need in your life, so to grow spiritually together and to accomplish your mission in life together.  This is “the one” with whom you have already pre-agreed to enter into a long-term, Soul Mate Marital Relationship.  Back in the pre-existence, the two of you agreed to go down to earth so to permit the others in your Soul Mate Group to be born and grow spiritually too.  As you can see, “the one” is different from your other Soul Mates in your Soul Mate Group.  If you have not found “the one” yet, click on Soul Mate Manifesting.

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are what they sound like.  These are people who have agreed to be born during the same lifetime together so to progress spiritually together.  You also are part of a Soul Group.

You all count on each other for mutual acceptance; for mutual love; for mutual encouragement; and for mutual help in spiritual growth.  They are your parents and the children they had together.  They are also your closest friends, etc.

However, a “Soul Mate” is that one person you spend much time and enter into a long-term committed relationship together.  The deal you have concluded is to grow spiritually together.

The person you are asking about

The person you are asking about also belongs to your Soul Mate Group.  However, unlike the others in your group, this one person is the person with whom you enter into a “Soul Mate Couple Relationship”.  The two of you agreed to this, and you both gave your commitment to each other.  This commitment was “for mutual spiritual growth”; the kind only possible to achieve in marriage together.

At the time when you first met this person in your current lifetime, you immediately felt an unusually close connection with each other.  You felt comfortable together.  You trusted him right away; it was mutual!  In other words, there was an instant mutual bond with each other.

Why do Soul Mate Relationships turn sour?

Why do Soul Mate Relationships turn sour?  Can we talk?  Because shit happens!

Let us stay real.  We need to be realistic.  A Soul Mate, who is “the one, ” and with whom you are in a Soul Mate Couple’s Relationship has a Free Will.  However, he is free to get off from that page with you, and to move on to a different chapter.

Sometimes our Soul Mates lets us down.  That can happen most especially when we expect far too much of him.  If we place our Soul Mate on a pedestal, then he becomes at higher risk of falling; come tumbling down, and crash hard onto the ground below him.

Expecting total perfection, and a perfect lifetime in his company is asking too much of him.  Especially in this Earthly existence of ours.  Another way to describe this is to refer to your Soul Mate as an “imperfect perfectionist”.  Even a Soul Mate has flaws.  He can make an error in judgement, and make the wrong decision.

My mother was a lucky woman.  I remember wishing I had such a man who would not go back on his commitment to me.  They had been married 46 years at the time of her death.  Dad was her rock, and she was his.  However, neither one of them was ever perfect.  Their couple new both the good and the bad times.

Life is hard without making it any more difficult than it already is.  Soul Mates in a Couples Relationship, need to work on their individual character and personality.  The way we treat each other matter makes all the world of difference.  We should not take each other for granted.

If he does not stop acting like a dick, then your commitment to him can always be revised…

The engagement to each other

The engagement to each other is quite simple enough.  Soul Mates in a Couples Relationship commit to each other to be the best lover they can be to each other; and this for the next 50 years.  They commitment to make it livable with each other.  Their commitment is not to walking away from the other.

Soured Soul Mate Love relationship speaks of keeping your commitment to each other.  You both retain the Free Will to back out at any time of this undertaking.  Hopefully, this will not happen to you.  However, sometimes we need to let go.

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