Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences


Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences are symbolic of the Human Journey in all the domains of life.  In Tarot, we look at the Fool’s spiritual progression.   Whereas, in the Elder Futhark Runes System, we look at the whole person regarding “Human Development”.  Both the Tarot and the Elder Futhark correspond to one another.


Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences
Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences


The Fruits of Freedom

I plant this seed so to harvest many fruits

Its value far surpasses my dreams

It’s sweet taste will make me dream

Of setting myself apart from the heard

By eating success’ sweet fruits

(Poem by:  Evergreen)


Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences

Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences readily show that The Tower Tarot Card  becomes Fehu/The Cattle.  Our Fool is in reaction to a storm; and he is cleaning house!  This goes to confirm that The Fool is a young man/young women who realizes that he/she is not in control of what is happening to them.

We, in Tarot, already know that the Fool is a young person who is just setting out into the world to prove out what he has learned from his mother.  He leaves home to make his own luck in life.  His intent is to be successful at it.  However, in the Elder Futhark system, he meets up with a storm right away as soon as he/she sets foot into the world.  It is no wonder that in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, our Fool appears as if about to walk off a precipice!


Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences
Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences


Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  These past three years, many people on Facebook have asked me to teach them the Runes.  So I thought that it is about time that I do so.

The way I plan to do this, is by combining both the Tarot and the Elder Futhark Runes System together – via their correspondences.  This, so that both the Runes enthousiast and the Tarot Reader can follow along.

The Human Dimensions

The Human Dimensions in the Elder Futhark System are crucial.  This system of divination looks at the human development of the whole person in three domains of her/his life.  How they evolve within the context of society, within the Universal Principal and how the person obeys the Evolutionary Laws of the Universe.

Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences are not an invention of mine.  I lay no claim to inventing the wheel.  Correspondences of the Runes to Tarot are not new.  My adoption mother, Clarisse Breton (1918-1990) taught me that, “Tarot is the divination of the Core Energy that controls us, and how we choose to react to it”.  Same goes with the Elder Futhark Runes.

In other words, we can use Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences to help with divination  We can use those correspondences to do a divination on how the Querent is developing her/his true independence from their parents, from their leaders in their community.  We can also use these same correspondences to find out if the Querent is developing his independence according to the Evolutionary Laws of the Universe.

The Fool by any other name

The Fool by any other name is still the Fool.  In Tarot, we tend to think of the Fool as possessing a naive nature.  This because we adults agree to say that the young person called the Fool, is “foolish” to go out into the world on his own.  We all agree to say, that The Fool is an aspect of our younger-selves that was clueless as to what awaited us out there in the world away from our mother’s apron strings.  As children, our survival was mainly due to our parent’s luck they had made for themselves.  As the Fool, we left our father’s rule, because we thought ourselves sufficiently well equipped to become independent and successful out there among the other grown-ups who do not care, nor love our Fool.

Consider what cattle do.  Cattle roam so to find good grass to eat.  Then the herdsman rounds the cattle up, drives them back to his ranch, puts them into locked enclosures to bring them to slaughter when the time comes.  Now that has just got to be the worse storm the naive cattle can be in!  Indeed, our Fool is naïve!  It is but a Fool who thinks that he can leave home and that the world will take it easy on him.  Nottttttttttt!!! Just like what happens to cattle, The Fool is not necessarily safe from his own herdsman.

The Fool is born within the context of society.  His society is ruled by a Core Energy (the herdsman) that controls the Fool.  That Core Energy expects the Fool to behave as cattle; to just simply let himself be herded.  It is a Core Energy that decides if our Fool will be born and even if he will grow up.  It decides for us what school we shall attend; what and how to learn.  It decides for us if we will get a job; how much money we will get from it, and even how long we can do it for.  All that our Fool (Fehu/cattle) can do is to choose how he will react to that Core Energy.

So when my adoption mother taught me about that Core Energy that controls me in my life, it was her way of telling me that I was the Fool (Fehu).  If you are like me, you do not like being a Fehu; you resist that Core Energy that controls you as if you were just part of a herd of cattle.  If  you are like me, then you are a Fehu just as much as I am.  Oh lol, did I just call you “Fehu”?  I think I’d better explain that one before I am run out of Dodge lol… So read on…

Your Fehu

Your Fehu, in the context of human society, has a deep seeded “instinct to survive” as an individual.  The word “individual” means that you are an “I am.”  To say that “I am,” automatically implies that you are aware of being a separate and distinct person from the other people in your environment.  Your in-di-vi-dual  survival’s instinct make you just as restless as cattle when it senses danger.  To better understand this restlessness of yours, consider the cattle under a herdsman’s control.

Just because the individual cattle is born into a herd, it does not mean that the individual cattle is a happy camper.  Since birth, cattle feel the control of the Herdsman’s energy.  The cattle chose to react with meekness and compliance to that Core Energy.  Cattle will continue to respond in this way, up and until something goes wrong.


Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences
Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences
Fehu/The Tower
The Rune Fehu with permission of Ravens Nest Gems


If and when a storm hits (with thunder and/or lightning), the cattle become restless and down-right aggressive.  It may be that the overwhelming majority of the cattle will just moan and groan about it.  However, one of them will break loose and start to stampede out of the enclosure the herdsman put them in.  The rest of the cattle follow that individual cattle and stampede along with him.  Eventually, that individual cattle will do as the Fool does in The Tower Card.  He will choose to separate himself from the stampeding herd of cattle so to go and make his own luck in life – on his own.  In other words, he will clean his own house!  Moreover, he will strive to be successful at his newly found independence.

If and when your basic survival no longer is satisfied, you become restless against that Core Energy that controls you.  Your then Fehu (the Tower Card) thinking it best to become independent from that Core energy that controls you.  To do so, you are more than eager to leave home so to make your own luck in life.  You strive to become independent and place your trust in your in-di-vi-dual capacity and knowledge.  Hower, you soon learn that true freedom comes at a price!

True Freedom Comes at a Price

True Freedom Comes at a Price.  We soon learn that we must pay the toll to leave home.  And that once we do leave home, we must strive to maintain our independence.

Having left our father’s house, we nevertheless are the product of our birth.  We carry our genetic baggage with us everywhere we go in life.  The chains that bind us to our parents keep us forever indebted to them.  More so, it is through our parents that the Core Energy that controls us – manages to hunt us down so to keep us under its control.

The Core Energy that controls us will not let us break that which binds us to it.  We are forever in its debt.   It knows that for as long as we remain part of its herd, we will continue to be as cattle to it; meek and compliant and to bring it wealth.  Yes, we must take care of our parents when they are old, but we do not need to be under their control as we do so.

The Secret of the Fool as a Fehu

The Secret of the Fool as a Fehu is the wealth he risks getting.  Money is power!  Moreover, that is what the Fool as The Tower Card/Fehu wants.  That is why, that even if there is no storm in his family’s life at the time, the Fool will create his own storm (if he has to) – so to leave home.

You can only achieve true independence once you get wealth and can keep it.  There is a “Force” that lives on the margins of your Querent’s individuality.  A Force that compels he/she not to be controlled by a Core Energy that only seeks to herd them – as if they were cattle.

Tarot Elder Futhark Correspondences are symbolic of our Human Development Stages.  The Human Developmental stage of leaving home, is absolutely a normal one.  Freya’s Aett, is the Human Dimension within the context of society.  This is the Aett upon which you will find our Tarot Fool as Fehu/the Tower.  It is absolutely normal for a young lad leave home to go make his own luck in life, and more importantly, to fight to keep his independence/wealth.

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