Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen

Want friend, get dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen is my second article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  More specifically, about Intuitive Tarot Reading.  Intuitive Tarot Reading is a gift, not a skill.

Want friend, get dog – tarot reading evergreen says the harsh speaking person. A sensitive person finds such a response to a friend’s request rather difficult to take in. The greater majority of Tarot Readers, Psychics, and Mediums are sensitive people.

To do a Reading, sensitive people are open to the energies of other people. Other people’s energies affect the Reader in many ways. It does not matter if the reading takes place via email, in person, over the phone, or on Skype. The Sensitive Reader picks up the vibes of the person they are reading for, even at a distance. This is when the Reader needs to make the difference between her own feelings from that of the person asking for a Reading.

Want friend, get a dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

If you are like me, you are a ‘Sensitive’. Sensitives tend to isolate themselves, not only from other people, from the world as well. They tend to put on extra layers of fat. The extra layers of fat serve as a shield protecting them from outside energy vibrations coming at them from the world outside of themselves. Overwhelmed by those outside vibrations, Sensitives most often choose to be alone allot, and end-up feeling lonely.

Another reason why Sensitive Tarot Readers end-up alone allot, is other people’s reactions to them. For example purposes only, I will relate to you a situation in which I suddenly found myself isolated from the outside world because I am a Sensitive. I will make this long story – short.

My husband’s brother is a police officer. One day I heard on a local radio station, that there had been a shooting at a local mall. According to the news report, a gunman shot a women and a man who were working together behind the service counter. The gunman  left the mall and drove away.

The next day, my brother-in-law (the cop) came over to show my husband that he was OK. My husband’s brother made the mistake to sit beside me on the sofa to relate to us is part in the police hot pursuit of that gunman.  He was still a tad nervous about it all, but he really wanted to put to rest my concern about his own safety.  After all, he is family.

Brother-in-law (the cop) did too much of a good job putting my fears at rest. While he spoke, I felt comfortable telling him about the images, sounds that were going through my head. I described the bloody scene behind the service counter; about the gunman, etc. A Tarot Card image popped-up into my mind’s eye; the Ace of Swords Tarot Card.

Upon hearing me describe the murder scene, my brave Brother-in-law freaked-out! He jumped off the sofa we were sitting on, and took a beeline for the door. He turned and yelled-out to my husband: “she described everything exactly how it was! She’s crazy!”

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Why did the Ace of Swords show-up in my mind? The Ace of Swords represents ‘inquiry’. After the shooting, began an inquiry on what had taken place at the crime scene that fateful day. My relating what I saw and heard in my mind was not part of that particular inquiry. I could have influenced him. I needed to stay out, and let the witnesses and the police officers do their job.  Not to mention that my brother-in-law represented ‘inquiry’ to me from that moment on.

Because I am a Sensitive, I naturally picked-up on my brother-in-law’s atmosphere that he brought into the house with him that day. An atmosphere is another word for thoughts, feelings, and ideas’ a person emits and that stay around his body. Instead of seeing the color of a person’s aura, a sensitive can ‘sense’ a person’s atmosphere and what’s in it.

Cops really do not like a Sensitive noticing the atmosphere they project around them. Therefore, from that day forward, my brother-in-law (the cop) really did not like me anymore for having been able to see a police crime scene he was working in. He perceived it as a personal threat to his job; an infringement upon his sense of professionalism; and my taking away his control over reassuring me. From that day forward, the harshness with which he dealt with me was just as good as him saying: want a friend, get a dog.

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Turns out, months later, my husband got diagnosed with cancer.  No one on my husband’s side of the family approved of me taking care of my husband.  My bro-in-law used my having described his crime scene – as “crazy”, so from that moment on everyone kept telling me I was mentally ill.  I did take good care of my husband.  His family helped him only when he told him he needed something.  But when I asked them to help him, I got the cold shoulder.

No one helped me take care of him.  I was pretty much on my own to help my husband.  They literally alienated me.

The moral of the story is that many Sensitives become isolated from the outside world.  We become isolated because people are afraid of us invading their own personal square feet – against their will. A person has about one square foot of private space around them. This private space is above, below, in front, and behind the person, and all around. That is the space taken up by their ‘atmosphere’ located right outside of their physical body.

Another way of saying ‘sensitive Tarot Reader’ is to say ‘Intuitive Reader’. Because of the vibes we Intuitive Readers pickup, we get a deep sense of knowing. This is when knowledge of the Tarot comes in handy to verify what our Intuition knows. By combining our “knowledge of the Tarot” with our acute sense of deep knowing (Intuition) we keep our ego in check.  This way, we can help our Querent even more.

Unless a person actually asks a Reader to do a Reading for him, then we have no right to invade intuitively the person’s square feet. If you are a Sensitive like I am, always keep at the front of your mind to let you Sitter know first that you are a Sensitive (Intuitive); that it may happen that you will be able to connect psychically or Intuitively with them. Express this, so not to end-up being told: “want a friend, get a dog’…

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