Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks
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Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks is about discovering your potential for greatness.  When you reach the limits of your humanity, you need to keep going forward anyways.  If you let your fears block your path, you will stop growing emotionally and spiritually.  The Laws of Nature dictate, that what stops growing, eventually decays.

Good news is Mother Nature is kind and generous towards us human beings.  She gave us will power to get back up after being knocked down.  She also gave us the ability to learn new ways of doing things.  In addition, we have qualities we can use to our advantage during challenging times.

It may be that it is not easy to do something we want to do.  Sometimes we just have to try harder.  James Ricklef, the author of the book “Tarot Affirmations”, say that “the strength of your will lets exceed your grasp, and push yourself to do the best you possibly can”.  Sometimes, it is “a struggle to attain mastery over the circumstances around you”.

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks represents taking action in the world.  We often hear the old saying that goes like this:  no man is an island.  Taken in this context, “man” means humanity as a whole.  We live-out our lives within the context of society.  We were born of two parents that brought us home, and raised us within the family they formed together.  They introduced us to their own families who welcomed us amongst them.  Our parents presented us to their religious assemblies, who welcomed us amongst them too.  Eventually, our mother sent us off to school each day, to prove-out what she had taught us at our parent’s house.  Some years later, we attended a high school and then a college where we learned new ways of thinking and understanding.  When we entered the work force, we continued to test-out our concepts of the world in which we live in.

By testing-out our own concepts of the world, we are using our own momentum.  We are then in constant movement and transformation.  That is what The Chariot Card in Tarot says to us.

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks
Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks says that, the energy of the Page in the Tarot is transformed into the energy of the Charioteer.  Our Page is no longer restrained by the doubts governing his own truth.  Now he has the energy to transform himself both emotionally and spiritually.  Now, he has the self-assurance to “take all forms of action that he wants to take.

Our Charioteer’s actions are in the domain of love, achievement, and creative energies.  In other words, our Page (now The Charioteer) is discovering his own ‘potential for greatness’.  By going out and making it so, the Charioteer is making manifest his will in his environment.  He no longer denies who he really is.  He is aware of who he really is.  Alejandro Jodorowsky, in his book “The Way of the Tarot, the Spiritual Teacher”, describes the energy of the Charioteer as a “union between spirit and matter.

Tarot Magick:

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks
Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks

Tarot Card Meaning – Chariot – Transforming Blocks can be magical.  You can make manifest this magick in the emotional, in the spiritual, and in the physical; or even in all three of those domains at the same time.  Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, authors of the book ‘Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot’, explain further The Charioteer’s transformation.  They wrote, “this card is one of constant movement and shape-shifting because your success is sometimes not stable and enduring’.

Even though the chariot appears to stay in one place, seemingly not moving at all, it is on the ground ‘in the earth’.  The earth itself is rotating, bringing the chariot, the two animals, and the Charioteer along with it.  Therefore, one can safely say, The Chariot Card in the Tarot depicts constant movement…

As far as shape shifting is concerned, the Charioteer’s will is controlling the animals, and willing them to advance in the emotional, and in the spiritual.  It would take strength and focus to do that.  The Charioteer’s will power is stronger than one would assume at first glance.

Tarot Affirmation:

Place this card on your altar.  Meditate on what you struggle to carry out in your life.  Ask yourself, how do you put into action your moving towards your success?  Whom do you know who can advise and guide you in the right direction?  Repeat this affirmation:

“I have the strength to overcome my struggles”.

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