Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is a hot button.  Which is why I decided to write this article on this topic as the third article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  There is disrespect prevalent amongst Tarot Readers because of two main reasons. Both are negative.  The first is the result of the competitiveness among Tarot Readers.  The second is due to personal beliefs and culture.  Both of these reasons have a harmful effect on other professional Readers, and brings tears on the pillow at night.

Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch.  I have performed paid Tarot Readings at my kitchen table now for fifty years, off and on.  This past year, I started Readings on Facebook where I have met other Tarot Readers.  Reading their posts and threads is a real revelation!

In particular, lately I read racist and bigoted posts and comments by people who read the Tarot.  This is highly disrespectful of them.  Granted it is not everyone.  However, it is prevalent.  Therefore, I thought I would throw in my five cents worth via this blog post.  I know my blog post on “Prevalent Disrespect among Tarot Readers” will not change the world overnight, but at least I can start by calling it as I see it.  After all, disrespect is disrespect.

Prevalent disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is generally seen online for the money’s sake; that is inevitable.  Professional Tarot Readers expect to be paid for their services, which is understandable.  However, some take the spirit of competitiveness to the extent of being downright disrespectful of their peers.

More specifically, what made my skin crawl are those who lecture others on competition and respect – both at the same time.  These Tarot Readers do so while at the same time denigrating other people’s race, culture, and belief systems.  Doing so only turn their good intentions into racist and bigoted posts and comments.

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Do not get me wrong, I believe that everyone has good intentions.  They just express their thoughts the wrong way.  If you are going to comment or blog about tarot readers from the perspective of race, culture, religion, or spirituality, please go right ahead.  However, do not do so in such a way as to compare your own race, culture, religion, and spirituality to that of other Tarot Readers.  Just as much as the clients, your peers can read it.

It is one thing to market oneself from one’s cultural background in order to draw a specific type of clientele; the more power to you!  However, it is an entirely different matter to market oneself by posting and commenting on the back of other Readers’ backgrounds.  It is also disrespect for attacking your peers for them saying they are of a specific background, now that is indeed disrespectful!

Marketing and promoting oneself at all cost to others will tend to alienate yourself from the mainstream Tarot Clients who might have gone to you for your help.  You know what they say, “you can fool some people sometimes.  But you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

As a comparison, I had the most wonderful telephone conversation with Alejandra Campos.  Alejandra is much younger than I am.  She is a practitioner of a different tradition than mine.

Alejandra Campos is a proud practitioner of Santeria.  Santeria is her style of Tarot Reading.  Practitioners of Santeria tend to combine terminology and concepts from Catholicism and West African religions.

Alejandra is highly respectful of other people’s traditions.  So much so, she invites Tarot Readers from other traditions to come along and read with her.  She wants Wiccans and Pagans as well as others to find a Tarot Reader from their own traditions too.  Because of her maturity respect wise, I agreed to do email readings if and when she should call upon me to do so.

Coming back to the topic of this post – ‘Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is prevalent’.  There is something I want to say, but is a hot button amongst people in general.  Tarot Readers may want to be mindful of the following so to be respectful of others who are different from them.

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Here in North America (Canada and the U.S.A.), many of us have old traditions dating back just as others do.  Many of us have families that go back just as much as the next person has.  This is not that clear, because our countries are still relatively young in comparison to some others who still profess being ancient.  After all, we did not just restructure our borders; we crossed over the ocean to land on an entirely different continent as homeless-daughters with broken wings, so to speak.

We did not lose our race, nor our culture, nor our religion, nor our spirituality, nor our traditions; we modernized them so to be accommodating.  We took in the poor and the unwanted from elsewhere.  It is our way.  Tarot wise, we are still here alive and kicking!

Prevalent Disrespect Amongst Tarot Readers makes the point of saying, that no matter the Tarot Practitioner, no matter the aspect under which their practice presents itself, it is worthy of respect.  No matter if a Tarot Practitioner incorporates other traditions into theirs, it is worthy of our respect.

Respect does not mean to take it upon ourselves to actually practice reading Tarot in a way with which or to the extent of not being comfortable.  Respect simply means, we can agree to disagree to incorporate a certain way of doing the Reading into our practice.  We all have free will.  Let us not be competitive for business to the point of disrespecting the next person’s Tarot ways and beliefs via downright racism and bigotry.

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