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Prison Tarot Card is the Strength Card.  This Card speaks of the times during which we go into isolation so to affect change – for the common good.  This is why the keyword for this card can easily be “Prison”.  In the Llewellyn Tarot Deck, the Strength Card is called the Temperance Card…  Keep reading to find out why I use this deck in particular for this article on the Prison Card.


Prison Tarot Card - Evergreen Readings
Prison Tarot Card – Evergreen Readings


I always yell at myself asking why me? Why?

Sitting in a empty spare room.

No one to talk to about how I feel.

No one to ask me what I feel.

Is anyone out there in this harsh world we live in?

Sometimes I begin to wonder.

Sometimes I’m harsh on myself.

Morn comes and I wake up wishing I was never born.

Please help others, because today’s lives

Are being taken out of this world just as easy as they are coming in.

You can change someone’s life.

Make a change.

It’s a tough world.

(Change Is All © Olivia Libby)



Prison Tarot Card

Prison Tarot Card depicts a Deep Well.   To be down a deep well is likened to being in a prison of sorts.  Alone,  and alienated from the rest of humanity, we hit rock bottom; we face our fears alone.  We have crossed the line in our thoughts, ideas, and emotions …

Each and every one us draws a line in the sand.  Our line in the sand represents to us our sanity, our good common sense.  It is our good conscious warning us to get a grip before we lose control over our life.

When the Strength Card is pulled in a Reading, it is our conscious trying to tells us that it will not let us cross the line in the sand that we have drawn for ourselves.  We promise ourselves not to cross the line when stepping out for a drink with friends, or when we go to visit Mary Jane.  We promise ourselves that we will never cross the line when we get mad at the boss, or at our children.  We draw many lines in the sand; one for each of the situations we live through.  Moreover, for each one of these lines, we promise ourselves never to cross it.

The Line in the Sand

The Line in the Sand reminds us to stay on this side of the line.  This side of the line represents a balanced life.  Equilibrium!

For us who prefer a balanced lifestyle, the other side of the line represents our fears.  Our fear of being in scary places with scary people who do scary things.  It is because of our concerns that we make a promise to ourselves to always keep our control in check.

The prison of the Super-sensitives

The prison of the super-sensitives is the Well.  Super-sensitive people go down a Well full of thoughts and ideas and emotions they sense in other people.  A Super-sensitive person can pick up these vibrations, absorb them, and transform them.  A Super-sensitive person is at his or her happiest when alone restoring the environment back to its state of Equilibrium (balance).  For balance is the natural order of things.

As far as the Super-sensitive is concerned, it is indeed a sad state of affairs when “the natural order of things” goes on Tilt.  He or she becomes highly aware that it is not just a few persons going on Tilt, but things, people, and events; and that those are all part of a “Global Pattern”.  As the Super-sensitive quickly pick up on Global Patterns, he/she will retreat to a safe place like as if to a self-imposed prison of sorts.  Super-sensitives are different” like that.

People who are different

People who are “different” are most often than not – a Super-sensitive.  They see things from a different perspective than most.  They often get bullied just because they are different.  Because they feel things in a very sensitive way, it does not take much to hurt their feelings.

Super-sensitive people represent a relatively small percentage of the global population.  That is why they stand alone against a crowd of bullies treating them unfairly.  When a Super-sensitive hears or sees an injustice, he or she is usually the first to speak up and defend the victim.

Often, a Super-Sensitive will be called crazy.  Even the Super-sensitive will think herself/himself crazy.  Because they see spirits and things unseen; they feel things unfelt by the average person.  “They can see and feel both the Yin/Yang in individuals, governments, laws, politics, and religions; as these are locked in fear”, Catherine Avizinis.

Super-sensitives are needed among us

Super-sensitives are needed among us to bring balance.  Moreover, this is what the Balance/Fortitude/Strength/the Well/Prison Card indicates to us.  That the world needs people who accept to “profoundly say, do, and feel things – all within the good measure of course.  It would be a cold world otherwise.

Our world here on Hearth is full of people that do both the good and bad.  In our world here, there are both the good and the bad situations and events.  We need to accept the fact that there are both “positive and negative” ideas and thoughts, emotions and feelings, actions and reactions in all of us.  The Super-sensitives are those among us that have the Will and clear intent to make it a better world for all of our sakes.

Super-sensitives feel soooo profoundly and to the extent of actually consenting to go into a self-imposed isolation.  They deliberately absorb and transform both the negatives and the positives in other people.  Because doing so – restores Equilibrium (balance) in the world.

So the next time you pull the Strength Card/the Well Card, keep at the front of your mind that it is also a “prison Card”.  The Querent has deliberately isolated herself/himself in order to find balance in their life.  That this is the sacrifice he/she is prepared to do.  Your Querent is the Super-sensitive that has agreed to come to live here in this lifetime, to become engulfed by excess negative energy to bring balance back – by absorbing and transforming it.  Click on The Strength Card to read more about this Card.

Where is the Hangman Card?

Where is the Hangman Card?  Look for the Hangman Card to see if it is in the Spread.   If the Hangman Card and the Strength Card are side by side or close to each other, then know that your Querent’s situation is redeemable.


Prison Tarot Card - Evergreen Readings
Prison Tarot Card – Evergreen Readings
near the Strength Card


A Super-sensitive will not only isolate herself/himself so to restore balance to a situation, they will also find in it a personal relief against bullies.  Not because the Super-sensitive is hiding from a bully.  But rather, because a Super-sensitive knows that this is their purpose in life, to relieve the hurts in this world by their self-sacrifice of “absorbing and transforming the hurt of a bully into healing the bully”.  Another way to say the word “healing”  is to say:  “change for the good”!  This is how a Super-sensitive feels at their happiest; when he/she feels the World need them to restore balance.  By uplifting the human soul; by restoring balance to the natural order of things.

The Prison Tarot Card is the Strength Card (Temperance).  This Card reveals that it is the right moment in time for your Querent to go down the “Well of emotions.”  That it is time to go into self-isolation, like as if to prison.  To absorb and transform the Global Pattern of fears, and to heal it by manifesting change  –  for the common interest (“The good of the many outweigh the good of the one”, Spock).  This is why the keyword for this card can easily be “Prison”, or even “the key.” 🙂

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