Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card can scare the Reader just as much as it can anyone else. Some Tarot Readers inoculate the Querent against it.  And then again, some Readers much prefer using a Deck that does not have a Devil Card in it.


Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card
Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card


Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card is not an article about inoculating both the client and ourselves.  There is no use denying either the positives and the negatives of life.  Besides, our Tarot clients pay us good money so to know their truth; they do not want for us to hide anything from them.

Hello there, Tarot Readers.  I have read many comments on Facebook about the Devil Card in our Tarot Decks.  This Card is a highly controversial Card with a majority of Tarot Readers.

No matter their reasons, Readers tend to interpret this dreaded Card in such a way as to make it come out each time as if smelling like roses.  I can’t say as I blame them;  when the Devil Card appears in a reading of mine, I temporarily feel uncomfortable too…

However, I push away my uneasiness.  Because I am paid good money to tell the truth as I read it in the Cards (even if I should become unpopular for it.  I say, “the Devil may care” about this disagreement in the Tarot Community!


Knowledge of the Devil Tarot Card

Knowledge of the Devil Tarot Card is crucial in a Reading.   It demystifies it!  Education and experience with the Devil Card play a significant role in our understanding of our clients and their situation.

It has been my experience that just when we think we know Tarot, there is always still much to learn about it.  Many professional Tarot Readers, such as myself, are scholars of the Tarot.  Meaning that we are learners.

Whether you believe or not in a Devil, is not the point. The point is that the Devil is known both in traditional and religious beliefs as an Evil Dude.  No one ever wants to come face to face with the Devil.  Nor do we want the Devil to show up in our Tarot Readings; but it might anyways.

For the average person, when a Tarot Reader pulls out the Devil Card in a Reading, people automatically think it means “evil is in their lives”.  That is why we need to understand how man represents The Devil in his mind.

Man is a religious thinker

Man is a religious thinker; he thinks along the lines of right and wrong.  In a nutshell, from the beginning, man learned how to deal with two very different gods.  A God that was good to him, and a God that punished him.

When something went wrong in man’s world, he blamed his God for that.  When something went right, man accused his God of doing that too.  It soon became apparent to the other people around man, that he, in fact, had two Gods that were different from one another.

One God never got mad at man; while the other one got mad lots of times – at man.  So, man, having to deal with two different gods, did two separate kinds of religious ceremonies.  One to appease his “not so good God”; thinking that, that God would not get mad and punish man.  The other ceremony was so to praise and encourage his other God for not getting mad at him, and for not punishing him.

Fast forwarding to our modern times, mankind basically still has its two different gods; the good and the bad.  No matter if we believe in a malefic God or in a generous one, we still tend to think along those lines anyways.

The Devil Card in any given deck

The Devil Card in any given deck is a “Key”.  We place it in the twenty-sixth Path on the Tree of Life.  The twenty-sixth Path is a line that links the Sphere of Tiphareth to the Sphere of Hod.  More precisely, the Devil Tarot Card is Death on the other side of the Tree of Life.  Both ideas about Devil and Death come from the Sphere of Thiphareth (which implies a meaningful sacrifice).

In other words, the Devil Tarot Card is a Key.  This particular Major Arcana Card speaks to the fact that we are overwhelmed by a need to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of everybody else involved.  However, we would do well to neutralize its effects upon our lives; by finding our balance!

When the Devil Card shows up in your Reading, you need to reclaim your balanced self; you are on tilt.  Your mood is ill-suited the situation you are in.  Somehow, you are removed from being true to yourself.  You look at yourself in the mirror, in the morning. and you see your real self.  But when you walk away from the mirror, you forget who you are.  You need to find balance once more!

Tarot Card Meaning Devil Card can make us think that it represents an evil omen.  Instead of making believe that it is not, we would do well to get off tilt!   Using a deck with a Devil card in it can help to bring us back to the reality of our life.  To read another article on the Devil Tarot Card, and how to get real about our lives, click on   Carleigh Blaylock’s article on the Devil Card

Repeat the following Tarot Affirmation:

“I am aware of my inner demons.  I acknowledge my inner demons, and I face them and defeat them”.  James Ricklef, Tarot Affirmations

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