Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader
Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is the fourth blog post in my first Tarot Development series.  This particular blog post is to educate both the Tarot Reader and the public about what exactly is an Intuitive Tarot Reader.  The ignorance on that subject has to stop!

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  I am a ‘knowledgeable Intuitive’, professional Tarot Reader with 50 year of experience.  For the past year now, I have read more than my fair share of posts and comments on Facebook about Intuitive Tarot Readers.  Some of those posts and comments were positive.  However, some just made my blood boil!

The comment that makes my blood boil the most is a recurring one.  It stipulates that the Intuitive Tarot Reader is not to be trusted because, according to them, “reading intuitively is to let the ego take over the Reading”.  They say that if the ego takes over the Reading that the Reading is then false and inaccurate”.

Best-case scenario is that Tarot Readers making such comments have their own ego in the way.  Worst-case scenario, they have no clue what they are talking about in the first place!  They disrespect the Intuitive Reader’s ability, knowledge, and professionalism.  They crush the essence of who we are as human beings.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about gaining the understanding of what an Intuitive Tarot Reader is.  The Intuitive Tarot Reader is someone who reads the Cards with both the knowledge of the cards, and with Intuition. No one likes being dumb, everyone likes being smart.  The Intuitive Reader likes being smart just as much as the next guy!

Another way of saying ‘Intuitive’ is to say “sensitive’.  Being an Intuitive goes together with being a Sensitive.  You cannot be one without being the other.  To be precise, intuitive and sensitive mean the same thing.  Another way of saying you are a Sensitive Intuitive Reader, would be to say you are a Tarot Reader who reads with both the knowledge of the Tarot and with your ‘Essence’.  Let us understand what “Essence” is.

In philosophy:

In philosophy, Aristotle described ‘the essence’ as the attribute that makes an entity what it fundamentally is.  The essence of a person represents the whole of who he is.

In metaphysics:

In metaphysics, ‘the essence’, is often synonymous with the soul.  It is the composition of our spirit, our heart, our mind all bunched up together all in one basket.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader
Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

In Jungian Archetypes:

“The essence’ is the self.  The self is one of the Jungian archetypes, signifying the “unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person”.  The self represents the ‘psyche’ as a whole.  The ‘self’, is not the Ego, not at all.  Actually, the self, is both the whole and the centered dot.  For Jung, the circle (especially when divided in four quadrants), the square, or the maṇḍala symbolizes the Self.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing that our Essence is the sensitive, intuitive part of who we are.  The Essence of who we are needs to live!  It is our soul; it is indivisible.

No human Tarot Reader can throw-out into the garbage can parts of who he/she is while performing a Tarot Reading.  When a Tarot Reader claims to read the Cards solely from the knowledge stored in their brain about the Tarot, they are speaking from the ‘Existentialism’ perspective.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing that a Tarot Reader is not a robot.  A functional (healthy-minded) Tarot Reader does a Reading with one foot in the ‘knowledge’ of the cards, while keeping one foot out of the knowledge of the cards.  The foot outside of the knowledge of the cards, is that part which is that human aspects of themselves.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about being in touch with our functional human side.  The functional human aspect of the Tarot Reader (her/his sense of self-identity) tells the Reader to be careful of how they would phrase the reading to their client.  For example, when they pull the Devil Card during a reading, they take the time to relate it’s Tarot meaning to their client.  This is called ‘inoculating’ the client.  It is not only about putting the client’s fear of the Devil’s Card to rest.  It is also to relate its true meaning in a caring, delicate way.  The Tarot Reader is caring.  The “Essence” of who the Tarot Reader as a caring individual needs to be authentic to himself – not suppressed.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing one’s Wonder child.  The essence of who an Intuitive Sensitive Reader is, in Jungian terms, is the “‘Wonder child’.  The Wonder child is that part of our being who is “trusting, open, curious, accepting, non-judgmental, appreciative, and spontaneous.  “Your wonder child is a sensory feeling being.  It is sensitive to others, to the environment, to animals, to music, to colors, and to other vibratory influences”, Donna Martin, M.A.

The Wonder child is that part of ourselves that is a ‘sensitive.  Our sensitive, is the one who senses both the visible and the invisible worlds.  Who ‘feels’ the presence of others from both worlds; who feels the presence of god and the angels, etc…  Sensitives (Intuitives) make great mediums, and great mediumship Tarot Readers.  They also make great life-coaches; their own Wonder child welcomes into the world their client’s Wonder child during such readings.

Our Wonder child is instinctive, intuitive.  The Wonder child not only has faith in his own existence, but also has faith that he will not stop existing even after death.  He has faith in the afterlife, in what will happen to him in the afterlife – because he ‘senses’ the interdimensional realities.  The Wonder child is aware of everything!

The Wonder child is ‘the knowing’.  The Knowing, is that part of you that has a deep sense of ‘knowing’.  It the Knowing, it is also called our intuition.  The Wonder child is the “channel” of love.  It is our Inner Child, our authentic self.  When doing a Reading, the Reader remains authentic to himself.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader warns about killing our Wonder child for the sake of doing Readings for others.  Suppressing our intuition, our sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our death.  We die without using that part of ourselves that uses all of our senses; our senses are essential to us in the visible and non-visible ones.  Our intuitive energy goes to helping others and ourselves through positive energy.  In this way, the Intuitive contributes to the world and to the universe.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is also about not being an idiot.  On top of reading the Tarot intuitively, the Intuitive Reader also reads the Tarot with ‘knowledge’ of the Cards.  Just as much as any other Tarot Reader, the Intuitive Reader takes the time to read, study, research, and learn the Tarot.  We are not idiots!

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