Centering and Grounding

Centering and Grounding are crucial to a Tarot Reader’s lasting power.  It will make you into a happy Tarot Reader.  If you do not Center and Ground yourself, you will experience unwelcome symptoms.


Centering and grounding
Centering and Grounding


Go Among Trees and Sit Still

I go among trees and sit still.

All my stirring becomes quiet

Around me like circles on water.

My tasks lie in their places

Where I left them, asleep like cattle…

Then what I am afraid of comes.

I live for a while in its sight.

What I fear in it leaves it,

And the fear of it leaves me.

It sings, and I hear its song.

(By Wendell Berry from Sabbaths, 1987, North Point Press)



Centering and Grounding

Centering and Grounding can seem time-consuming to the average Tarot professional.  However, it is a crucial part of getting ready to do a Tarot Reading.  If you experience symptoms during or after a Reading, it is most likely because you need to Center and Ground yourself.

Hello, fellow professional Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This Tarot Article is part of a series of Tarot Profesional Development Articles I write from time to time.

I often read on Facebook posts by people who say they are experiencing symptoms.  Some of the responses to such posts are excellent.  They are good advice on Centering and Grounding.

Why do you need to Center and Ground

Why do you need to Center and Ground yourself?  Perhaps you are a natural Super-sensitive or an empath, you think that everything you sense or pick up from people is part and parcel of this gift of yours.  Yes, but not quite!  It is because you are using your energy when you do a Tarot Reading.  In other words, you are depleting yourself of your personal strength.

It may very well be that you pick up things as a Super-sensitive.  However, be aware of when it is not what you are picking up on from other people.  Experiencing symptoms is an entirely different matter.  Then it is because you are using your energy when you do a Tarot Reading.  In other words, you are depleting yourself of your personal strength.

It is a very little known secret among Tarot Readers that Tarot Reading is part of the Magickal Arts.  If you are not aware that doing a Tarot Reading is performing a form of Magick, then you would do well to get a basic understanding of Magickal Timing, and the appropriate rituals associate with performing magick.

Not only is doing Readings part of the Magickal arts, it is also part of the Healing Arts.  Many also link it to Chakra and Healing.  No matter what is your personal belief concerning the Tarot, you are not just using the cards to do a Reading with; you experience symptoms because you are spending your energy.

When to Center and Ground yourself

When to Center and Ground yourself is what you must know before you pick up your Tarot Deck each day.  Behind the scenes, we Tarot Readers live out our daily lives just like everybody else.  We have a home or an apartment; a husband and children; and part-time or full-time paying jobs outside of the home.  We have bills to pay; meals to prepare; a house to clean.  Just like everybody else, we are but human after all.  Just like everybody else, we can become overwhelmed and tired out.

If you are like me, there comes the point in time when you need to take care of yourself.  Centering and Grounding is an integral part of taking care of ourselves.  In doing so, we maintain our core strength and lasting power.

So, Center and Ground yourself each morning before you begin your Tarot Reading day.  You can also Center and Ground anytime you want; especially when you experience symptoms due to performing a Reading.  Doing so will help you clear those symptoms away, if not avoid them all together.

What are these symptoms

What are these symptoms due to a lack of grounding?  Here is a list of these:

Fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, short temper.  When we are exhausted, we can become ill.  Your immune system might be weak.  You may even become dizzy, and become aware of being on Tilt or unbalanced.  You may experience mental confusion, chakra unbalances, and subtle energy disturbances in the aura or other subtle bodies.  You may experience any or all of these symptoms.

Many Tarot Readers feel they just do not have the time to center and ground themselves.  We read in books and especially on Facebook, many excellent suggestions on Centering and Grounding.  Notice that most responders keep it short and sweet; they do not go into the long, time-consuming Centering and Grounding Rituals.  Moreover, that is because it can be done very efficiently without it becoming long and worn out.

How to Center and Ground yourself

How to Center and Ground yourself is part of the “basic knowledge” mentioned in a previous paragraph in this blog article.  If you practice Centering and Grounding on a daily basis, or whenever you need to Ground, it will become an automatic short and sweet – little Ritual of yours.

Always keep at the front of your mind that Centering and Grounding are all about balancing yourself; being in Equilibrium Physically, Spiritually, and in all the subtle bodies.  To do so is not complicated at all.  Personally, I like “Becoming a Tree”, and/or “using a Crystal”.  Becoming a Tree is a Centering and Grounding method that I learned way back when I was in Social Work School; we had many Professors who just happened to be Esoteric and who incorporated such a method into their teaching program (hence into our Professional Social Work Diplomat).

The Tree Method is quite simple.  Imagine yourself as being a Tree with roots at the bottom of your feet.  Sit on a chair, back straight; both feet flat on the ground; both palms on your lap – facing upwards.  Imagine roots growing from your feet – stretching and reaching down into the Earth beneath your feet just like lightning rods.  Now Imagine your energy (both positive and negative) emptying itself out into the Earth below you.  Then breath in and out slowly while bringing back your roots up into your feet.  You are now Centered and Grounded!  You can do this as fast or as slowly as you have time.

The Crystal Method of Centering and Grounding

The Crystal Method of Centering and Grounding is a time efficient way of stimulating the mind and is closely associated with spirituality.  Certain Crystals, in particular, are especially favored by many when using the Crystal Method.  Clear Fluorite and Clear Quartz are excellent for this.  Hematite is also good for this.

Place the Crystal in your power hand.  Gaze into it for a short period.  Moreover, chant:

“Crystal align my body, mind, and spirit to each other,

Clear and balance and make me secure to the core of my being and atoms,

Empty my surplus energy, time for me to inquire for another”.

Focus on helping me do a Divination, It is time for me to inquire for another person”.

(You may adapt this chant to suit your need).

Personally, I also like to use a bell when pressed for time.  It is even more quick and efficient than the above two Centering and Grounding methods. The sound of my bell reminds me that I just cleared away which is not good for me.  Ringing a bell brings an extra boost when clearing the atmosphere in my home.  It is also a sure way of calling my familiar to me for assistance.

Centering and Grounding give you a sense of balance; performed together, they restore your lasting power.  This helps you to be a happy Reader.  It is a spiritual way of removing symptoms often felt by Tarot Readers, and to clear the atmosphere around you of undesirables.

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