Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor

Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor speaks of a safe place within our heart.  It is our life’s anchor.  Our inner-strength.



What lies behind us

 and what lies before us

 are tiny matters

 compared to what lies within us.

(Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor

Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor reveals to us the secret of the Strength Tarot Card.  When meditating upon this card, we become aware of our personal inner-strength, our inner being.  It is our safe harbor.

Spiritual Counseling - Safe Harbor
Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor
"It is the essence of heart, where our sense of awareness lives." Jodorowsky.  To find safe harbor within our heart, requires  we remain totally sober minded.  For the heart is not a place for the totally frosted.

Going to the heart is the road least traveled.  On the way there, we are confronted with our true feelings and thoughts; with our fear of the unknown and our weaknesses.  But also, with our strength of intellect and our courage to change.

Courage to change

Courage to change is what Spiritual Counseling is all about.  When we go to a Spiritual Counseller, it is because there is something we feel we must change within ourselves.  A Tarot Spiritual Counseller, helps us through the Tarot Cards, to see our way clear to affecting such a change.

The Tarot shows us, via its pictures, what lies within us.  What lies within us are the Core Forces and energies that control us, and how we have chosen to react to them.  It may be that we cannot control the Core Forces that control us, but we can choose how to react to them.

Most often, we have chosen to react instinctively to those Core Forces within us.  But we don’t have to continue reacting that way.  Instead, we can decide to react to them – intelligently; so to change what we can.

To change what we can

To change what we can – takes courage and inner fortitude.  Because what lies within us has most likely taken on a life of its own.  We may even feel that we have lost control over our wants and needs.  That everything has gotten out of our control.  Just like in the picture above, we need to get a grip on our instincts.

Spiritual Counseling - Safe Harbor
Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor

More times than not, people say about me that I do a Tarot Reading without helping my Querents; that I don’t give them solutions.  Which is totally false.

Perhaps I say things too sweetly and nicely.  Perhaps the solution or advice I offer can be said more strongly, and with more courage on my part.  I certainly am not going to bang people over the head with a frying pan, just so they get that I am giving them good advice.  And to make them do it!  I am old fashion, all I can do is to explain that the Strength Tarot Card has a message for you, my Querent.

The message of the Strength Card:  "We need to be in a relationship with our instincts".  Jodorowsky.  Or in other words, we can choose how we react!

Choosing how we react

Choosing how we react, was “the” most important lesson I ever received from my adoption mother Clarisse Breton (1918-1988).  I was just 9 years old, way back when she had taught me about the Core Forces, Influences, and Energies of the Tarot de Marseille.  And she kept reminding me about those down through years.  Because it was the hardest lesson for a 9-year-old little girl to put into practice.

Of course, with hindsight, at 61 years old now, I have come to the realization that I had understood this lesson to me – all along.  If only I had listened to my mother,  and to her Tarot Teacher (Sister Theresa), I would have saved myself a lot of heartaches and misery; simply by choosing to react differently than I had.

If you are like me, you also have regrets about how you may have chosen to react to things you had no control over in the past.  It may be that we cannot directly control those people who have controlled us throughout out our lifetime.  But it’s not too late to start choosing a much better way to react to them now.  Even years later!  Because we are older and smarter now!

Reacting with the strength of our intellect

Reacting with the strength of our intellect is going to the essence of the heart.  Your mind contains all the lessons you have learned in life.  It also contains all of your experience you have acquired down through the years.

In other words, you have amassed a vast pool of knowledge about what works and what does not work for you when you react to people in your life.  At the age you are at now, you now understand!  You now understand that you need to take care of yourself – smartly!  And that “you can deal with all matters of difficulties”, Jodorowsky.

By doing some introspection, you can examine your own heart; do a personal inventory of yourself; make honorable amends to others as much as to yourself; and then share the following knowledge with others.  That you are now in harmony with yourself and with others, and that you can now start looking towards a positive future.  Because you have found a safe harbor in which your can trust your own reactions.

Spiritual Counseling – Safe Harbor spoke to you about a safe place within our heart.  Use it as your heart’s anchor.  It is your inner-strength.

Tarot Affirmation

Tarot Affirmation is an excellent way with which to start trusting your reactions.  Repeat this Tarot Affirmation until you begin to believe in it.

Tarot Affirmation:  “Deep down inside, I know how to react under any circumstance.”


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Tattered Dreams

Tattered Dreams are made of the web we weave.  Oh the web that we weave!  Out of spinning tales and storytelling.  You telephone yourself, tell yourself a story, and you believe your own story…  Harsh a truth it is, but truth nevertheless…


Tattered Dreams
Tattered Dreams
Destiny’s Portal Oracle Deck

Tattered Dreams

Tattered Dreams are the webs we weave.  Tattered Dreams are made of line upon line of delicate, well-spun webbing material that just hangs there over us like a Sword of Damocles.  Forgetting the lies we tell ourselves, comes back to bite us.

It is not that they are actual lies.  They are well-spun stories about our experience, our thoughts, and ideas.  With time, we spin these into time-honored philosophy; a philosophy of life upon which we actually go and base our lives upon.  We conveniently forget that they are not necessarily our truth…  They are just the spin on our truth.

Webs we weave

Webs we weave, delicate they are!  Webs we weave, are also made out of our faith and our hope.  Such are tattered dreams.

As time went by, the delicate webs we weaved became strong!  They became the very foundation of our lives.  The webs we weave eventually need to be taken apart, line by line, gently.  They need unravelling before they come back to bite us.  To do so, we need to first remember our false tales.

Remembering False Tales

Remembering false tales we tell ourself, is not easy.  No one likes to think we lie to ourself.  We are not alone doing this.

Have you ever had one of those conversations with yourself where you say, “I’m never doing that again!” — and then turn around and do the same thing? We’re all guilty of that!  To better understand this natural protection, click on The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Undoing lies

Undoing lies is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires a rigorous honesty on our part; doing a personal inventory of ourselves without doing a personal inventory of someone else.  It is admitting to our own shortcomings.  It is letting go of the webs we spun.

Chickens come back home to roost

Chickens come back home to roost, is another way of saying that we feel punished for the lies we told ourselves.  We are not being punished, we are suffering the consequences of the lies we told ourselves.  Usually this happens when a tragedy occurs in our lives.

A personal tragedy such as a divorce.  Or perhaps have your children been taken from you.  Maybe you lost your job.  You now realizing that it is all due to how you lead your life in the first place.

Sometimes it’s all due to the excuses we made for other people.  When something about someone strikes you, or rubs you in the wrong way, you might wrongly make an excuse for the person doing that.  It may be cute at first, but given enough time, you may no longer be able to live with it.

Years ago, a middle-aged guy was telling me all about his divorce.  He had been divorced by then – for well over ten years.  And he still had not gotten over the wrongs his ex had done to him.

He had a long list of things his ex had done to him.  He had a long list of her shortcomings.  At the end of his one hour-long enumeration of his ex’s wrongs, he finished up with saying:  “she was one bitch and a half”.

He was telling me all that about his ex, because he was thinking about marrying again with a new love of his.  But he feared making the same mistake twice, because this new love of his bitched him around allot..  As a matter of fact, she was “very much like his first wife”, he ended up admitting to me.

I told him, those two women are not the problem!  You are the problem!  You are the reason you are afraid of getting married again.  You are the reason you ended up in long bad divorce with your ex, in the first place.  He was shocked at my words to him…

The man asked, “why do I say that to him”.  My answer, “you are a man who gets turned-on by bitches, lol”.  He thought about it awhile, then said to me:  “I guess.  They are both indeed bitches”.  He readily added, “but she is different from my ex!”.

“How is she so different than her”, I asked.  His answer:  she is a great lover in bed”.  “Well, said I, so that is the excuse you are making for her.  She is a great lover in bed, so that excuses her being a bitch!…”  Five years later, the same man came to me and said, “I just got a divorce from her.”  And he had an hour-long list filled with her faults…

You see, sometimes we tell ourselves lies.  We lie to ourself when we believe it’s not that bad.  But there comes a time, when the lies we tell ourselves comes back to bite us.  Such are the things that can cause tattered dreams.

Courage to change

Courage to change the things we can.  It is not always a good idea to just change everything all at once.  The goal is not to hurt ourselves in the process, nor to make things worse for ourselves.

The goal is to gently unravel the web of lies we have boxed ourselves into.  We do this slowly, one lie at a time.  This requires we find the energy to look at ourselves honestly.  A renewed energy of truth – perhaps?

Assess the damage, the consequences of your having told yourself little lies.    Your beliefs have been shaken.  Your world is now different.  Take the time to heal, and find the courage to change.

Perhaps honorable amends are now in order.  First make an honorable amends to yourself, to begin with.  A good honorable amends to yourself can be a promise to not believe your own lies you tell yourself.  Make a promise to yourself, to find the courage to undo the woven threads of your Tattered Dreams!