Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  There are several methods with which to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.


Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards


Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is crucial.  Sometimes, there are two cards that fall out when shuffling your deck.  When two cards fall out, you may simply opt to read the both of them.  But which one should you read first?

It’s quite simple really. Simply take out your Pendulum, and let it pick for you which card to read first. Then read the card it selects.  This way, you can’t go wrong!

Tarot and Oracle Cards Readers often use several tools to perform their Reading with.  They use candles, incense, crystals, and pendulums.


Pendulums for difficult Readings

Pendulums for difficult Readings are necessary.  Just the other day, I had an exacting Reading to perform for a long term, return client of mine.  Or should I say, “I had” a real difficult client to Read for!

Moths ago, she had first come to me for a Tarot Consultation.  She was going through a divorce; her heart was shattered into a thousand little pieces.  She wanted to know if her husband would ever come back to her one day.

She could hardly let me Read her Cards I had pulled for her.  She cried and poured out her heart to me for three hours straight.  Anything I would tell her about the cards, she would reject outright and argue.  After all, she said, she was doing everything he wanted her to do; she was becoming everything he wanted her to be.  She would go on and on enumerating a detail list of his expectations he had told her she failed to meet – even if she was doing it all.  My heart just went out to that woman!

Down through the months, she came back for multiple Readings.  And each time, it was the same with her.  She cried and argued, and walked me through the long list of things she changed in herself and what she did to please her ex-husband so he would come back to her.

And for each Reading, the cards told her the same thing.  Over and over again, the cards were explicit.  Yes, her ex-husband would come back to her, but only in four years time.  He still had some wild oats to sow.  “But why not before”, my divorced client begged to ask of the Cards.  And each time, the cards told her “she must change first”.  And each time I read that in her cards, that she must change first, my heart went out to her – and I braced myself against her reactions towards me concerning the Reading I gave her.  Never the less, she kept coming back over and over again for another Reading by me.

Using the pendulum

Using the pendulum can help to get a final outcome!  For the last and final Reading with that difficult client of mine, she had asked me to perform a Grand Tableau Lenormand for her.  She wanted to know what was going on between her ex-husband and the new love of his life.

Lenormand Cards are Oracle Cards.  They show what is going on in your client’s situation.  They reveal what is happening around her/him.  The Lenormand Cards are very accurate in a love relationship reading.

These cards in this type of spread went to confirm that her husband and herself were a thing of the past.  They did not quite have each other in the future.  This much said the cards did show what exactly she needed to do so to change want she was doing.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not.

She was making herself be his carpet to walk all over on.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not; and that he knew her well enough by now to know she had not really changed.  Instead, she needed to get her dignity back and to have integrity; to be her divine true self.  By now, you can very well imagine that my client did not take kindly to what the Lenormand Cards showed both her and me…

The Lenormand Cards revealed to me that she needed to “accept” her divorce.  She needed to put a stop at trying to make him come back to her.  She needed to be “authentic” and true to herself.  And to “accept” they were divorced, that he loved another woman than herself.  And that with time, he would ask to come back home for good; but only in four years time.  Not before!

Needless to say, this upset my client deeply.  No matter how sensitive and delicate I had been when speaking my interpretation of her cards, she refused to accept that her ex-husband would come back to her only in four years.   I will spare you the details of what happened next.  Suffice it to say, I picked up my Lenormand deck; put it away.  Her Reading was done, her time was up anyways.  I had to ask her to leave so I could be safe in my own house!  Eventually, she did leave!

After she left my house, it took me a few days to muster the courage to ask the cards if my interpretation of the Grand Tableau I did for that client had been accurate or not.  What I did is, I took out another Oracle Deck.  This time, the Magical Times Empowerment Cards, by Jody Bergsma.  Because I needed to be empowered again vis-a-vis my own Reading abilities; after all, my client had shattered them too!

While shuffling this deck, I asked the Oracle Deck:  “What exactly does my client need to do to get her ex-husband back?  This is when two cards fell out.  The Dignity Card and the Integrity Card.  What a coincidence thought I!

I also felt I should pick one of the two cards; so to be more precise and accurate.  So I took out my Pendulum.  Placed those two cards on the table, and asked my pendulum “what does my client need to do so to get her husband back?”  My pendulum swung hard to the right, towards the “Dignity” Card.

Accepting the pendulum’s answer

Accepting the pendulum’s answer is what I needed to do for myself.  As a Tarot Reader, I can pull cards for my clients.  I can read and interpret the cards for my clients.  I can offer them guidance and enlightenment through the Tarot and Oracle cards.  I can even ask my pendulum.  But I can not do the necessary inner work in their place.  This the client must do for her own sake so to keep and maintain her own Dignity.



Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards

Dignity:  Take pride in yourself, and all you have become.Feel honored by your choices, achievements, and actions!

So that you may make the right choices for yourself!


What a Pendulum can do

What a Pendulum can do is to confirm the accuracy of the Reading. Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  Several methods to develop accuracy can be employed when there is a need to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.

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