Release Your Ex-Lover

Release Your Ex-Lover
Release Your Ex-Lover

Release Your Ex-Lover

The Time has come to clear your Energy


Release your Ex-Lover.  A phrase that is more easily said than done.  No matter our resolve to let go and move-on, somehow the memory of our love together just pops back into our mind and hearts – most unexpectedly.  When they do, it means “it is now the time to clear your Energy” from his presence.

They say that after a breakup, it is best to find someone new.  Moreover, you did.  Perhaps a little too fast was it?

You have replaced your Lover by a newer better one.  However, you still have lingering emotions and memories (good or bad), that are still hanging around in your life.  Your Ex-Lover’s energy has not been 100% cleared away yet.


Release Your Ex-Lover
Release Your Ex-Lover

Let go of things you can’t change,

Focus on things you can!


Each one of us has an ‘aura’, an ‘atmosphere’ around our physical bodies.  They say that our aura (our atmosphere) around our body is about one square foot above, below, in front, behind, and all around and right through our body.  Some people call this “our squarespace”.  Our own personal energy flows through it – infinitely…

When a women takes a lover (or boyfriend, or husband), she lets his energy enter into her aura (atmosphere).  She absorbs, willingly or not, his energy – and he – hers.  When this happens, she will feel he is her soul mate, her twin flame, erroneously so or not…

If there is a brakeup, some lingering energy of his remains for a time.  Sometimes longer, all depending on how deeply she had let him in.  It is good to clear his energy.

Clearing his lingering energy from your aura (atmosphere), is sometimes more easily said than done.  More often than not, this requires that a spiritual ceremony be done.  You can do this Clearing Residual Energy Ceremony from your Aura, by yourself or with the help of someone else.


Release Your Ex-Lover
Release Your Ex-Lover


Let go of his energy.  Release it into the Universe by letting go of the past you have shared together, and by “releasing lingering emotional attachments to your ex”.  In addition, by moving forward in your life.  This way, you will be made whole again!

My second husband and I were best of friends.  We were best of friends before we ever started dating; we were best friends even during our marriage; we remained best friends long after our divorce was made final.  He was a kind and gentle man – before, during, and after.

In fact, we remained lovers together for over three years after our divorce…  If it is safe for you to do so, if he is not a danger to your well-being, then please do have a clearing of energy ceremony with each other – for the good times!  Click on “the good times” link to listen to The Good Times song by Ray Price; and then move on with your life.

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