Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense is an essential part of doing Tarot Readings at a professional level.  Tarot Readers should defend themselves, their families, and their clients from psychic attacks.  By doing so, you, yours, and your clients will better enjoy good Readings.


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Two of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck


Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense skills and methods help to protect the Tarot Reader and the Querent from nasty people and spirits.  Just as much as there are good and bad things that happen to people in the physical word, there are good and bad things that happen to people in the astral/spiritual realm.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  For the purpose of this article, I used cards from the Ghost Tarot Deck because it is appropriate to the topic of Psychic Attack – Defense.  I use the images on these cards, in an intuitive style of Card Interpretation, rather than with knowledge of the cards per say.

It is naive to think that only positive things happen in our lives; bad things happen too.  Now that is a fact of life reflected by the images on Tarot Cards.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Nine of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck

Just as much as we can draw good things into our life, we can also avoid and/or repel certain very specific bad things – such a psychic attacks.  They say that things come in threes.  When they say that, they are talking about “the good, the bad, and the ugly’.

The good, the bad, and the ugly always follow each other. That is unavoidable; it seems to be the law of the Universe found here on Earth.  That fact is indisputable.  That is why it is a good idea to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.  For both the good and the chaos in our lives.

We would never expect that simply sitting down with a Querent, there could be a psychic attack.  Usually, there is not; but psychic attacks do happen at times.  So be prepared anyways – just in case, by covering both yourself and your Querent with a good psychic defense measure.

Good psychic defense measure

Good psychic defense measure covers you, your car, your home, and all those who dwell there.  This covers your Querent also, because the Querent dwells in her/his Tarot Reading as you interpret the cards.  In other words, a good psychic defense measure pertains to the word ‘dwell’ as it applies to Tarot Readings.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Tower Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Consider the word ‘dwell’.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘to dwell’ has two meanings that apply to this topic of Psychic Defense.  The one that first comes to mind, is ‘to dwell’ – in the sense that applies “to live in your home as a resident of it.  This would include yourself, your family, your dog and cat.  And everything that is on your property too; such as your car, your ladder, your trees and plants, etc.

The second meaning of ‘to dwell’, as it applies to practicing good psychic defense measures doing professional Tarot Readings, concerns your Querent.  Your Querent ‘dwells’ in your home when he/she comes over for a Tarot Reading.  He/she “remains for a time”, in the sense that he/she sets foot on your property, enters your home for a time during which they get a Tarot Reading, and then leaves when the Reading is done.  And some of your Tarot Clients will be return clients.  So they need to be covered by your Psychic Defense Measure too!

Maintain good spiritual health

Maintain good spiritual health by ‘Cleansing” good and proper like.  Cleansing in the metaphysical community, means “to make yourself, your family, your dog and cat, your home and all your belongings, your property and everything on it – clean”.  Clean of all impurities.  Of impurities such as ‘negativity’.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Fool Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

The list of ways to cleans impurities such as negativity, can become exhausting.  You can Google metaphysical negativity, and how to cleanse it.  Here, in this blog article on Psychic Attack – Defense, I will give you the very basic means by which you can achieve good cleansing.

First, wash your own body with a good quality shampoo for your hair and a good bar of soap for your skin.  Once that is done, be sure to shave the hair underneath your armpits and on your legs; and don’t forget to pluck any unwanted whiskers too.  Shave and pluck, because microbes love to stick to hair.  Microbes bring sickness.  And sickness is negativity just as much as negative feelings are.

Secondly, after you shower and shave and pluck, duck in ‘salt water’.  Fill you bath with warm, clear tap water.  While the bath is filling with warm tap water, put in two handfuls of Epson Salt (cloves, or lavender is OK too, but salt does a deeper cleansing). Then get into the bath water, and duck yourself entirely into the salt water.  Be sure to wet all of your hair on your head.  Sprinkle your face.  The Salt water will clear your pores of any impurity.  (Do not cleans in salt water when pregnant).

After you have ducked, command all impurities and negativity to leave your body and to go into the salt water.  Get up, and remove the bath plug; and command the impurities and negativity to be drained along with the Salt water down the drain pipe.  And to not ever come back.  And tell impurities and negativity to make it so…

Get out of the bathtub, and ground yourself.  Think of yourself as a lightning rod.  A lightning rod needs to be grounded so that the lightning does not hit your home.  You need to be grounded too, so all the energy around you does not hit everything around you; and leaves drained…

You can also smudge your home and property, and even your car; and don’t forget to leave a little bit of salt around the place…  You can place black obsidian crystal inside your home, at every doorway and window.  And on your Tarot Altar.

Black obsidian crystals absorb negativity, and lets filter in the positive energy; while at the same time, place a smoky quartz crystal on your Tarot Altar, so to let in clarity during your Reading.  Even with having cleansed and with black obsidian crystals, you will be able to read the good and the bad in your Querent’s environment and life.

Good Psychic Shielding

Good Psychic Shielding is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a shield you put up in the astral/spiritual so to defend yourself and your Sitter from psychic attacks.  There are different ways to shield yourself, all according to your own individual and personal faith and belief system.  Ask yourself if those you use work for you.  If they do not, it may be time for you to try other ways.

Some Tarot Readers ask their deities, angels, and guides to protect them and their Client from anything bad that might happen during the Reading.  If doing that works for you, keep doing that.  If it does not, you might want to ask new ones to shield you; that, or start putting up your own shield.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Magician Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Witches and occultist much prefer to put up their own protective shields.  Witches put up the Pentagram, representing them and their Sisters Under the Star.  If you are a Witch or a Pagan, do not listen to those voices telling you that does not work.

For those that know how to do that properly, efficiently, and adequately, it is a very powerful defense shield.  Never forget when you put it up, to invoke both the power of your Sisters Under the Star, and the energy of the Star itself.  A Star is one mighty powerful source of energy! And so is the power of a million bothers and sisters all bunch up into one!

You can also use the crystals in the lay lines.  Lay Lines conceal crystals containing energy you can call upon to form you protective shield with.  First, call down to you the white energy from the Cosmic Egg up above, then call up to you the dark energy from the crystals from the Lay Lines.  With those two energies together (the white and the black), form a column of red light energy.  And do not forget to place the Pentagram on it.  You know what they say!  They say “as above, as below; as in front, as behind; and all around; and to infinity”!


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Seven of Wands
Ghost Tarot Deck


Conjure what you can send back

Conjure what you can send back, means exactly that!  CONJURE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN SEND BACK!  Many Tarot Readers are Mediums who do Tarot Mediumship Readings.  Some will do Tarot Mediumship Readings only to get a message from a deceased loved one.  While other Tarot Mediums will do Tarot Mediumship as well as other forms of Mediumship work involving unknown, unfamiliar spirits to them or their client.

When working any type of Mediumship or magick with unfamiliar spirits, first familiarize yourself with the names of as many demons and angels as possible.  What they are for, how to be respectful of them, and most especially how to make them go away.  Always keep at the front of your mind, that what you can not control – will control you.

Some clients can dubiously and cunningly ask you to communicate with a dark spirit or demon without informing you of what or who the spirit is in actuality.  Some might even ask you to talk with their guides or protectors.  Know that not all guides and protectors are of the Light.  No matter if from the Dark or from the Light, both need total respect from both you and from your Querent.  They should not be toyed with.

Whether you agree to do Mediumship or Tarot Mediumship or not, is up to you.  However be aware that if you should accept to perform such work in your practice, you should be prepared to send back what you have brought forth to communicate with.  My intent here is not to scare you, but rather to advise you properly on this aspect of Mediumship work with spirits, and when doing magick.  Do not be a stupid fool, be a smart fool!  A good dose of common sense and street smarts goes a long way in Psychic Attack – Defense!

Psychic Vampire Attacks

Psychic Vampire Attacks are regular happenings, this no matter what you may be doing as a Tarot Reader.  It does not matter what type of Readings you do, Psychic Vampires abound out there in the psychic/astral/spiritual world out there.  And they always nest in groups.  For the purpose of this article, I will limit myself to telling you about one easy, very basic form of shielding from them – when you think yourself under a psychic attack from Vampires.

Form a cup with both hands together.  In that cup, visualize a white light formed of pure Cosmic Energy.  Blow on the Cosmic White Light, and tell it to surround you as if an egg.  As above, as below; as in front, as in back; and all around; and for eternity.

Then visualize a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. A disco ball has mirrors all around it.  It reflects the bright light coming from the egg shell you surrounded yourself with.  And then, visualize the bright light reflecting off each one of the mirrors on the disco ball – going and bouncing off the ceiling, the floor, and even off your own egg shell.  Thus, blinding a psychic intruder coming at you.  Now make that light turn flaming red as if fire…; electric red, blue, white, black, purple color of electricity going wild and crazy all around you while you are safe inside your eggshell!

In summary, be sure to do your Tarot Reading with a good Psychic Attack – Defense.  Cleans, and protect yourself and your client – in an intelligent fashion.  Work with clients and spirits that do not remove the control of your Tarot Session away from you – the professional.

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