Thoth Five of Disks

Thoth Five of Disks (Pentacles) is the Card I dread the most in any given Tarot Deck.  In a Spread, when I pull this Card for my Sitter, my heart goes down to my feet.  I begin to worry for my client.


Thoth Five of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks


Thoth Five of Disks:

Thoth Five of Disks represents WORRY!  There is no use trying to sugarcoat worry.  It is impossible to gloss over a feeling of dread over one’s material life.

I wish for my sitter, all the best in the world.  I wish for my sitter a successful pursuit of happiness.   But when the Five of Disks is pulled during a reading for someone, it means that my Sitter is worrying about something in their material life; and with good reason.  Often, they lose sleep over what worries them; this is why it is more compassionate to tell the truth about what the Cards say in their Reading, and to reflect back to them that there is indeed WORRY in their Cards.


Elusive Sleep


I try to sleep, it will not come

Too many worries in my head.

My heart is beating like a drum,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

I feel my mind becoming numb,

But to sweet sleep I can’t succumb

My inner mind is filled with dread,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

Too many worries in my head.

I search to find my inner peace,

But good intentions come to naught.

I wait for this torment to cease,

I search to find my inner peace

I want my tensions to decrease,

I pray my demons all are caught

I search to find my inner peace

But good intentions come to naught.

(By Artyjules)


As a Significator Card:

As a Significator Card, the Five of Disks well represents a person whose nature is to worry a lot.  You cannot change a person’s nature; but you can offer enlightenment and guidance.  As mentioned above, sometimes people worry because there is good reason to worry.

People lose sleep over what concerns them, and there are tears on their pillow at night.  However, a person who is a Five of Disks, generally worries about things other people would not lose sleep over.  They may very well worry even during dream time.

People who are born between the 21st of April and the 30th of April tend to worry about things a lot.  Of course, this is a generalization, but it is usually true about them.  In the astrological or horoscope school of thought, they are like this because of Mercury in Taurus.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Five of Disks’ original title is the Lord of Material Trouble.  The formula proving this is:  5 (Geburah) of Disks (Assiah) + Mercury in Taurus = WORRY.

Aspected in Natal Horoscope:

Aspected in Natal Horoscope as a Taurus 1, 0° – 10° Taurus, Mercury in Taurus, a person born between the 21st – 30th of April is a very patient person.  When it comes down to their material life, they are very practical and conservative.  However, there is a stumbling block placed before them – along their path in life.


Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks


The Prince of Disks (Air of Earth), is as a stumbling block to those people who are a Five of Disks.  The energy of this Prince blows the Five of Disks people in another direction than where they want to go to.  He removes their peace of mind, and places them on Tilt with disturbances and stressful worries.  This, until these people can find hope in their lives again…

The Five Disks on the Card:

The five of Disks on the Card of the  Five of Disks, take us deeper into the meaning of the Five of Disk Card.  Each one of the disks are there to show us that the five Elements are at play in the life of the person.  The five disks symbolically represent the Element of Fire, the Element of Water, the Element of Air, the Element of Earth, and the Element of Spirit.  The disks placed on the Pentagram, points us to the more unpleasant nature of the person – when the Spirit Element is situated at the bottom of the Pentagram.

By nature, we all have a bright and a dark side to ourselves.  A person whose Significator Card is the Five of Disks in Tarot Correspondences, experiences “triumph of matter over spirit”, Lon Milo Duquette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  When material considerations overwhelms us, anyone could become discouraged in life…

Discouragement due to loss:

Discouragement due to loss is something that is hard to get over from.  It takes a special kind of morale so to be able to push forward in life after one has suffered a loss.  It may be that we hold dear to the philosophy of not holding on dearly to our material possessions, but that more often than not – easier said than done.

When one invests time and money so to graduate and land a position in life, and then loses it, it comes as a bad loss.  Not only do we lose a job, we also lose our source of income.  Losing money strikes a bad blow to one’s ego, to one’s wallet, to one’s position in life, and most especially to one’s sense of financial security.  When you do not know where you are going to live and how you are going to eat tomorrow, you risk losing sleep over it.  When you don’t know if your land is going to get expropriated next month, you risk losing sleep over it.

Loss, or anticipating loss in your material life cause you to worry enough so to start being more careful, and a little kinder than most people.  It takes hard work and dedication to regain what you have lost – money wise.  This may lead you to become even obstinate about it all.

Enlightenment and guidance:

Enlightenment and guidance, when you have lost what gains you have made in your life, can help when discouragement ensues.  It can be useful, and make life easier.   It can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enlightenment and guidance can help you endure loss.  It can console you, and help lift your morale up.  It can show you how to change what went wrong.  It can help influence moderation and change in your life.

Everyone, no matter the situation, can find new ways that work better for them.  New ways of doing things can change your luck in life.  Change is a good place to start; it’s a good place to find new hope.  Even us Tarot Readers look for new ways of doing things in our life – so to affect change!  Click on Fortune Teller to listen to the song Fortune Teller by Maroon 5; after all, you never know how the future will go!

My job as a Tarot Reader is to tell the person’s truth as I read it in the Cards.  People who ask for a Tarot Reading most often want the Cards to confirm what they already know intuitively.  What they really want to know, is how to get out of their predicament.  With enlightenment and guidance they get from a Tarot Reading, hopefully they will do and say something that will change their destiny!

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