Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is also called The Lord of the Fire of the World.  It is wonderful to stand there in the early morning, watching the Sun rise in the East, absorbing its life giving energy!  Absorbing its mysteries, in contemplation…  In contemplation of the secrets of the Thoth Sun Card, wondering what it actually means.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card


“The Sun”

The sun shines right at me,
It makes me blind when it stares at me.

I could see my shadow next to me,
So bold and black,
But the sun fixes that.

When the sun turns away into the clouds
the world starts to darken.
So dark and black.
I wonder and wonder will it ever come back?

(Author: Stephanie Kim)


Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is for all of us!  For every man and every woman.  For people of all ages.  But most especially for children!


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

The Sun is on the 30th Path of the Tree of Life.  In a Tarot Reading, the Sun represents the person we Read for.    More specifically, the Sun represents that part the Sitter prefers to show the world about themselves.  Either they let show the comedy side of themselves, or the tragedy they are in reaction to.

This is why, that in a Reading, take your time so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both, are essential to the overall interpretation of this card.

When you say “the Sun”, you are referring to yourself – really; the comedy or the tragedy about your inner life.  No one is ever comfortable revealing both sides of themselves – all at the same time.  For example, people may think they know me, but only those who really, truly know me – can actually see (at the same time) both the comedy and the tragedy side of myself.  And the same goes for you…  And the same goes for your Sitter.

The beauty of youth is, that it thinks itself invincible; invincible, as in never-dying.  Growing old, we are faced with our humanity.  Our humanity as in, capable of actually dying one day.  When facing our own humanity, we face both the comedy and the tragedy of our own death.

Just like the Sun lives on forever, so do you!  In the Thoth Doctrine, death is but illusion.  And if you think of it, the major religions of the world view death, as but a passage in time towards eternal life.  All agree to say, we never actually do die.

Just as the Sun never dies, nor do you actually die.  Just as the Sun is not actually extinguished when it goes down at night, nor do you actually become extinguished when your time is done here on Earth.  This, Intuitives are well aware of more than the average person is.

Those who are ‘Intuitive’, are aware of the continuity of life beyond our Realm of existence.  They know for sure that life goes on once someone dies.  They know that their is life beyond the Veil to the other side.

Intuitives can sense the presence of the gods, of the angels, and of others who are in the other Realm.  Intuitives are aware that “immortality is simply consciousness of the continuity of existence”, Lon Milo DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  But to explain this in a way so that all can understand this concept of Eternal LIfe, let us go back to the Thoth Sun Card.

We are born under twin Suns

We are born under twin Suns, is one of the best ways to explain the concept of Eternal Life, and what the Thoth Sun Card represents.  Twin Suns are opposites in energy.  How to explain the significance of this, is not that easy at all, come to think of it.  For there are various interpretations to the natural fact in life of both Eternal Life and of being born under Twin Suns with opposite energies.

The easiest way to understanding this, is that one Sun is passive energy, and the other is active energy.  One is of the Dark energy, the other of the Light energy.  Dark and Light energy are passive and active.  They are two opposites, yet equal forms of energy.  Do away with either one of these energies, everything gets destroyed here on Earth.

Same goes in your personal existence here on Earth.  Do away with your own dark side, you will destroy yourself.  Do away with that side of you that is Light, you will destroy yourself.  For you to live, you need both your Dark Energy and your Light Energy to live together side by side within yourself.   Your life without them both, would be non-existent either spiritually, or materially. Click on Your Shadow Self, to read further on this subject.

Even religions speak of this.  The Bible speaks of the fact of Dark energy and Light energy co-existing together so there could be life here on Earth.  To better represent this, Genesis 25:19-28 describes twins.  There speaks of the twin sons of Isaac.  Jacob and Esau fought against one another’s passive and active energies.  Their mother Rebekah could feel them fighting when still in her womb.  Once born, both twins continue-on fighting each other.

The Bible goes on to further explain the principle of Twin Suns (the passive and active energies), in the story of Christ vs his brother Satan.  Jesus was the Bright Morning Star, Rev 22:16 (NIV); whereas Satan is referred to as an Anti-Christ (anti-Sun) who is an anti-Star, Isa 14:12-15 (NIV) “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit”.

The Gnostic Christians referred to Christ as our Sun.  They referred to Satan, as the other Sun.  It does not take a far leap in thought to understand they were mysteriously referring to a solar mystery in which there are two Suns; twins Suns in our Solar System.

These are Twin Suns having a ‘double nature’ separate and distinct from one another.  Or that of “our entire Solar System rotating in a cycle of hundreds of millions years”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

Was it really a mythology though?  That story of Heru-ra-ha?  Heru-ra-ha, was two opposites and equal forms of the Egyptian god Horus.  Hoor-pa-Kraat, the passive, innocent, god of silence and infinite potential.  Ra-Hoor-Khut, the active, violent, hawk-headed avenger of the gods.  “These twin gods, combined under the one name Heru-r-ha, are divine expressions of the passive and of the active dynamics of the Element of the Spirit”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

“Combining the dual nature of our Sun, its passive and active energy, the Sun  becomes the ultimate symbol of unity and singularity in our Solar System”, Mr. DuQuette.

The next stage of our humanity

The next stage of our humanity, for some, is the influence of our Sun upon us.  An influence of liberating freedom!  Of going beyond the Veil, into eternal life.  This because of the Sun!

The rays of the Sun

The rays of the Sun total 12 rays.  In the Zodiac, there are 12 signs.  These 12 Sun rays, 12 signs of the Zodiac, go to say that the masculine and the feminine are altered in their nature.  Many explain this in their own way.  But I like to think of this ‘alteration’, as man and woman become one under the Sun, and that they are eternal.  That their energies will be transformed.

The Two Children under the Sun

The two Children under the Sun, are shown in some Sun Cards as standing on solid ground, under the Sun.  In other Sun Cards, you can see they are clearly depicted as standing on the ground, and near water, under the Sun.  In the Thoth Sun Card above, they are bathed in the influence of the Sun.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card
Rules over the Queen of Sword. In turn, the Queen of Swords rules over the Three of Swords



For those of us who love bringing the Elements into play when we interpret the Sun Card, let us understand then – what the Elements are doing.  The Element of Water and the Earth Element are in action over the two children, and the warming Element Fire and Spirit are there also.  Combined together, these element ‘generate’ the two children.  There are both the passive and the active Elemental Influences affecting the feminine and the masculine.  Click on the Queen of Swords, to read further about the influence of the Thoth Sun Cards.  Click on the Three of Swords, to read further about the domination of Queen of Swords over the Three of Swords.

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy, so to do a better and more accurate Reading.  Take your time, so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both of the Suns and subsequently combined as one, are essential to the overall interpretation of the Thoth Sun card.