Thoth Cards Meanings Prince of Wands

Thoth Cards Meanings - Prince of Wands
Thoth Cards Meanings – Prince of Wands

Thoth Cards Meanings Prince of Wands


I have read on Facebook, posts and comments made by people who want to know how to interpret this Card correctly.  They also wonder if they will always get the right answers to the questions asked of the Tarot.  So I thought I would combine both queries together in this blog post today.

More often than not, people consult the Cards because they have questions they seek answers to.  They pay us Tarot Readers good money to get exact answers from the Tarot.  That is why we must not let the Cards give us willy-nilly answers.  We must not let the Cards fool us.  We must get from the Cards – the truth and nothing but the truth.

For the client to get the full truth to her reality, we must not sugarcoat her truth when giving her a Reading.  My return clients come back for a reading with me, because they really want to know the truth about what is going-on around them.  They really do want to know if the husband is going to leave them; or if their boyfriend really does love them or not; or if this guy truly is ‘The One’; or how to solve a problem in their relationship; and if they will lose their job, etc.

It is really important to me to be correct when performing a reading.  Like my return clients, I too want to know what their truth is!  I truly do care about them, and I truly do want to help them.  In order for me to help my clients know their truth, I must be as accurate as possible.  And so can you!

To be accurate, we must not let the Cards fool us!  You see, sometimes we can be fooled by the Tarot Cards.  You can ask the cards about something you want to know about.  You then  get an answer that might make sense to you and to your client, but it may not be the exact, 100% – right answer.  It just looks like it is, but…

A good example of what I am getting at with this, is the Prince of Wands in the Thoth Tarot Deck.  Let us say that you want to know if the man you are dating is the “one for you”; or that you want to know if the man you are dating really does truly love you for real, and for a very long time – and that you pull the Prince of Wands Tarot Card.  This card would then confirm that – yes, you are together with a man who has serious intentions towards you.  However, do not let yourself be fooled by this card.

The Prince of Wands comes with a ‘warning’…  In a love relationship, when this card is pulled, I ALWAYS add a “disclaimer”…  So beware; this man can easily deceive both your client and you.

Lon Milo DuQuette, in his book Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, says about the Prince of Wands Card:  “beware not to be deceived by how the person relates to himself, and how he wishes to represent himself to you and to others”.

There is an old popular song that comes to mind.  It is a song that Joe South recorded back in the 70’s.  The Games People Play, it is a warning about people.  People can deceive.  If you must remember one thing about the Prince of Wands, remember this much.  That The Prince of Wands “blows his own horn”.  He boasts about himself.  Being a ‘boasting man”, is the mask he wears to hide his true intent.  Not all that he says, is true!  To listen to this song, click on The Games People Play by Joe South.

When the Prince of Wands is pulled in a Reading, it represents a man with a youthful energy.  He can sweep you off your feet by representing himself as a man who is looking for a permanent, long-term relationship.  After all, he expresses his love of customs and traditions.  He describes himself as a man who will be a good family man.  He has empathy, which means he relates well to you.  He might even hint at you needing to start looking towards the future “along with him”.

If you want to go forward with this man, it is up to you.  This said, “beware of his folly!  He may play games (stunts).  He will describe his games as – practical jokes”.  You know the kind of man I am talking about?  The kind who talks about traditions and history, but calls his flirting with other women – just joking around.  If you do not mind your man just playing games with other women, by flirting with them only as a joke, then this man is for you.  If you really do mind that aspect of him, then maybe this man is not for you…

This is why we Tarot Readers need to discern exactly what the Prince of Wands is saying in a Reading.  This Card represents a youthful male energy that is empathic and noble.  However, he loves “to fight against the odds” of his losing and being unmasked.  He really does think he will win in the end, even if it takes him a very long time before he does win.

I truly believe that in a Love Relationship Tarot Reading, that when the Prince of Wands Card is pulled, this card can represent the man in the situation.  He does not have to be in the Astrological birth dates covered by this Card.  Because, it is not for nothing that this particular Card appeared in the Reading.  However, you may want to temper it by looking at the man’s Astrological Tarot Correspondence card, so to get a more clear answer from the Tarot.

However, if the man was actually born between July 12th and August 11th, then most definitely apply the above “disclaimer” to him.  He is:

Air and Fire

Born between July 12th to August 11th.

20 degrees Cancer to 20 degrees Leo.

The Original Title of this Card is The Prince of the Chariot of Fire

His spirit is very strong!


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