Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles


Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain


Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain, speaks of mingling Good Luck and Good Management.  Mingling good luck and good management together is a wonderful magical concept.  Both go hand in hand.  When you have both, you become fortunate!

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

When I see the Nine of Pentacles in a reading, I am very happy for my Sitter!  Because, this card tells me that she has “Gain” in her material life.  After all, everyone likes his or her money to grow.  I know I do!  Even some non-Thoth Decks show “gain” is the Keyword for the Nine of Pentacles!

Money does not grow on trees!  Fortunate people know how to “gain” money.  They know that they were lucky enough to get money through some activity or process, and they know how to manage their money properly.  They have learned at an early age that by doing so, they can augment their good fortune in life.

Sadly, in today’s world, people generally frown upon those who are fortunate.  Some even go as far as calling fortunate people – dishonest and corrupt.  It may be that some rich people sold their soul to get what they have, but that is just not the case for all financially well-off people.

Many come from hard-working parents.  Parents such as our own went to work every day so to share their luck with their children.  Parents are not always paid enough for what their labor is actually worth; but they made that sacrifice for the sake of their children.  Hardworking, fortunate people simply do the best they can with the money they get.

Like our parents before us, we too somehow manage to make ends meet.  We try to make our money go as far as it possibly can.  Life is hard, and we do the best we can.  That is why some add magic to increase their luck and management potential.

They say that magick is all in the intent.  That magick takes times.  Moreover, that it does…

However, repeating ‘Memes’ is great; but we won’t go far by doing that.  We need to understand what we say, so to be able to better manifest our intention properly.  You know what they say!  They say, be careful for what you wish for!

Lon Milo DuQuette, in his book ‘Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot’ explains what ‘good luck’ really is.  He describes good luck as, the “attending of material affairs, favor, and popularity”.  For Mr. DuQuette, good luck is “the mingling of good luck and good management”.

Therefore, when the Nine of Pentacles appears in a Reading, we would do well by understanding that this card speaks of “Gain”.  And indeed it does!  It is also good to understand that “Gain” actually means, “Good luck mingled with good management”.  Nevertheless, the following question begs to be asked.  How do we know that this specific Tarot Card actually means “Gain” or not?  We know this by learning its correct Astrological Tarot Correspondence.


Astrological Tarot Correspondence of the Nine of Pentacles:

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Nine of Pentacles Gain

The Nine of Pentacles is the correct Astrological Tarot Correspondence for those born between September 2nd and September 11th.  They are Virgo, 10 degree – 20 degree.  Which is why the original Title of this card was “The Lord of Material Gain”.

How do we know if this Astrological Tarot Correspondence is correct of not?  Lon goes on to explain that the ‘formula’ is 9 (Yosod) of Disks (Assiah) + Venus in Virgo = Gain.  Which is why the interpretation for the Thoth Card, the Nine of Pentacles, is ‘gain’.  Gain as in “Good luck mingled with good management”


Tarot Magic:


Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

In Tarot Magic, the Keyword for the Nine of Pentacles is ‘material gain’.  Even the Biblical characters who lived back in the Bronze Age – new about material gain.  The correct Bible Quotes can confirm this.

It is a very little known secret that the Bible has much magical info.  Those whose magical tradition is “esoteric” in nature, borrow this kind of magical info from the Bible.  Some might refer to Esoteric as “occult”.  While others like to call it ‘mysticism’, or even ‘Christian Witchery’.  One can only but imagine the type of magic practiced by the Three Magi (Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior) as they set-out on their Spiritual Quest to Bethlehem on that historical event.

For those who ‘invoke’ by using Bible quotes (also known as Bible Magic), there are two passages that go hand in hand.  The first is found in Psalms 25: 6 It is a ‘by day quote’.  “Remember thy tender mercies, O Lord, and thy loving Kindness; for they have been ever of old.”

This invocation is in the book ‘Tarot Talismans, Invoke the Angels of the Tarot’, by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.  They say that this quote helps to get “the friendship and favors of the great.  Good faith, and influences sincerity; reconciliation, and faith in general; and to help get divine mercy and pardon.  In order to better manage our money, the Angels help us by overseeing promises made by a person, and ensure that they are carried out”.

The second is a by night quote.  It in Psalms 33: 22 “Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us – in proportion to our hope in thee”.  As hope is faith, this quote helps to hide secrets, or that which does not wish to show.  To protect against pestilence, plagues, and rabies.  The Angels also influence healing and recovery from sickness.

Tarot Affirmation:

One Tarot Affirmation I like to use when using the Nine of Pentacles card, is the following:

“I strive to keep my financial life in order”.

If you know someone who is good at keeping their financial affairs in good order, go and ask them  for their best advice they can give about managing your money.  Being lucky goes hand in hand with managing your finances.  We work hard for our money.  It needs to go a long way.  We deserve to become fortunate enough to increase what we have.


Meanwhile, please share with us how you manage your money?  And do you use Tarot Magic to help increase your financial good fortune?


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