Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords


Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords

One must first look at oneself with honesty


The Four of Swords in the Thoth Tarot Deck, is a very familiar card to me.  I have done many Love Relationship Readings with the Four of Swords as the Significator Card representing the man involved.  Every single time, my heart just goes out to the women requesting the reading.

Before going too deeply into this Thoth Card, I have a disclaimer concerning Reading with the Thoth Deck.  Today, there is a newer Reading style focusing on the positive aspects of a person, whereas Thoth tends to be more brutally honest.  It goes deep into the psychological/spiritual of the person; it goes to the ‘discernment of the spirit’.

Like the Golden Dawn, Thoth reveals the person’s spiritual progression on the Tree of Life.  It speaks to one’s current place on the Sephiroth.  In other words, this Tarot System not only speaks of a person’s positive aspects, it speaks also to the negative and gray areas too.  It also delves into what a person can do to progress on the Tree.

It is a Tarot Correspondence System.  Lon Milo DuQuette says of the Thoth Deck that it “corresponds to the Astrological structure of the Universe, and in particular the solar system, as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah”.  You can do Tarot Astrology and/or Tarot Horoscope Readings with it.  Just like when you read your Astrology or Horoscope, you may find it describes you to the “T”.  However, there are always those days during which they just miss the boat.

It goes when doing a Reading for someone else.  Even though the Golden Dawn or Thoth Systems are very accurate, there will always be those Readings that make the exception to the rule.  Human beings are not in stasis; we are constantly changing and evolving in our lives.  When a Reading is off, it is because the person we are reading for is “transitioning from one level of consciousness to the next level.

The Tree of Life maps that very well.  If you were to Read for someone there life through, you would be able to observe the person’s evolution in all areas of their life.  Sometimes life’s lessons are easily learned, and sometimes we struggle to effect change.  The Tarot shows us exactly that.

For example, take the 4 of Swords.  In a Love Relationship reading, a woman mainly asks if he loves her.  When the 4 of Swords represents the man in their Relationship, this says to me that my client may be in a difficult relationship.  If you go for a guy that represents himself as a man who is in control of his life; who is on top of things at work; takes the leadership role in a relationship with you, while at the same time being friends with numerous “women friends” he loves to hang-out with (just a few “men friends”), then this guy is for you.  He is popular with women because he relates well to them.

However, if you would much prefer being treated as an equal partner, with just as much say in the decision making, then this relationship may not be one in which you will be happy.  A women might say that the reading just does not describe him, because she loves him and knows that he is not like that.  However, ask yourself if you think she is wearing blinders when it comes down to him.

Odds are he will remind her, in many ways, that money is power…  As far as he is concerned, it does not matter how much money she brings-in!  The main thing for him is, he is the man.  As far as he is concerned, the man brings-in money – he has the power!  End of conversation.

In order for a person to progress on the Tree of Life, one must first look at oneself with honesty.  My client pays me good money to know their truth in a Love Relationship.  If a Tarot Reader does not tell them the truth as seen in the Cards, then what is the use of paying someone so to know what is going-on, or to do a Love Spell?

It is no use not wanting to see beyond the “He Loves me, He loves me nots”.  Because, once the reality of daily life together sets in, the blinders will come off.  You will begin to see the other as he really is; you will be living just as much with his shortcomings as you will with his good qualities.  Moreover, this is when you will think back to your Tarot Love Relationship Reading.

No one is all-bad, nor is anyone all-good.  A man who is represented in Tarot by the Four of Swords as a Significator Card – is neither all-bad, nor all-good.  He can fall-in-love with you, yes!  He will be elatedly so.  He can sweep you off your feet!   However, just knowing if he loves you or not – is not enough.  Know that when ill-fated, there are downsides to this man.  You may want to ask yourself, how long can you live with his shortcomings.

The 4 of Swords speaks of “Truce”.  This is a man born between October 13th to October 22nd.  He is a Libra 3, more precisely a Jupiter in Libra.  This means that Jupiter is of great influence over him.  His Element is Air.  This man has a strong mentality; he is highly opinionated.

His understanding of the world is that it is made of ‘strife’.  When he comes home, he thinks about going home to an atmosphere free of ‘angry or bitter disagreements over fundamental issues.  He really does not want any conflict or contradictions from you.  His initial desire is to be with you in a relationship that will endure long after the marriage bells have ceased to ring.  For him, this will happen only when there is stability at home.

A Libra 3, is a man who wants his home and his personal affairs maintained in good order.  However, he is cautious about that.  He spends his time thinking about exactly that – he needs to remain cautious.

As he thinks you contradict him, he will seek a ‘truce’.  Truce under threats, I should say.  When all else fails, he will surrender to your authority rather than face the “challenge of liberty”.  He wants to think what he thinks – freely without constraints.  He takes a contradiction has shackles placed upon his freethinking.

When a woman first meets such a man, he will verbalize his ‘convalescence’ from his ‘ex’ who psychologically abused him.  He will cautiously hesitate starting up in a new relationship with you.  He will express a dearly needed rest from sorrow.


Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
The Prince of Cups “dominates” the Four of Swords


As for the ‘discernment of the spirit’, the Prince of Cups (Scorpion, Air of Water) – dominates the Four of Swords.  Which goes to explain the ruthlessness in a man who is a Four of Swords.  In other words, the Four of Swords is in part, not to be relied upon to work in harness with you towards the same goal.  He will inform “you” of his decisions and plans.  And if a women is not happy with him, and wants out of the relationship, he will be ruthless.  Be careful not to contradict him…

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