Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups
Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch



Captain of a sinking ship

The Key Word for the Thoth Card Seven of Cups is debauch.  To live a life of debauchery is sheer folly. It only leads to our ruin… When the Seven of Cups is pulled in a reading, it means that the person is the captain of a sinking ship..

In the Thoth System of interpreting the Cards, the Seven of Cups means that the Sitter in going down a path of self-destruction.  This person needs enlightenment and guidance to find happiness.

However, will the person be helpable so he can eventually pursue happiness – is an entirely different matter.  He/she will need help to do so.  Moreover, to be helpable, the Querent must be reachable.

No matter how much we want to help someone, not everyone is reachable.  In the case of a person whose mind is no longer sober, they simply do not want to be reachable anymore.  In fact, their ego is so big, that they do not even admit to themselves that they are screwing-up their lives and those of the people who love them.  To relate more to what I am talking about here, click on All I want to do is have some fun, by Sheryl Crow.

To be helpable, it takes a rigorous honesty.  Someone who would rather live in debauch telephones himself, tells himself a made-up story, and believes himself.  He tells himself that he is in control of his situation, even though he is ruining his life; and this, in all the domains of his life.

He is sick.  He is making his wife and children sick.  He is worrying his mother to death.  His employer is on the verge of letting him go, if he has not done so already.  If you are the wife or the child of such a person, click on “See the Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

If he has not yet stopped, soon the person who is in debauch – will lead those who love him the most to their ruin also.  He will lose his house, his car, the shirt on his back.  Even then, he may not be able to stop; he will be too far gone to stop…  It is all but illusionary success.

Illusionary Success

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch (the Seven of Cups/Hearts), speaks of the illusion of success.  To live and to keep up an addictive lifestyle, he must be as someone who has money and who can afford it.  Success does not come easy to anyone, most especially to the addict.  He will try to continue looking successful, at all cost to himself and to his close-ones.

A person who is an addict (a Seven of Cups), is someone who is going to his ruin; unless he deliberately chooses reasonable thinking.  However, his success (or the appearance of success) is highly crucial to him.  Since no one can actually keep up with spending that much for very long, he will need to spend on the arm of someone else.

Illusionary Success

To borrow the money he needs for his debauch lifestyle, he will need to promise to pay it all back.  For sure, he will have several creditors knocking at his door – which is why he will sell his own wife and kids if he has to.  That or stop feeding his addiction completely, and for real.  To read further about the women in the life of someone who suffers from debauch, click on the Seven of Hearts on the Lenormand Tree card.


Almost Suicidal

In this age of sexually transmitted diseases and addictions, he/she needs to protect themselves against the perils of promiscuity and over consumption.  It is but “illusionary thinking” (un-sober thinking, unreasonable thinking) to think one could get away with it unscathed.  A debauch lifestyle brings one to the verge of the precipice.  It is almost suicidal, or a slow death wish.

I want to make sure that we are all on the same page about this.  Here, in this blog article, we are not talking about ordinary social drinking, nor of a reasonable consumption of it thereof.  Here in this blog article, we are talking about “the way a person represented by the Seven of Hearts (Cups) is constituted.  The way this individual’s personality or thinking is constituted, it is an “addictive personality”, an “addict’s thinking”.  The way a person thinks with addicted to debauch.

List of addictions involving debauch
List of addictions involving debauch

The definition of ‘debauch’ is, to become disloyal; to lead away from virtue or excellence; to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality.  Synonyms of debauch:  abase, bastardize, canker, cheapen, corrupt, debase, degrade, demean, demoralize, deprave, deteriorate, lessen, pervert, poison, profane, prostitute, subvert, vitiate, and warp.


List of addictions involving debauch


These are but some of the addictions involving debauch:

Alcohol addiction; approval; aspirin and other OTC medications; aerosol sniffing or abusing; actions including any activity that is risky and produces adrenalin i.e. extreme sports, gambling, sex, crime – but to name a few; amphetamines; antidepressants; applause; art; getting high to produce art or magick; arson; attention; auto racing and high risk sports; bulimia; barbiturates; betting; cocaine and crack cocaine; sex addiction; sexting; etc…

Again, it is highly imperative that we do not put everybody in the same boat.  We need to make the difference between taking an aspirin under a normal and acceptable circumstance, and that of actually “abusing” aspirin because of an addiction.  This goes as well for any other type of addiction – by the way.  A further example would be “morphine”.  Morphine is prescribed so to seriously numb very severe pain.  When one is done with this type of pain, one is either dead or entirely abandons taking morphine.  Whereas the addict personality does not wish to let go of his dear morphine.

Many ex-addicts would rather endure excruciating pain than take pain medication at the dentist’s.  Out of fear it will spark a renewed chemical dependence and a renewed debauch lifestyle.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a tooth pulled-out without pain medication lol…  This blog article is may seem without compassion or judgemental against the addictive personality.  Believe me when I say – it is not.  My heart goes out to the addict; but at the same time, the purpose of this blog article is explain what the Seven of Cups represents in the Thoth System of Tarot.

Coming back to our onions, if you must remember one thing about what debauch is, and what the Seven of Cups in Thoth represents, remember this much.  No matter how debauch presents itself in a person, the person is always ‘lethargic’.  He/she does not feel like doing their own personal inventory taking a look at themselves in the mirror.

Thot Cards Meanings Debauch
Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

One of the best ways to understand “lethargy in an addict” is to look at it this way.  The person has a black trans am car.  He gets in the car, puts the key in the ignition.  Looks in the rearview mirror to make sure he can safely back out of his laneway.  Once on the street, he looks through his windshield and steps on the gas pedal.

At one point along the way, his eyes look up into his rearview mirror – again.  He turns his head to look at what is in the backseat.  When suddenly, him and and his black trans am crashed into a wall – head on.  He blames the wall…  And that is the lethargy in the Seven of Cups.  Click on “I feel like a women” by Shania Twain to better understand forgetting what it’s like to blame someone else for the trainrek in one’s life due to a sexual addiction.

He will blame other people for having done something that brought him to his addictive lifestyle.  They will be lying about the promises unfulfilled, wrath, lust, fornication, violence against women and children, and deception in love and friendship.  This of course, all depending at what stage the addiction will present itself.


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