Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is also called The Lord of the Fire of the World.  It is wonderful to stand there in the early morning, watching the Sun rise in the East, absorbing its life giving energy!  Absorbing its mysteries, in contemplation…  In contemplation of the secrets of the Thoth Sun Card, wondering what it actually means.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card


“The Sun”

The sun shines right at me,
It makes me blind when it stares at me.

I could see my shadow next to me,
So bold and black,
But the sun fixes that.

When the sun turns away into the clouds
the world starts to darken.
So dark and black.
I wonder and wonder will it ever come back?

(Author: Stephanie Kim)


Thoth Sun Card

Thoth Sun Card is for all of us!  For every man and every woman.  For people of all ages.  But most especially for children!


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

The Sun is on the 30th Path of the Tree of Life.  In a Tarot Reading, the Sun represents the person we Read for.    More specifically, the Sun represents that part the Sitter prefers to show the world about themselves.  Either they let show the comedy side of themselves, or the tragedy they are in reaction to.

This is why, that in a Reading, take your time so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both, are essential to the overall interpretation of this card.

When you say “the Sun”, you are referring to yourself – really; the comedy or the tragedy about your inner life.  No one is ever comfortable revealing both sides of themselves – all at the same time.  For example, people may think they know me, but only those who really, truly know me – can actually see (at the same time) both the comedy and the tragedy side of myself.  And the same goes for you…  And the same goes for your Sitter.

The beauty of youth is, that it thinks itself invincible; invincible, as in never-dying.  Growing old, we are faced with our humanity.  Our humanity as in, capable of actually dying one day.  When facing our own humanity, we face both the comedy and the tragedy of our own death.

Just like the Sun lives on forever, so do you!  In the Thoth Doctrine, death is but illusion.  And if you think of it, the major religions of the world view death, as but a passage in time towards eternal life.  All agree to say, we never actually do die.

Just as the Sun never dies, nor do you actually die.  Just as the Sun is not actually extinguished when it goes down at night, nor do you actually become extinguished when your time is done here on Earth.  This, Intuitives are well aware of more than the average person is.

Those who are ‘Intuitive’, are aware of the continuity of life beyond our Realm of existence.  They know for sure that life goes on once someone dies.  They know that their is life beyond the Veil to the other side.

Intuitives can sense the presence of the gods, of the angels, and of others who are in the other Realm.  Intuitives are aware that “immortality is simply consciousness of the continuity of existence”, Lon Milo DuQuette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  But to explain this in a way so that all can understand this concept of Eternal LIfe, let us go back to the Thoth Sun Card.

We are born under twin Suns

We are born under twin Suns, is one of the best ways to explain the concept of Eternal Life, and what the Thoth Sun Card represents.  Twin Suns are opposites in energy.  How to explain the significance of this, is not that easy at all, come to think of it.  For there are various interpretations to the natural fact in life of both Eternal Life and of being born under Twin Suns with opposite energies.

The easiest way to understanding this, is that one Sun is passive energy, and the other is active energy.  One is of the Dark energy, the other of the Light energy.  Dark and Light energy are passive and active.  They are two opposites, yet equal forms of energy.  Do away with either one of these energies, everything gets destroyed here on Earth.

Same goes in your personal existence here on Earth.  Do away with your own dark side, you will destroy yourself.  Do away with that side of you that is Light, you will destroy yourself.  For you to live, you need both your Dark Energy and your Light Energy to live together side by side within yourself.   Your life without them both, would be non-existent either spiritually, or materially. Click on Your Shadow Self, to read further on this subject.

Even religions speak of this.  The Bible speaks of the fact of Dark energy and Light energy co-existing together so there could be life here on Earth.  To better represent this, Genesis 25:19-28 describes twins.  There speaks of the twin sons of Isaac.  Jacob and Esau fought against one another’s passive and active energies.  Their mother Rebekah could feel them fighting when still in her womb.  Once born, both twins continue-on fighting each other.

The Bible goes on to further explain the principle of Twin Suns (the passive and active energies), in the story of Christ vs his brother Satan.  Jesus was the Bright Morning Star, Rev 22:16 (NIV); whereas Satan is referred to as an Anti-Christ (anti-Sun) who is an anti-Star, Isa 14:12-15 (NIV) “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit”.

The Gnostic Christians referred to Christ as our Sun.  They referred to Satan, as the other Sun.  It does not take a far leap in thought to understand they were mysteriously referring to a solar mystery in which there are two Suns; twins Suns in our Solar System.

These are Twin Suns having a ‘double nature’ separate and distinct from one another.  Or that of “our entire Solar System rotating in a cycle of hundreds of millions years”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card

Was it really a mythology though?  That story of Heru-ra-ha?  Heru-ra-ha, was two opposites and equal forms of the Egyptian god Horus.  Hoor-pa-Kraat, the passive, innocent, god of silence and infinite potential.  Ra-Hoor-Khut, the active, violent, hawk-headed avenger of the gods.  “These twin gods, combined under the one name Heru-r-ha, are divine expressions of the passive and of the active dynamics of the Element of the Spirit”, Lon Milo DuQuette.

“Combining the dual nature of our Sun, its passive and active energy, the Sun  becomes the ultimate symbol of unity and singularity in our Solar System”, Mr. DuQuette.

The next stage of our humanity

The next stage of our humanity, for some, is the influence of our Sun upon us.  An influence of liberating freedom!  Of going beyond the Veil, into eternal life.  This because of the Sun!

The rays of the Sun

The rays of the Sun total 12 rays.  In the Zodiac, there are 12 signs.  These 12 Sun rays, 12 signs of the Zodiac, go to say that the masculine and the feminine are altered in their nature.  Many explain this in their own way.  But I like to think of this ‘alteration’, as man and woman become one under the Sun, and that they are eternal.  That their energies will be transformed.

The Two Children under the Sun

The two Children under the Sun, are shown in some Sun Cards as standing on solid ground, under the Sun.  In other Sun Cards, you can see they are clearly depicted as standing on the ground, and near water, under the Sun.  In the Thoth Sun Card above, they are bathed in the influence of the Sun.


Thoth Sun Card
Thoth Sun Card
Rules over the Queen of Sword. In turn, the Queen of Swords rules over the Three of Swords



For those of us who love bringing the Elements into play when we interpret the Sun Card, let us understand then – what the Elements are doing.  The Element of Water and the Earth Element are in action over the two children, and the warming Element Fire and Spirit are there also.  Combined together, these element ‘generate’ the two children.  There are both the passive and the active Elemental Influences affecting the feminine and the masculine.  Click on the Queen of Swords, to read further about the influence of the Thoth Sun Cards.  Click on the Three of Swords, to read further about the domination of Queen of Swords over the Three of Swords.

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy

Interpret both the comedy and the tragedy, so to do a better and more accurate Reading.  Take your time, so to accurately interpret the Sun Card when it gets pulled and placed in the Spread.  Take the time to interpret both the comedy and the tragedy in your Sitter’s life.  As both of the Suns and subsequently combined as one, are essential to the overall interpretation of the Thoth Sun card.


Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords in the Thoth Tarot Deck makes people afraid of her.  Why is this?  Because, if you get on her bad side, she treats you cruelly; she can be dangerous.  This is not a card you would want to necessarily meditate on…


Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords is a scary card!  You can see that in the Thoth Deck.  In this Deck, she clearly holds the severed head of a man in her left hand; and the sword she holds in her right hand, points down towards the Earth.  So don’t mess with her!

It may very well be that she represents ‘the Sun Card’ in this deck, but as Crowley himself says:  “she means business”.  She understands and notices things very quickly.  She thinks outside the box.  This is a great card to do ‘Mind Liberation Magic’ with; as she frees your mind up so to learn, understand, and to quickly think up solutions to what problems you may have in any given situation.  She is very efficient in that way!

The Queen of Swords as a Significator Card

The Queen of Swords as a Significator Card is Water of Air.  21° Virgo to 20° Libra.  If you were born between September 12th to October 12th,  you are a Queen of Swords in Tarot Correspondences.  She rules over those people who are 10 of Disks; 2 of Swords; and 3 of Swords.  Click on the Three of Swords, to read how the Queen of Swords rules it.  You can also click on the Thoth Sun Card, so to learn more about how the Sun Card rules over the Queen of Swords Card.

Her original title is the Queen of the Thrones of Air, Queen of the Sylphs and Sylphides.  Her symbols are the head of a man severed; cumulus clouds; and a drawn sword pointing downwards toward the ground.

Those born between September 12th to October 12th, are intensely perceptive.  They are keen observers.  They are subtle interpreters, intensely individualistic, and are swift and accurate at recording ideas.  They are also confident in action; in spirit they are gracious and just.  Their core influence is the Justice Card.

Water of Air

Water of Air, “means the humidity in the Air.  The elasticity of the Element.  And its power of transmission.  The Empire of the Queen of Swords is of the Celestial Dew…  She is the clear, conscience perception of idea…  Because her throne is upon the clouds, she is graceful and just.  She is exceptionally graceful in movement, and in the ability in dancing and balancing”, Crowley.

When the Queen of Swords is in a bad mood

When the Queen of Swords is in a bad mood, her intent and purpose are not good!  In her, they are unreadable.  Because they are not detectable, she is then even more cruel, sly, deceitful, and unreliable.  Her beauty sets her apart from the others, so be careful, do not interfere with her.

The Queen of Swords keeps herself in-check

The Queen of Swords keeps herself in-check.  She is not all bad; she has a conscious!  She does not want to be a bad person, so her conscious has built-in safeguards against her dark side.  She is endowed with the ability to foresee the consequences of her actions and words upon the people in her environment.  She is mindful of her words and actions.  This because, she wants the advantage in a situation.

You know what they say!  They say don’t mess with the Queen of Swords!  She has friends in low places; and they do love her because her cause is a right one!


Three of Swords

Three of Swords in the Thoth Deck is SORROW.  When this Card appears in a Spread, it means that there is SORROW in the person’s life.  As a Significator Card, SORROW defines best the personal atmosphere of that person.


Three of Swords
Three of Swords
Thoth Tarot Deck


Three of Swords

Three of Swords has a Key-word.  Its Key-word is SORROW!  Unhappiness, sorrow, and tears galore!

More specifically, this kind of sorrow in not the kind of grief one goes through after the death of a loved one, nor after a divorce.  Rather, it is a sense of unhappiness one carries through life; it is a reaction to just about any situation in life.

It is part of the person’s very own nature to be unhappy, sad, and to have behaviors that result in deceit, strife, and discord with others.  As this type of SORROW is rather difficult to put into words, click on Elvis Presley’s Heart Break Hotel song.  Through the emotions invoked by this vocalist who sings this song, you may better appreciate the type of sorrow represented by this darkest Card in this dark Minor Arcana Suit.

The Darkest Card in the Suit of Swords

The Darkest Card in the Suit of Swords, is the Three of Swords – SORROW.  It is Saturn in Libra; 10° to 20°; its original Title is the Lord of Sorrow.  Those born on October 3rd to October 12th are Libra 2.  The planet that influences them is Saturn.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Three of Swords best represents how they react to the Core Influences and Energies that exercise control over them and their lives.

The proof that this Tarot Correspondence is correct, is found in the following formula:

3 (Binah) of Swords (Yetzirah) + Saturn in Libra = SORROW

The above formula was taken from the book “Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot”, by Lon Millo DuQuette.

The Three of Swords Dominated

The Three of Swords Dominated is in reaction to the Court Card that rules it.  It is ruled by (dominated by) the energy of the Queen of Swords.  The Queen of Swords is herself greatly influenced by the Sun Card in the Major Arcana.”


The Three of Swords
The Three of Swords Dominated by the Sun Card and the Queen of Swords


Markus Katz is a popular author who wrote the Tarot book ‘Around the Tarot in 78 Days’.  He refers to the influences that other Card’s have upon a Minor Arcana Card – as a “trickle down effect”.  The Core Influence of a Major Arcana Card pours itself down into the Minor Arcana Cards.  More specifically, a Major Arcana card pours into a Court Card.  In turn, the Court Card then pours down into the Pip Card.

This trickle down effect, causes both the Major Arcana Card and the Court Card together – to have control over the Pip Card.  This trickle down effect places the Pip Card in a position in which it can only but ‘react to’ these two higher stationed Cards.  In other words, the Core Influence of the Sun Card pours down into the Queen of Swords Court Card; the Queen of Swords then pours down into the Three of Swords Pip Card – causing the Three of Swords to react to the control the two higher Cards exercise over him and his life. The Three of Swords reacts by expressing or causing SORROW in its environment.

More precisely, this type of SORROW is ‘a reaction’ to the Queen of Swords’ control over him. It is not a true state of clinical depression per sey.  It is a dark behavior or emotion; albeit, an instinctively dark response to a dark influence – if one might put it that way…

To Suffer Sorrow

To Suffer Sorrow is to obey sorrow.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “sorrow” as such.  “It is to feel or display great distress.  It is an anxiety, anguish, an acute suffering caused by pressure or adversity”.  This definition of SORROW relates well the trickle down effect from the Star Card, down to the Queen of Swords, and then down to the Three of Swords.  In other words, a person who is in Tarot Correspondences – a Three of Swords, has a sense of darkness and heaviness about them.  Their material world is in chaos.  They know storms in their personal life, as well as in their family life.

The Good Qualities of the Three of Swords

The Good Qualities of the Three of Swords are as follows:

“Mirth in platonic pleasures; singing; faithfulness in promises; honesty in money transactions; and are sometimes even generous!”, Aleister Crowley.

Show compassion to the Three of Swords

Show compassion to the Three of Swords Sitter.  Help the Three of Swords to find it’s fortress!  Its fortress is the hope in their life (their safe harbor).  It is the rock one can lean upon (either within themselves, or another person in their environment).

For example, if I was to Read for someone who is an Elvis Presley-ish type of person, I would select the Three of Swords card as the Significator Card – to represent this person in the Spread.  And I would guide them towards their mother so to seek refuge in her maternal love; she knows how to raise him up when he needs that in his life.

In summary, the Three of Swords Thoth Tarot Card means SORROW!  It is a very complicated card to explain, but well worth a good attempt to do so.  Remember that the Sun always rises in the East each morning, and there is just nothing we can do to stop that from happening.  However, we can always be comforted by those who raise us up, rather – than lean upon those who would keep us down…

Thoth Five of Disks

Thoth Five of Disks (Pentacles) is the Card I dread the most in any given Tarot Deck.  In a Spread, when I pull this Card for my Sitter, my heart goes down to my feet.  I begin to worry for my client.


Thoth Five of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks


Thoth Five of Disks:

Thoth Five of Disks represents WORRY!  There is no use trying to sugarcoat worry.  It is impossible to gloss over a feeling of dread over one’s material life.

I wish for my sitter, all the best in the world.  I wish for my sitter a successful pursuit of happiness.   But when the Five of Disks is pulled during a reading for someone, it means that my Sitter is worrying about something in their material life; and with good reason.  Often, they lose sleep over what worries them; this is why it is more compassionate to tell the truth about what the Cards say in their Reading, and to reflect back to them that there is indeed WORRY in their Cards.


Elusive Sleep


I try to sleep, it will not come

Too many worries in my head.

My heart is beating like a drum,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

I feel my mind becoming numb,

But to sweet sleep I can’t succumb

My inner mind is filled with dread,

I try to sleep, it will not come,

Too many worries in my head.

I search to find my inner peace,

But good intentions come to naught.

I wait for this torment to cease,

I search to find my inner peace

I want my tensions to decrease,

I pray my demons all are caught

I search to find my inner peace

But good intentions come to naught.

(By Artyjules)


As a Significator Card:

As a Significator Card, the Five of Disks well represents a person whose nature is to worry a lot.  You cannot change a person’s nature; but you can offer enlightenment and guidance.  As mentioned above, sometimes people worry because there is good reason to worry.

People lose sleep over what concerns them, and there are tears on their pillow at night.  However, a person who is a Five of Disks, generally worries about things other people would not lose sleep over.  They may very well worry even during dream time.

People who are born between the 21st of April and the 30th of April tend to worry about things a lot.  Of course, this is a generalization, but it is usually true about them.  In the astrological or horoscope school of thought, they are like this because of Mercury in Taurus.  In Tarot Correspondences, the Five of Disks’ original title is the Lord of Material Trouble.  The formula proving this is:  5 (Geburah) of Disks (Assiah) + Mercury in Taurus = WORRY.

Aspected in Natal Horoscope:

Aspected in Natal Horoscope as a Taurus 1, 0° – 10° Taurus, Mercury in Taurus, a person born between the 21st – 30th of April is a very patient person.  When it comes down to their material life, they are very practical and conservative.  However, there is a stumbling block placed before them – along their path in life.


Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks
Thoth Five of Disks is dominated by the Prince of Disks


The Prince of Disks (Air of Earth), is as a stumbling block to those people who are a Five of Disks.  The energy of this Prince blows the Five of Disks people in another direction than where they want to go to.  He removes their peace of mind, and places them on Tilt with disturbances and stressful worries.  This, until these people can find hope in their lives again…

The Five Disks on the Card:

The five of Disks on the Card of the  Five of Disks, take us deeper into the meaning of the Five of Disk Card.  Each one of the disks are there to show us that the five Elements are at play in the life of the person.  The five disks symbolically represent the Element of Fire, the Element of Water, the Element of Air, the Element of Earth, and the Element of Spirit.  The disks placed on the Pentagram, points us to the more unpleasant nature of the person – when the Spirit Element is situated at the bottom of the Pentagram.

By nature, we all have a bright and a dark side to ourselves.  A person whose Significator Card is the Five of Disks in Tarot Correspondences, experiences “triumph of matter over spirit”, Lon Milo Duquette, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.  When material considerations overwhelms us, anyone could become discouraged in life…

Discouragement due to loss:

Discouragement due to loss is something that is hard to get over from.  It takes a special kind of morale so to be able to push forward in life after one has suffered a loss.  It may be that we hold dear to the philosophy of not holding on dearly to our material possessions, but that more often than not – easier said than done.

When one invests time and money so to graduate and land a position in life, and then loses it, it comes as a bad loss.  Not only do we lose a job, we also lose our source of income.  Losing money strikes a bad blow to one’s ego, to one’s wallet, to one’s position in life, and most especially to one’s sense of financial security.  When you do not know where you are going to live and how you are going to eat tomorrow, you risk losing sleep over it.  When you don’t know if your land is going to get expropriated next month, you risk losing sleep over it.

Loss, or anticipating loss in your material life cause you to worry enough so to start being more careful, and a little kinder than most people.  It takes hard work and dedication to regain what you have lost – money wise.  This may lead you to become even obstinate about it all.

Enlightenment and guidance:

Enlightenment and guidance, when you have lost what gains you have made in your life, can help when discouragement ensues.  It can be useful, and make life easier.   It can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enlightenment and guidance can help you endure loss.  It can console you, and help lift your morale up.  It can show you how to change what went wrong.  It can help influence moderation and change in your life.

Everyone, no matter the situation, can find new ways that work better for them.  New ways of doing things can change your luck in life.  Change is a good place to start; it’s a good place to find new hope.  Even us Tarot Readers look for new ways of doing things in our life – so to affect change!  Click on Fortune Teller to listen to the song Fortune Teller by Maroon 5; after all, you never know how the future will go!

My job as a Tarot Reader is to tell the person’s truth as I read it in the Cards.  People who ask for a Tarot Reading most often want the Cards to confirm what they already know intuitively.  What they really want to know, is how to get out of their predicament.  With enlightenment and guidance they get from a Tarot Reading, hopefully they will do and say something that will change their destiny!

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Controversial Management

Controversial Management is another way of saying a lack of ethics.  Without ethics, life becomes unfair all around.  Life is hard, why make it worse on ourselves?


Controversial Management
Controversial Management
Princess of Swords

Controversial Management

Controversial Management shows up once a very talented person successfully climbs up the ladder of success.  They have gone as far as they can.  Nevertheless, power goes to their head.

Perhaps you know of someone like this within your family, in your community, in your State, in your Country, or in your workplace.  They show great learning in what they do best.  However, they just do not understand what they do not know.

Such an individual could easily sell a freezer to an Eskimo living in his igloo during wintertime.  However, he does not care if the customer has food or not to put into his new freezer.  All he cares about is making a sale.

This can be a young mother getting pregnant on purpose, just to get a bigger amount on her welfare check and larger housing space.  She does not care about anything else, except to personally get stuff.  It doesn’t matter to her if she brings her other children into deeper misery.  She just doesn’t get it!

A politician has the gift of the gab.  He can easily convince his voters on spending millions of dollars to get a better and bigger power plant.  Once approved, all the hidden costs for the new plant – triple or quadruple.  He does not care if their new tax bills and power bills will eat the homeowners out of home and house.  After all, they did agree on the new power plant!

Having artificially created a cheap buyer’s market, now people with a higher spending income can readily bargain purchasing their first home.  It is anticipated that these new homeowners will be the ones blamed for the creation of a more profitable seller’s market.  Thus, the taxes on the properties and houses will increase, making the controversial management style golden!

For sure, the controversial manager is smarter than the average bear; he can pull the wool over your eyes.  However, even though he can fool people all the time, he cannot fool all the people all the time.  It may be you cannot stop him from having control over your life.  But you can choose how to react to him…

Thoth Princess of Swords Card

Thoth Princess of Swords Card, in a Reading, represents controversial management.  Her influence is a plague upon the life of us plain folks.  It is not for nothing that one of her titles is ‘The Princess of the Rushing Winds’.  Just when we would expect benevolence from our Royal betters (the Court Cards); this Princess will give us stones instead of meat and vegetables to put into our soup.

She demonstrates “cleverness and dexterity when it comes down to practical affairs”.  She has a way about her.  She is adroit in selling controversies”.

When Upright, she has qualities many aspire to.  She possesses “wisdom, strength, acuteness, subtleness in material things, grace, and dexterity”.  She is seductive in this way.


Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Princess of Swords rules the Cirrus Clouds


When ill dignified, she is just as predictable as the beautiful, white cirrus cloud formation.  Her “frivolous and cunning ways announce a storm” in the immediate environment.  This Taken from The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

Danger Warning

Danger Warning about the Thoth Princess of Swords!

When this card shows up in a reading, stay vigilant.  There is a storm a coming her way…  This card announces a battle arriving in about two days from now!

Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Yin and Yang Earth of Fire

As mentioned, the Thoth Princess of Swords is smart, but she is not always a lady!  Indeed, she has a controversial management style.  This is due to her intellect.  If you must remember one thing about the Princess of Swords, remember this much.  Her intellect is dangerous to us common folks.  She lives only in her intellect; she has no conscious.

She just does not understand the necessity to call upon her higher divine self.  She lacks in spirituality.  The Princess of Swords has no qualms about lashing out cruelties to you – her subject.  The only regret she will have, is when caught red-handed, and gets punished for it!  But men love the Princess of Swords anyways, because she brings stability to them in the most errotic of Elements.

Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords is Earth of Fire!

As such, she is the Princess of the Rushing Winds, the Lotus of the Palace of Air.  The Princess and Empress of the sylphs and of the Sylpides.


Controversial Management
Controversial Management
Le Ballet des Sylphides


She is a swift thinker, and her action is just as swift.  She is a mixture of Minerva and of Diana.  She is the Mantle of Aegis of Minerva.  Her crest represents Medusa.

Those wishing to erect an altar to her, should know that her altar is gray.  Her smoke is gray, not fire!

And the Princess of Swords has a son!  Her son is the Ace of Swords.  Together they are mighty warriors and rulers!  Click on the Ace of Swords to read more about that.

Mighty rulers

Mighty rulers have no qualms about waging battles against those who contradict them .  Together with her son the Ace of Swords, the Princess of Swords is now even more powerful and dangerous.  Together with her son, she possesses the Throne of the Ace of Swords!


Controversial Management
Controversial Management The Throne of the Princess of sword with the Ace of Swords


Together, the Princess of Swords with the Ace of Swords rules Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces.  That is the celestial quadrant above the North Pole, and the area of Americas.

Fickle, her sword is the Sword of Vengeance.  She brandishes it with the left hand.  Her gray altar, is the Altar of Burned Offerings.  Her gray smoke, is the Astral Winds of Yetzirah.  With the Head of the Gorgon, she becomes very deadly.

Put into action

Put into action, the Princess of Swords is the materialization of thoughts.  More specifically, she puts into action, in the material realm, the thoughts of all the other Royal Court Cards.  They tolerate her imperfect perfection, because they love her and they cannot change what’s in her nature.

Her nature, after all they knit!  The Princess of Swords is the daughter of the Queen.  She inherited her temper from her!  She is literally a Tornado!

If ever she should die in childbirth, or if god forbid her son should ever die before her, she will mourn him forever.  She then becomes an old hag after her death.  You can hear her tears and laments in the night.  She will haunt your nights forever!  She will become a Lavandriere (a washerwoman making passerbies pass her means test.  If they should fail her test, then she will maim them.


I am looking forward to reading your comments, and to replying to them.





Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords cuts through the bullshit.  When your sitter wants a Reading to know the truth about her situation, you can use this card as the Significator Card.  Because, she wants a powerful Reading so to cut through the crap, and find out what is going on around her.


Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords


Thoth Cards Meaning Ace of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords is a very powerful Tarot Card.  Many Readers do not fully understand its full interpretation.  However, most do get it right.

They are right to say that the Ace of Swords is “the seed” of our “expectations”.  However, to understand the Ace of Sword more fully, one may want to say instead, that – “the Ace of Swords is the ‘Primordial Energy of Air’.  It is not the Element of Air per say, but rather the “Root” of the Power of Air”, The Book of Thoth by the Master Therion (Aleister Crowley).  The Root of the Power of Air, is another way of saying the ‘Seed of the Element of Air; not the real manifestation of the Element in its material form.  In other words, it is ‘the energy’.

In Tarot Magick, the Ace of Swords – is a double-edged sword.  Occultists, Magi, and Witches use its energy to invoke either good or evil.  No matter how you may want to use it, you can get a sense of justice by merely looking at this Card.  You can sense it can hang over one’s head like the Sword of Damocles; it splits hairs (so to speak).  It cuts through the bullshit!

Tarot Magick

Tarot Magick is a powerful form of magick.  It is dark, some may rightly refer to it as ‘Tarot Voodoo’ or occultist.  One thing is for sure, it is esoteric.

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords is the same sword seen on the table of the Magician

In this type of magick, the Ace of Swords is not a wimp.  In fact, the Ace of Swords is above, and quite distinct from the other Pip Cards.  It is the Sword on the Magician’s table, in the Majors Card The Magician.  To read further about the Magician’s Card, click Magus of Power Tarot Card.

Upright, the Ace of Swords in the Thoth Deck, invokes the Divine Crown of Spiritual Brightness.  Reversed, it invokes Demonic Forces.  Both Upright and Reversed, it is the Intellect part of the Soul (The mind is the great enemy).  It is the source of conflict, frustration, anxiety, worry, and sorrow; because the Ace of Swords is the Throne of the Princess of Swords.  It is the Sword of the Magus.  Together with the Princess of Swords, it rules the Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces quadrant above the North Pole and the area of the Americas.  Click on the Throne of the Princess of Swords to read more about the Ace of Swords together with the Princess of Swords.


Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Thoth Elemental Pentagram


Invoking the Sword

Invoking the Sword, is not Fluff Magick.  It is a very powerful invocation.  The godname for all Aces, is Eheieh.  However, the very specific godname for the Ace of Swords itself, is Elohim.  Its Archangel is Michael.  And its angel is Ariel.

The Ace of Swords is an Invoked Force, The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, Keys to the Rituals, Symbolism, Magic and Divination – by Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero.  It can be invoked for good or for evil.  Invoking the Ace of Sword’s energy, is not for the Fluffy Bunny who just can not get past defensive magick.  Nor is it for those who enjoy flexing their muscles to them.

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords of the Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot

Thoth Cards Meanings Ace of Swords is seriously about the double-edged Sword of the Astral world of Yetzirah.  It has two branches.  The Olive Branch on the right, and the Branch of Peace – on the left.  The Olive Branch is the branch of Mercy (Chesed).  The Palm Branch is the branch of Peace; the branch of Severity; the branch of Suffering.  The double edges are the two possible courses of action when seeking justice.

Making the difference

Making the difference between the Primordial Root of the Element of Air and the Element of Spirit is essential.  After all, if you are going to invoke the Sword, you might as well do it with the right Element lol…

In the Thoth doctrine (Thelema), Spirit is represented by the Major Arcana Cards (see the above picture of the Pentagram).  The Symbol of the Pentagram is the Shield of David.  The Pentagram (the Shield of David), represents Spirit ruling the four Elements.  It symbolizes the Triumph of Man.  The Aces form a link between the Princesses and the small cards.  There is no real manifestation of the Element in its material manifestation.  The Ace of Swords, is brilliant will power.

Representing Justice

Representing Justice, is the Ace of Swords with a double-edge.  It is the type of force and strength likened to a Tornado spinning through the bullshit in a situation.  When there are clouds of confusion lurking about, the Ace of Swords affirms Justice.  It upholds Divine Authority.  The Ace of Swords, also brings wrath to the wrong-doers.  It changes their world into chaos.


If you must remember one thing about the Ace of Swords Tarot Card, remember this much.  That the Ace of Swords has no real manifestation.  You can not really see this “seed” in this physical world.  It is an energy that is still in the Astral World…  It is for good or for evil.


* * *


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Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups
Thoth cards Meanings Seven of cups

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch



Captain of a sinking ship

The Key Word for the Thoth Card Seven of Cups is debauch.  To live a life of debauchery is sheer folly. It only leads to our ruin… When the Seven of Cups is pulled in a reading, it means that the person is the captain of a sinking ship..

In the Thoth System of interpreting the Cards, the Seven of Cups means that the Sitter in going down a path of self-destruction.  This person needs enlightenment and guidance to find happiness.

However, will the person be helpable so he can eventually pursue happiness – is an entirely different matter.  He/she will need help to do so.  Moreover, to be helpable, the Querent must be reachable.

No matter how much we want to help someone, not everyone is reachable.  In the case of a person whose mind is no longer sober, they simply do not want to be reachable anymore.  In fact, their ego is so big, that they do not even admit to themselves that they are screwing-up their lives and those of the people who love them.  To relate more to what I am talking about here, click on All I want to do is have some fun, by Sheryl Crow.

To be helpable, it takes a rigorous honesty.  Someone who would rather live in debauch telephones himself, tells himself a made-up story, and believes himself.  He tells himself that he is in control of his situation, even though he is ruining his life; and this, in all the domains of his life.

He is sick.  He is making his wife and children sick.  He is worrying his mother to death.  His employer is on the verge of letting him go, if he has not done so already.  If you are the wife or the child of such a person, click on “See the Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

If he has not yet stopped, soon the person who is in debauch – will lead those who love him the most to their ruin also.  He will lose his house, his car, the shirt on his back.  Even then, he may not be able to stop; he will be too far gone to stop…  It is all but illusionary success.

Illusionary Success

Thoth Cards Meanings Debauch (the Seven of Cups/Hearts), speaks of the illusion of success.  To live and to keep up an addictive lifestyle, he must be as someone who has money and who can afford it.  Success does not come easy to anyone, most especially to the addict.  He will try to continue looking successful, at all cost to himself and to his close-ones.

A person who is an addict (a Seven of Cups), is someone who is going to his ruin; unless he deliberately chooses reasonable thinking.  However, his success (or the appearance of success) is highly crucial to him.  Since no one can actually keep up with spending that much for very long, he will need to spend on the arm of someone else.

Illusionary Success

To borrow the money he needs for his debauch lifestyle, he will need to promise to pay it all back.  For sure, he will have several creditors knocking at his door – which is why he will sell his own wife and kids if he has to.  That or stop feeding his addiction completely, and for real.  To read further about the women in the life of someone who suffers from debauch, click on the Seven of Hearts on the Lenormand Tree card.


Almost Suicidal

In this age of sexually transmitted diseases and addictions, he/she needs to protect themselves against the perils of promiscuity and over consumption.  It is but “illusionary thinking” (un-sober thinking, unreasonable thinking) to think one could get away with it unscathed.  A debauch lifestyle brings one to the verge of the precipice.  It is almost suicidal, or a slow death wish.

I want to make sure that we are all on the same page about this.  Here, in this blog article, we are not talking about ordinary social drinking, nor of a reasonable consumption of it thereof.  Here in this blog article, we are talking about “the way a person represented by the Seven of Hearts (Cups) is constituted.  The way this individual’s personality or thinking is constituted, it is an “addictive personality”, an “addict’s thinking”.  The way a person thinks with addicted to debauch.

List of addictions involving debauch
List of addictions involving debauch

The definition of ‘debauch’ is, to become disloyal; to lead away from virtue or excellence; to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality.  Synonyms of debauch:  abase, bastardize, canker, cheapen, corrupt, debase, degrade, demean, demoralize, deprave, deteriorate, lessen, pervert, poison, profane, prostitute, subvert, vitiate, and warp.


List of addictions involving debauch


These are but some of the addictions involving debauch:

Alcohol addiction; approval; aspirin and other OTC medications; aerosol sniffing or abusing; actions including any activity that is risky and produces adrenalin i.e. extreme sports, gambling, sex, crime – but to name a few; amphetamines; antidepressants; applause; art; getting high to produce art or magick; arson; attention; auto racing and high risk sports; bulimia; barbiturates; betting; cocaine and crack cocaine; sex addiction; sexting; etc…

Again, it is highly imperative that we do not put everybody in the same boat.  We need to make the difference between taking an aspirin under a normal and acceptable circumstance, and that of actually “abusing” aspirin because of an addiction.  This goes as well for any other type of addiction – by the way.  A further example would be “morphine”.  Morphine is prescribed so to seriously numb very severe pain.  When one is done with this type of pain, one is either dead or entirely abandons taking morphine.  Whereas the addict personality does not wish to let go of his dear morphine.

Many ex-addicts would rather endure excruciating pain than take pain medication at the dentist’s.  Out of fear it will spark a renewed chemical dependence and a renewed debauch lifestyle.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a tooth pulled-out without pain medication lol…  This blog article is may seem without compassion or judgemental against the addictive personality.  Believe me when I say – it is not.  My heart goes out to the addict; but at the same time, the purpose of this blog article is explain what the Seven of Cups represents in the Thoth System of Tarot.

Coming back to our onions, if you must remember one thing about what debauch is, and what the Seven of Cups in Thoth represents, remember this much.  No matter how debauch presents itself in a person, the person is always ‘lethargic’.  He/she does not feel like doing their own personal inventory taking a look at themselves in the mirror.

Thot Cards Meanings Debauch
Thot Cards Meanings Debauch

One of the best ways to understand “lethargy in an addict” is to look at it this way.  The person has a black trans am car.  He gets in the car, puts the key in the ignition.  Looks in the rearview mirror to make sure he can safely back out of his laneway.  Once on the street, he looks through his windshield and steps on the gas pedal.

At one point along the way, his eyes look up into his rearview mirror – again.  He turns his head to look at what is in the backseat.  When suddenly, him and and his black trans am crashed into a wall – head on.  He blames the wall…  And that is the lethargy in the Seven of Cups.  Click on “I feel like a women” by Shania Twain to better understand forgetting what it’s like to blame someone else for the trainrek in one’s life due to a sexual addiction.

He will blame other people for having done something that brought him to his addictive lifestyle.  They will be lying about the promises unfulfilled, wrath, lust, fornication, violence against women and children, and deception in love and friendship.  This of course, all depending at what stage the addiction will present itself.


To read more about Thoth Cards Meanings, click on Previous and on Next.


Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords

Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords


Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords

One must first look at oneself with honesty


The Four of Swords in the Thoth Tarot Deck, is a very familiar card to me.  I have done many Love Relationship Readings with the Four of Swords as the Significator Card representing the man involved.  Every single time, my heart just goes out to the women requesting the reading.

Before going too deeply into this Thoth Card, I have a disclaimer concerning Reading with the Thoth Deck.  Today, there is a newer Reading style focusing on the positive aspects of a person, whereas Thoth tends to be more brutally honest.  It goes deep into the psychological/spiritual of the person; it goes to the ‘discernment of the spirit’.

Like the Golden Dawn, Thoth reveals the person’s spiritual progression on the Tree of Life.  It speaks to one’s current place on the Sephiroth.  In other words, this Tarot System not only speaks of a person’s positive aspects, it speaks also to the negative and gray areas too.  It also delves into what a person can do to progress on the Tree.

It is a Tarot Correspondence System.  Lon Milo DuQuette says of the Thoth Deck that it “corresponds to the Astrological structure of the Universe, and in particular the solar system, as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah”.  You can do Tarot Astrology and/or Tarot Horoscope Readings with it.  Just like when you read your Astrology or Horoscope, you may find it describes you to the “T”.  However, there are always those days during which they just miss the boat.

It goes when doing a Reading for someone else.  Even though the Golden Dawn or Thoth Systems are very accurate, there will always be those Readings that make the exception to the rule.  Human beings are not in stasis; we are constantly changing and evolving in our lives.  When a Reading is off, it is because the person we are reading for is “transitioning from one level of consciousness to the next level.

The Tree of Life maps that very well.  If you were to Read for someone there life through, you would be able to observe the person’s evolution in all areas of their life.  Sometimes life’s lessons are easily learned, and sometimes we struggle to effect change.  The Tarot shows us exactly that.

For example, take the 4 of Swords.  In a Love Relationship reading, a woman mainly asks if he loves her.  When the 4 of Swords represents the man in their Relationship, this says to me that my client may be in a difficult relationship.  If you go for a guy that represents himself as a man who is in control of his life; who is on top of things at work; takes the leadership role in a relationship with you, while at the same time being friends with numerous “women friends” he loves to hang-out with (just a few “men friends”), then this guy is for you.  He is popular with women because he relates well to them.

However, if you would much prefer being treated as an equal partner, with just as much say in the decision making, then this relationship may not be one in which you will be happy.  A women might say that the reading just does not describe him, because she loves him and knows that he is not like that.  However, ask yourself if you think she is wearing blinders when it comes down to him.

Odds are he will remind her, in many ways, that money is power…  As far as he is concerned, it does not matter how much money she brings-in!  The main thing for him is, he is the man.  As far as he is concerned, the man brings-in money – he has the power!  End of conversation.

In order for a person to progress on the Tree of Life, one must first look at oneself with honesty.  My client pays me good money to know their truth in a Love Relationship.  If a Tarot Reader does not tell them the truth as seen in the Cards, then what is the use of paying someone so to know what is going-on, or to do a Love Spell?

It is no use not wanting to see beyond the “He Loves me, He loves me nots”.  Because, once the reality of daily life together sets in, the blinders will come off.  You will begin to see the other as he really is; you will be living just as much with his shortcomings as you will with his good qualities.  Moreover, this is when you will think back to your Tarot Love Relationship Reading.

No one is all-bad, nor is anyone all-good.  A man who is represented in Tarot by the Four of Swords as a Significator Card – is neither all-bad, nor all-good.  He can fall-in-love with you, yes!  He will be elatedly so.  He can sweep you off your feet!   However, just knowing if he loves you or not – is not enough.  Know that when ill-fated, there are downsides to this man.  You may want to ask yourself, how long can you live with his shortcomings.

The 4 of Swords speaks of “Truce”.  This is a man born between October 13th to October 22nd.  He is a Libra 3, more precisely a Jupiter in Libra.  This means that Jupiter is of great influence over him.  His Element is Air.  This man has a strong mentality; he is highly opinionated.

His understanding of the world is that it is made of ‘strife’.  When he comes home, he thinks about going home to an atmosphere free of ‘angry or bitter disagreements over fundamental issues.  He really does not want any conflict or contradictions from you.  His initial desire is to be with you in a relationship that will endure long after the marriage bells have ceased to ring.  For him, this will happen only when there is stability at home.

A Libra 3, is a man who wants his home and his personal affairs maintained in good order.  However, he is cautious about that.  He spends his time thinking about exactly that – he needs to remain cautious.

As he thinks you contradict him, he will seek a ‘truce’.  Truce under threats, I should say.  When all else fails, he will surrender to your authority rather than face the “challenge of liberty”.  He wants to think what he thinks – freely without constraints.  He takes a contradiction has shackles placed upon his freethinking.

When a woman first meets such a man, he will verbalize his ‘convalescence’ from his ‘ex’ who psychologically abused him.  He will cautiously hesitate starting up in a new relationship with you.  He will express a dearly needed rest from sorrow.


Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
Thoth Cards Meanings Four of Swords
The Prince of Cups “dominates” the Four of Swords


As for the ‘discernment of the spirit’, the Prince of Cups (Scorpion, Air of Water) – dominates the Four of Swords.  Which goes to explain the ruthlessness in a man who is a Four of Swords.  In other words, the Four of Swords is in part, not to be relied upon to work in harness with you towards the same goal.  He will inform “you” of his decisions and plans.  And if a women is not happy with him, and wants out of the relationship, he will be ruthless.  Be careful not to contradict him…

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Thoth Cards Meanings Prince of Wands

Thoth Cards Meanings - Prince of Wands
Thoth Cards Meanings – Prince of Wands

Thoth Cards Meanings Prince of Wands


I have read on Facebook, posts and comments made by people who want to know how to interpret this Card correctly.  They also wonder if they will always get the right answers to the questions asked of the Tarot.  So I thought I would combine both queries together in this blog post today.

More often than not, people consult the Cards because they have questions they seek answers to.  They pay us Tarot Readers good money to get exact answers from the Tarot.  That is why we must not let the Cards give us willy-nilly answers.  We must not let the Cards fool us.  We must get from the Cards – the truth and nothing but the truth.

For the client to get the full truth to her reality, we must not sugarcoat her truth when giving her a Reading.  My return clients come back for a reading with me, because they really want to know the truth about what is going-on around them.  They really do want to know if the husband is going to leave them; or if their boyfriend really does love them or not; or if this guy truly is ‘The One’; or how to solve a problem in their relationship; and if they will lose their job, etc.

It is really important to me to be correct when performing a reading.  Like my return clients, I too want to know what their truth is!  I truly do care about them, and I truly do want to help them.  In order for me to help my clients know their truth, I must be as accurate as possible.  And so can you!

To be accurate, we must not let the Cards fool us!  You see, sometimes we can be fooled by the Tarot Cards.  You can ask the cards about something you want to know about.  You then  get an answer that might make sense to you and to your client, but it may not be the exact, 100% – right answer.  It just looks like it is, but…

A good example of what I am getting at with this, is the Prince of Wands in the Thoth Tarot Deck.  Let us say that you want to know if the man you are dating is the “one for you”; or that you want to know if the man you are dating really does truly love you for real, and for a very long time – and that you pull the Prince of Wands Tarot Card.  This card would then confirm that – yes, you are together with a man who has serious intentions towards you.  However, do not let yourself be fooled by this card.

The Prince of Wands comes with a ‘warning’…  In a love relationship, when this card is pulled, I ALWAYS add a “disclaimer”…  So beware; this man can easily deceive both your client and you.

Lon Milo DuQuette, in his book Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, says about the Prince of Wands Card:  “beware not to be deceived by how the person relates to himself, and how he wishes to represent himself to you and to others”.

There is an old popular song that comes to mind.  It is a song that Joe South recorded back in the 70’s.  The Games People Play, it is a warning about people.  People can deceive.  If you must remember one thing about the Prince of Wands, remember this much.  That The Prince of Wands “blows his own horn”.  He boasts about himself.  Being a ‘boasting man”, is the mask he wears to hide his true intent.  Not all that he says, is true!  To listen to this song, click on The Games People Play by Joe South.

When the Prince of Wands is pulled in a Reading, it represents a man with a youthful energy.  He can sweep you off your feet by representing himself as a man who is looking for a permanent, long-term relationship.  After all, he expresses his love of customs and traditions.  He describes himself as a man who will be a good family man.  He has empathy, which means he relates well to you.  He might even hint at you needing to start looking towards the future “along with him”.

If you want to go forward with this man, it is up to you.  This said, “beware of his folly!  He may play games (stunts).  He will describe his games as – practical jokes”.  You know the kind of man I am talking about?  The kind who talks about traditions and history, but calls his flirting with other women – just joking around.  If you do not mind your man just playing games with other women, by flirting with them only as a joke, then this man is for you.  If you really do mind that aspect of him, then maybe this man is not for you…

This is why we Tarot Readers need to discern exactly what the Prince of Wands is saying in a Reading.  This Card represents a youthful male energy that is empathic and noble.  However, he loves “to fight against the odds” of his losing and being unmasked.  He really does think he will win in the end, even if it takes him a very long time before he does win.

I truly believe that in a Love Relationship Tarot Reading, that when the Prince of Wands Card is pulled, this card can represent the man in the situation.  He does not have to be in the Astrological birth dates covered by this Card.  Because, it is not for nothing that this particular Card appeared in the Reading.  However, you may want to temper it by looking at the man’s Astrological Tarot Correspondence card, so to get a more clear answer from the Tarot.

However, if the man was actually born between July 12th and August 11th, then most definitely apply the above “disclaimer” to him.  He is:

Air and Fire

Born between July 12th to August 11th.

20 degrees Cancer to 20 degrees Leo.

The Original Title of this Card is The Prince of the Chariot of Fire

His spirit is very strong!


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Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles


Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain


Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain, speaks of mingling Good Luck and Good Management.  Mingling good luck and good management together is a wonderful magical concept.  Both go hand in hand.  When you have both, you become fortunate!

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

When I see the Nine of Pentacles in a reading, I am very happy for my Sitter!  Because, this card tells me that she has “Gain” in her material life.  After all, everyone likes his or her money to grow.  I know I do!  Even some non-Thoth Decks show “gain” is the Keyword for the Nine of Pentacles!

Money does not grow on trees!  Fortunate people know how to “gain” money.  They know that they were lucky enough to get money through some activity or process, and they know how to manage their money properly.  They have learned at an early age that by doing so, they can augment their good fortune in life.

Sadly, in today’s world, people generally frown upon those who are fortunate.  Some even go as far as calling fortunate people – dishonest and corrupt.  It may be that some rich people sold their soul to get what they have, but that is just not the case for all financially well-off people.

Many come from hard-working parents.  Parents such as our own went to work every day so to share their luck with their children.  Parents are not always paid enough for what their labor is actually worth; but they made that sacrifice for the sake of their children.  Hardworking, fortunate people simply do the best they can with the money they get.

Like our parents before us, we too somehow manage to make ends meet.  We try to make our money go as far as it possibly can.  Life is hard, and we do the best we can.  That is why some add magic to increase their luck and management potential.

They say that magick is all in the intent.  That magick takes times.  Moreover, that it does…

However, repeating ‘Memes’ is great; but we won’t go far by doing that.  We need to understand what we say, so to be able to better manifest our intention properly.  You know what they say!  They say, be careful for what you wish for!

Lon Milo DuQuette, in his book ‘Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot’ explains what ‘good luck’ really is.  He describes good luck as, the “attending of material affairs, favor, and popularity”.  For Mr. DuQuette, good luck is “the mingling of good luck and good management”.

Therefore, when the Nine of Pentacles appears in a Reading, we would do well by understanding that this card speaks of “Gain”.  And indeed it does!  It is also good to understand that “Gain” actually means, “Good luck mingled with good management”.  Nevertheless, the following question begs to be asked.  How do we know that this specific Tarot Card actually means “Gain” or not?  We know this by learning its correct Astrological Tarot Correspondence.


Astrological Tarot Correspondence of the Nine of Pentacles:

Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Nine of Pentacles Gain

The Nine of Pentacles is the correct Astrological Tarot Correspondence for those born between September 2nd and September 11th.  They are Virgo, 10 degree – 20 degree.  Which is why the original Title of this card was “The Lord of Material Gain”.

How do we know if this Astrological Tarot Correspondence is correct of not?  Lon goes on to explain that the ‘formula’ is 9 (Yosod) of Disks (Assiah) + Venus in Virgo = Gain.  Which is why the interpretation for the Thoth Card, the Nine of Pentacles, is ‘gain’.  Gain as in “Good luck mingled with good management”


Tarot Magic:


Thoth Cards Meanings - Nine of Pentacles Gain
Thoth Cards Meanings – Nine of Pentacles Gain

In Tarot Magic, the Keyword for the Nine of Pentacles is ‘material gain’.  Even the Biblical characters who lived back in the Bronze Age – new about material gain.  The correct Bible Quotes can confirm this.

It is a very little known secret that the Bible has much magical info.  Those whose magical tradition is “esoteric” in nature, borrow this kind of magical info from the Bible.  Some might refer to Esoteric as “occult”.  While others like to call it ‘mysticism’, or even ‘Christian Witchery’.  One can only but imagine the type of magic practiced by the Three Magi (Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior) as they set-out on their Spiritual Quest to Bethlehem on that historical event.

For those who ‘invoke’ by using Bible quotes (also known as Bible Magic), there are two passages that go hand in hand.  The first is found in Psalms 25: 6 It is a ‘by day quote’.  “Remember thy tender mercies, O Lord, and thy loving Kindness; for they have been ever of old.”

This invocation is in the book ‘Tarot Talismans, Invoke the Angels of the Tarot’, by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.  They say that this quote helps to get “the friendship and favors of the great.  Good faith, and influences sincerity; reconciliation, and faith in general; and to help get divine mercy and pardon.  In order to better manage our money, the Angels help us by overseeing promises made by a person, and ensure that they are carried out”.

The second is a by night quote.  It in Psalms 33: 22 “Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us – in proportion to our hope in thee”.  As hope is faith, this quote helps to hide secrets, or that which does not wish to show.  To protect against pestilence, plagues, and rabies.  The Angels also influence healing and recovery from sickness.

Tarot Affirmation:

One Tarot Affirmation I like to use when using the Nine of Pentacles card, is the following:

“I strive to keep my financial life in order”.

If you know someone who is good at keeping their financial affairs in good order, go and ask them  for their best advice they can give about managing your money.  Being lucky goes hand in hand with managing your finances.  We work hard for our money.  It needs to go a long way.  We deserve to become fortunate enough to increase what we have.


Meanwhile, please share with us how you manage your money?  And do you use Tarot Magic to help increase your financial good fortune?


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