My Tarot Year Card

My Tarot Year Card has guided me for the past twelve months now.  On one hand, Strength has brought me to know myself at a deeper level than I would care to admit; while on the other hand, I was highly embarrassed by it on more than a few occasions…  So it is with a bit of uneasiness that I introduce to you the card that has been my friend this past year since my last birthday – the Strength Card!


My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

My Tarot Year Card

My Tarot Year Card is the Strength Card in Tarot.  It is also known as The Temperance Card, as well as The Lust Card (in the Thoth System).  It is the Higher Secrets Card (Major Arcana) number “8” in the Rider Waite Tarot Deck and its clones.

When looking at the Strength Card, always keep at the front of your mind that it is principally ruled by the Sun.  No matter, it is still well grounded in the Earth Element.  While I am in this body, I am of this physical world; yet I am easily quickened into the spiritual.

Which brings me to say what happened to me this year, both Fire and Earth wise.  For example, I felt powerfully led to write about the Strength Card; however, while sitting down at my laptop to write about it, I had second thoughts.  I thought, “why in Hell would I want to go around telling the whole world that my Tarot Year Card is actually “The Lust Card in the Thoth System”!!!

And stupid me!  I should have pretended that another Card was my Tarot Year Card.  All I had to do is lie about my birth-date!  But no!  I felt so compelled towards spiritual honesty by the Sun, that here I am being honest about my birth-date – despite myself!  After all, the spiritual core influence of the Sun does dominate the egocentricity of my ego…

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers and Bloggers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen), of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This blog article is part of the Second Tarot Jam Blog Hop.  The theme of this Hop is:  Tarot Year Cards.  Each member of this Jam is talking about their own personal Tarot Year Card.  After reading this article of mine, click on Previous to read Mindy’s blog before mine.  Then on Next to read Angela’s blog after mine.  Or on Master List, so to read the articles written by the other bloggers in our group that have written on the same subject as mine.

About my Strength Card:

About my Strength Card, goes to say that it is otherwise known as ‘The Lust’ Card.  Strength leads us to use some self-restraint (moderation/Temperance) when it comes down to our ‘lust’.  And so, I say to you with great trepidation, that The Strength card has deemed it necessary to pour its own energy upon me – since my last birthday.

More specifically, the Strength Card brought me to understand more deeply about my Divine-self.  It has showed me that my Divine-self is well anchored to the Earth within this terrestrial old body of mine.  And that’s not funny!

On my last birthday, I turned sixty years old.  Turning 60 years old, and having the Strength Card (Lust Card in the Thoth System) pulling at me for an entire year was not funny at all.  To tell the truth, it felt like the Tarot Angels were playing a mean trick on me…

My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

Despite what some may say on Facebook, woman is not made to live alone.  This no matter our physical, emotional, or spiritual developmental age we are at.  No matter how old we’ve become, we women still need to love and to be loved back.

At one point or another, woman endeavors to break free from the powers that would keep her ‘celibate’ for no matter how many years are left to her life. Her basic animal forces turn into a spiritual energy demanding that she let love devour all her fears and inhibitions.  No matter how old you are now, as a woman, you still need to become as one flesh with man.  Whether you can still have babies or not, you still have that basic instinct (anyways) to become creative; Mother Nature is cruel in that way.

But I’m 60 years old!   Who wants to get pregnant at 60 years old?  Not me! (This is not funny at all Tarot Angels!).  And thank god for post-menopause!

The Strength/Lust Card also speaks of the union of the positive and negative energy.  Of the active and the passive.  Of the yin and yang.  And the birds and the bees, and a thing called love…

Well that’s all nice and everything, but when you become a senior citizen as I am, men don’t knock down your door to get in much often anymore.  Because once you are done with menopause (an entire 6 months without your monthly bleeding), you are then officially a Crone in your Winter Season – that’s for sure.  The Crone lives on her harvest of positive energy that she has stored away for the Winter Months.

My Tarot Year Card - Strength
My Tarot Year Card – Strength

Thing is, just before Spring arrives, the Crone has nearly depleted her supplies; she is hungry more often than not.  Her lord (her man) does not come to her anymore because he also is in his Winter Season.  That’s why ‘The Crone’ can’t wait for Spring to roll-by (the next life), so her lord can finally return to her loving arms once again.  So why did I get the Strength (Lust Card) at this time in my life???  To be honest, I’m not sure why; except to say its most likely due to a spiritual lesson…

What I do know is, that during this past year spent with my Strength Card, my Tarot Reading business boomed with Reading requests from younger women.  Younger women tell me that they return to me for Tarot Readings because of my age.

They tell me that they like my grandmotherly approach.  They like the way I read for them, because they can sense that I care about them in a grandmotherly way.  Indeed!  My heart just goes out to them when they want to know if they will find someone new – soon.  Or if their husbands will come back soon.  In a ‘Love Relationship Reading’, or in a ‘Nature of the Relationship Reading’, the cards speak of their broken hearts, and of their desires and hopes to love again and to be loved in return.

The core influence of the Strength Card, this past year, has brought me to better know myself; and this helps me in turn to help others with my Readings.  When you know yourself at a deeper spiritual level, you better understand your own heart breaks, and the true nature of your own marital relationship with your own husband.  The more you are aware of yourself, the more you understand other people’s Cards when you read them.

Take the Strength (Lust) Card, for example. Life is a beach upon which the core influence of the Strength Card brought me to pour some water into my wine; because water mixes well with wine!  If I would have applied the wisdom found in the Strength Card (Temperance), I would have led a much happier life than I actually have.

Not that I was “a loose woman” in any way.  But rather, I could have saved myself a lot of heart breaks down through the years.  You see, my year living the Strength (Lust) Card, brought me to understand more about womanhood in general.  It also brought me to a better understanding of other people’s sexuality; especially those other people that have come and gone down through the years.

How my Year Card embarrassed me

My Tarot Year Card – Strength embarrassed me this year.  Actually, it turns out that this Card above all others opened my eyes to exactly how much I dearly needed to learn about putting water in my wine (Temperance).  Putting water in my wine meant in my case:  “to adopt a more moderate stand on an issue or in an argument with others”.  To make a long story short, I totally embarrassed myself during a discussion in one of the professional Tarot groups I was a member of.  Because I did not put water in my wine, I got banned…

What happened was, we professionals were having an open discussion about Reading or not for adult survivors of incest.  The consensus was, that it would not be professional of a Tarot Reader to accept doing a reading for those types of Querents.   The overwhelming majority of participants in that discussion, agreed that an adult survivor of incest is by default mentally ill due to having a suppressed memory.  Thus falsely accusing other people of abusing them in a sexual way.  I became scandalized and outraged at such a conclusion!  That kind of talk – sets us adult survivors of incest – back a hundred years or more even.  Click on Tarot therapeutic consultants, to learn more about those.

The professionals of the Tarot, went so far as stating out-right that it’s a general rule of thumb that an adult survivor of incest was mentally ill.  Personally, I took an exception to that general rule; I consider it a blatant prejudice against us adult survivors of incest.  We fight an ever ending battle to change attitudes towards us.  As a rule of thumb, people blame the victim instead of the abuser.

We have fought hard against prejudices.  WE have fought hard so to get laws passed and enforced; so to defend and protect the current young victims of sexual abuse!  But instead of putting water in my wine, I was told outright before all eyes to read that I would now stand alone as a Tarot Reader; and subsequently I got myself banned from a professional tarot reader’s group.

I guess I must have had ‘too much strength’ lol…, because now I am alone as a Tarot Reader (for the exception of some Tarot Readers of course).  Click on I told but no one listened, to read more about what an adult survivor of incest and sexual abuse has to say on this subject.

Which brings me back full circle to My Tarot Year Card – Strength.  One of the messages I promote in my Tarot Business Blog has to do with healing the trauma the adult survivors of incest suffered at the hands of their sexual predators.  That the sexual predator played as if god over his/her victim.  Sexual predators that prey upon children, literally place the child victim into sexual slavery.

The now adult survivor of incest was prevented from freely developing her/his own sense of how to harness, and freely direct their own sexual instincts.  However, they can now begin to learn how to get that back (if one can ever fully get it back).

One way to retake possession of our sexual instincts, is by ‘inspiration, creativity, and purification’.  Which is what is expressed by the core force and influence of the Tarot Strength card.  An entire 12 months of abstinence in all forms of sexual manifestations helps the adult victim of sexual abuse to become aware of their own sexual instincts.

During one full year of sexual abstinence, you become aware of what arouses you.  Of what becoming aroused actually feels like, when it is not forced upon you or coerced by a sexual predator.  Of what your own desires are about.  Of what type of man/women attracts you.  Of what you do like or dislike in a man/woman as a possible sexual partner.  Of what its like to be seduced by an honest to god true lover of yours.  Of what it truly is like to be asked out on a real date (in the true sense of the word) – by someone you really would like to go out on a date with.

By the end of your 12 months of sexual abstinence, you will have discovered all of that about yourself, and much more!  You will have discovered your true-self!  You will have learned and understood how to freely express your true sexual nature, and wants and needs.  This worked for me by the end of my own 12 months of sexual abstinence; which I did over 12 years ago now.  I hope it works for you too!

How to find your own Tarot Year Card

This is the formula with which you can find your own Tarot Year Card.  No matter what today’s date is, think back to when you last celebrated your birthday.  For example purposes only, lets say that you last celebrated your birthday on 15/3/2015.  Now add-up those numbers by using your own numbers…

Continuing with our example of numbers above, you would add them up this way:  1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 =  17.  Then add together:  1 + 7.  These last two numbers will add up to the number ‘8’.  The number ‘8’ would represent the number of your Tarot Year Card; which would be the Strength 8th Card in the Majors of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.   And then see how your own Tarot Year Card overflowed its energy upon you throughout the past 12 months!