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Tarot Spread Past Life Reading
Tarot Spread Past Life Reading



Tarot Spread Past Life Reading


This is the Past Life Spread.  It is not my spread.  Someone asked me to share with him the spread I use for performing Past Life Readings.  So I thought to post it in this Tarot blog article of mine.

I have seen several renditions of this card placement.  However, I find it very useful to do past life readings with this spread.  To give credit where credit is due, I got this spread from Susyn Blair-Hunt, who shares it in her book Tarot Prediction and Divination.

You can use this Past Life Spread to explore incarnations.  When you do so, pay close attention to the images on the cards.  And trust your intuition.

Some readers use Past Life Oracle decks to do this reading.  While others, prefer using a traditional Tarot Deck.  As for myself, I am flexible.  All depending on the reading, I may use a Past Life Oracle deck, or a traditional tarot deck, or both at the same time.

No matter what type of deck you might use, look for repeating colors, or numbers.  Court cards represent people in the current life who were in past lives with you (or the major arcana).



                                                      4                11

                                               2               8             14

                                         1                     5                     12                                                      


                                              3                9              15

                                                      6                 13



Shuffle the cards.  Pull 16 cards from the top, and lay them out appropriately:

Cards 1, 2, 3:  Is the info and clues to help identify the specific past life.  These three cards validate a connection between the present and past life.

Cards 4, 5, 6:  Identify the important event that took place in the past life you are examining.

Cards 7, 8, 9, and 10:  Are cards that identify people you know.  Or they are familiar situations.  These four cards confirm you experienced them in a past life.

Cards 11, 12, 13:  Give more info about the reading.  These cards continue to reveal how events from the past replay themselves in this current life.

Cards 14, 15, 16:  Represent why there is a strong connection to a certain place or person.  Why you have unfounded fears or perceptions in the present.

I truly do hope this spread works for you, as it did for me.

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Tarot Spread Love Relationship Spread – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Spread Love Relationship Spread
Tarot Spread Love Relationship Spread


Tarot Spread Love Relationship Spread


This is a great tarot cards beginner’s spread.  It is for doing Love Relationship readings.  You can also use it to investigate all types of relationships.  I did not create this spread.

Several tarot spread authors lay claim to it.  Each assigns different positional significances to the cards.  However, I did borrow this particular spread and positional significances from one book in particular.  I took it from “Tarot Prediction & Divination: Unveiling Three Layers of Meaning”, by Susyn Blair-Hunt.

This spread reveals the true purpose, motives, and intentions of these connections.  It also reveals the Karmic reason for the couple coming together.


                                           4                                      5


                                  2     S1                1                  S2      3


                                           6                                     7


                                                  8          9          10


Before shuffling the deck, select two Significator Cards.  One Significator to represent your Querent, and the second Significator to represent your Querent’s lover.

When you are reading for a male/female relationship, place the Significator card representing the female – on the left hand position.  The male Significator card, to the right hand position.

When you are reading for a same sex partner’s relationship, place the Significator cards in either position.

If the two persons of the same sex are represented by the same element of the Zodiac, place the Significator cards in either position.


.  Shuffle the remaining cards in the deck.

.  Draw the cards, and place them in the proper positions.


Card 1:  The Karmic connection, theme, or higher purpose of this relationship.

Card 2:  What is moving Significator 1 towards Significator 2

Card 3:  What is moving Significator 2 towards Significator 1

Card 4:  How Significator 1 regards the relationship

Card 5:  How Significator 2 regards the relationship

Card 6:  The foundation or basis for Significator 1’s feelings about the relationship

Card 7:  The foundation or basis for Significator 2’s feelings about the relationship

Cards 8, 9, and 10:  The next stage of development and general outlook for the relationship.


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Tarot Spread Channelling

Tarot Spread Channelling
Tarot Spread Channelling

Tarot Spread Channelling

This is a great tarot cards spread to perform a Mediumship reading with.  I did not create this spread, several tarot spread authors lay claim to it.  That is why I do not name who might have thought-up this spread.

I find I suffer less of an energy drain when using this spread for someone who wants a message from a deceased loved-on.  Because it helps me to visualize myself creating a bridge from my side of the veil, to the other.  This is my very first time sharing a spread and giving details about it, so please bear with me…

    S1                                              S2

             1      2      3     4      5


                       7    8    9

          10    11     12    13    14

.  Shuffle and choose a ‘Significator’ (S1), to represent the Querent.  And then choose a second Significator (S2), to represent the deceased.

.  The lay out cards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in a row, between the two Significator Cards.  This row represents the other side of the veil.  The side of the veil where the deceased have cross-over to.

.  Place card number 6 below card number 3, so to start forming the bridge.

.  Below card number 6, place card 7, 8, and 9.

.  Below the 7, 8, and 9 number, form the bottom row with cards number 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.  This bottom row represents this side of the veil, the side of the living…

Cards 1 through 5, is the confirmation of the connection.  These are the cards you use so to make sure that it is indeed the dearly departed loved one that is communicating with you the reader.  Ask the loved one questions.  Questions such as the previous employment; the relationship with the Querent; or to trigger some memory…

Cards 6 through 9, is the personal message the loved one’s spirit conveys to the client.

Cards 10 through 14, is the important information for the Sitter.  Their future; an answer to a specific question asked of the spirit.

Tarot Spread Channelling
Tarot Spread Channelling

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