Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings go beyond the borders of our unconscious mind.  They go well behind the Veil that separates this physical world to the spirit world.  These types of Readings are done so to receive messages from our deceased loved ones that have gone on before us.


Tarot Mediumship Readings
Tarot Mediumship Readings
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Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings warrant explanation.  Many professional Tarot Readers do this type of Reading.  These Readers are experts at interpreting the meanings of Tarot Cards as they pertain to the spirit world.  On top of being knowledgeable as far as the sense of the Cards, Tarot Mediums can do this because they are highly sensitive to receiving messages from the dead.  They use the Cards as a confirmation of the message given.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch) of Tarot Readings by Evergreen.  I’ve read on Facebook, posts, and comments about Tarot Mediumship Readings.  So I thought I would offer my understanding of Tarot Mediumship Readings.

First, let us get on the same page about what is ‘Tarot Mediumship’ per say.  This type of Reading is highly controversial, especially among Mediums.  Tarot Readers who define themselves as “Tarot Mediumship Readers” often get confronted” by others in the Tarot community.

Tarot Mediumship is highly controversial because of the bad reputation brought upon Mediums by some who are charlatans.  Because of these frauds, many of us legitimate Tarot Mediums now prefer to label ourselves as ‘intuitive.’

Why the Intuitive label

Why the Intuitive label?  Because everyone has intuition; intuition is a gut feeling one gets – that something is about to happen, without having proof that something is going to occur.  But, in time, it does manifest!

Intuition is 'having a sense or a gut feeling' about people, situations, and events.

A good example of what is intuitive – are mothers.  Mothers have the natural instinct that their child needs protection from a stranger talking to children at the school fence.  Somehow, a mother just knows.  However, mother’s are not necessarily Psychics or Mediums.

Psychic or Medium

Psychic or Medium are other labels Tarot Mediumship Readers give themselves.  As I said in the previous paragraph of this article, everyone is intuitive.  However, some Tarot Mediumship Readers prefer to label themselves as Psychic or Mediums.

An Intuitive who is also Psychic can also remote view objects in this physical world.  However, they do not necessarily connect with the spirit world.

Whereas, an Intuitive who is also a Medium can be a Psychic too.  On top of being intuitive and a psychic, some can also channel; they can facilitate the communication between those who live in the spirit world and those who live in the physical world.

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts all at the same time. Not all Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts, but many do.  These types of Card Readers are not only knowledgeable Readers, but they are also Intuitive and Psychic, and Medium.  They can also channel messages from your deceased loved ones while using the Cards to confirm the transmitted message from the dead.

You know, it is like driving a car.  You not only can drive your car so to get somewhere; but once you do get there, you will have to get out of your vehicle at one point.  And when you do get out of your car, you will need to walk; and may even want to chew gum too!  Some Tarot Mediumship Readers can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It’s not because one is an aware, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, that they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.  Even if you Read Tarot Cards, you can also be a wife and mother, and school teacher.

The main categories of gifts a Tarot Mediumship Reader can have, are:

.  clairvoyance:  perceived by the Medium's inner sense of sight.

.  Clairaudience:  perceived by the  Medium's inner sense of hearing.

.  Clairolfaction:  perceived by her/his internal sense of smell.

.  Clairgustative:  perceived by their inner sense of taste.

.  Clairsentience:  perceived by their inner sense of touch.

.  Calirchanneling is the allowing, with their 'free will,' that his/her body and mind be used so that psychic information can be brought forth; or to heal people, or to speak aloud the message from the spirit world.

Now that you and I are together on the same page, let us look at what is Tarot Mediums, per say.

What is Mediumship

What is Mediumship?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Mediumship as “the capacity, function, or profession of a spiritualistic medium.”  Whereas a person who is a medium is an individual held to be a “channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits.”

What is an Oracle

What is an Oracle?  An ‘Oracle’ is the Tarot Mediumship Reader herself/himself.  We are the ‘Oracle,’ the Tarot Cards are ‘the gateway.’

People come to us ‘the oracles’ to ask help in the form of a question.  The Oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), transmits that query to either a divinity, or a deity, or a god or goddess, or angel, or element, or elemental, or ancestor or deceased loved one, or spirit, etc.

Then the oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), shuffles the Tarot Cards and awaits for an answer.  Either one of those above mentioned helpers can send the help in the form of a reply back down to the Oracle.  And then, the ‘oracle’ speak the information to the ‘seeker’ (who is also called the Querent, the Sitter, the person asking the question).

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