Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations
Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations is about having expectations when setting out into the world.  No matter how foolish he  may seem to most, he isn’t.

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations:

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is all about being optimistic when setting out to take your place in the world.  Naïve or foolish, the Fool is not. To the contrary, the Fool sets out on his journey quite capable and prepared to meet the world on his own terms.

Our Fool now says, “I have the necessary ability and skills to go take my place amongst the grown-ups out there in the world!” This sympathetic awareness of the Fool expressing himself in this way – is not new. Two prominent tarot readers of this century, both Anna-Marie Ferguson and Carl Llewellyn Weschche, suggest we be sympathetic towards the Fool. Anna-Marie Ferguson is the author of The Llewellyn Tarot Companion, and Carl Llewellyn Weschche is the Publisher of Llewellyn Worldwide.

In his Forward to the Llewellyn Tarot Companion, Carl Llewellyn Weshche wrote,  “Most tarot decks show the Fool as rather lackadaisically (a big word for laid-back) setting off, smelling the roses and seemingly unconscious of the challenges before us.” Mr. Llewellyn Weshche adds, “He (the Fool), is filled with courage and purpose, and he is in search of adventure; this is by no means a foolish journey then.  It is one of heroism.”

Admittedly, it may very well be that there are foolish and naïve people. These type of laid-back persons stop to smell the roses and never quite leave home.  They never quite make something of themselves.

These are the well-intentioned people that never achieve true independence and happiness. They were not well prepared to meet the world as it is in its full reality.  Somehow, deep down inside, these types individuals know better than to go out and risk failure.

Whereas the more adventuresome, feel well prepared and quite abilitated to tackle life as it is. They are neither naïve, nor frivolous. They do make something of themselves.

When young people go out into the world, right out of the starting gate – folks treat them as if fools. Folks think they could easily outwit our Fool. To keep thinking like that, will be these folk’s downfall. The parents of their adventuresome youths have well prepared them for adulthood.

As children, we learn from our parents. We then go to church, and then to school to test-out if what we learned from our parents was true or not.  Then we go to high school, so to continue testing-out the veracity of what we think we know. It is there, as teenagers, we learn new concepts and ideas. Then, as adults, we go out into the workplace to test out what we have learned so far. It is there, in the workplace, that we learn to modernize our ways of doing things and our thinking.

As we grow older, and wiser, we often remember the lessons learned back when we were under our mother’s apron. Moreover, in turn, we teach those very same lessons to our own children – so to better prepare them for when they will go leave our apron strings to prove themselves to the world… The wheel of time keeps turning…

Indeed, The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is optimistic that you are well prepared to take your place among the men and the women of the world.  Naïve or foolish, you are not. To the contrary, when the Fool represents you in a Tarot Reading, it describes you as capable and prepared to meet the world on your own terms.

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