Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection


Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection
Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection

Tarot Reading Demystifying Tarot Card Connection

I have read on Facebook, some Tarot Readers post about connecting with their decks.  Some of them insist upon making their own decks.  The premise behind making your own deck, according to them, is that it is the only true way to connect to the cards.   This is true, yes.  However, it is but a partial truth.

Making your own tarot cards to connect to your cards, is a teaching that some Witches pass-down generation to generation.  This teaching is part of the ancestral Witches beliefs.

How wonderful it must be to make your own Tarot Cards!  Personally, I do not have such an artistic talent or flair.  I wish I could make my deck though, but alas…  So, I am forced to connect with my store-bought ones.

The multi-generational teaching on the necessity to make your own Tarot cards so to connect with them, is a precious teaching indeed! Cherish it! Witches who make their own decks put their own personal energy into them.  Hence, they automatically connect to their cards.  However, you don’t necessarily have to make your own cards so to be able to connect to them.

Think about it!  If the only way to connect to your cards was by drawing each card yourself, and then by making each one of your cards yourself, the Tarot Card industry would go out of business.  If the Tarot Readers who buy their ready-made cards could not connect to store-bought cards, no one would ever buy a deck ever again!  And that is why I wanted to demystify creating a connection to your cards.

I am the 13th generation Breton Witch in my family (on both sides).  The women on both sides of my family arrived in La Nouvelle France, way back in the mid 1600’s.  Both sides arrived here together and at the very same time.   We are the cousins of the Druidesses.  Our practices were forbidden, so we kept them secret.

Some of us stayed in Canada. However, many migrated into the U.S. Breton Witches can be found way down the American East Coast, and into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. No matter where we are now in North America, we are still here nevertheless. Today, I am sure some may even know how to draw their own cards, perhaps. Who knows…?

As for myself, my grandfather Breton, and his eldest daughter (my mother),  taught me the Tarot. Neither one us ever drew our own cards. We each read with our own personal store-bought, ordinary deck of playing cards. This said, I do now read the Tarot with more fancier – store bought decks. I read with those now because the images on them spark my intuition. I would estimate my accuracy to be around 98% or so.

To connect with my cards, I keep them close to me for about a week.  I go through my deck, one card at a time – so to familiarize myself with each one.  Instead of just reading the companion book that comes with it, I write everything down with pen and paper.  Writing everything down with pen and paper, I put my energy into studying the cards.  And then, I apply the keywords to myself.

Is making your own deck the only way to connect with the Tarot? To each their own I guess.  There is no real right or wrong way to connect with the cards – really… To those who would insist on the contrary, if you want to know if I am able or not to connect with my cards even if I don’t make my own Tarot Deck, you are going to have to pay me to find out loll…

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