Tarot Reading – Being A Somebody


Tarot Reading - Being A Somebody
Tarot Reading – Being A Somebody


Tarot Reading – Being A Somebody

The eight of Pentacles

I work hard at my craft,

Of carving pretty golden coins,

On this Summer’s Day.

(Haiku Poem by: Evergreen) ©


As I pull out the Eight of Pentacles, I think to myself: this card represents exactly where I am at in my life today(1).  Today, I distinguish myself as a Tarot Reader who gets paid for the work she does.  This is encouraging to me.

This card depicts ‘working for money’.  Is it but a coincidence that I pulled the Eight of Pentacles just now? I think not!

There are no coincidences in the Tarot. The Eight of Pentacles relates precisely to a new and very special event in my life.  No there is no fanfare, no fireworks for me.  But if you could see me now, you would see me jumping up and down, and yelling out loud, “YES, I GOT MY VERY FIRST PAYING TAROT CLIENT!!!”

I had done paid face-to-face readings at my kitchen table down through the years.  But doing readings online intimidated me greatly.  I got stage-fright.  And I couldn’t get passed it.

The main reason for not being able to get past the stage-fright, was that I was doing very poorly mental and physical strength wise.  My husband has a diagnosis of severe addiction to Ethol which is deemed having caused his dementia.  He ruined us both.  It was a total train wreck that I had no control over.  I was powerless, and had no way out.  We were scrounging for food, we would have been homeless if it had not been for his brother letting us live in his trailer…  It was not safe to leave Hubby alone for one second, he needed constant supervision.

There were days I was so hungry, and so weak that I just couldn’t focus right… So I started by doing free readings just to get over my stage fright, and my lack of physical and mental energy.  No matter my personal situation, my ‘intuition’ was still very sharp.  I did tons of ‘free readings’ back then, and got great feedback; but given my situation, I would have never dared ask to be paid for my readings.  But that was then, this is now.

This is not my very first paying client ever. In the past, I have been paid for reading the Tarot. However, after getting married to my first husband, I ended-up putting my Tarot Reading career on hold; after all, I had a commitment and a responsibility to him. But all that is a thing of the past now, I’ve moved on since then. Now, as I continue to make my way in life, I have a new husband; he is very sick. So, I have rekindled my relationship with the Tarot, and I have begun to read professionally for others – again.

Tarot reading is my passion.  A passion that I use to generate an income with.  As I am constituted, I pay attention to the details on the cards. I want to perfect my Readings by continuing to develop my knowledge of the Tarot and my interpreting skills. While at the same time, contributing to the fair economic energy flow for my husband and I, in my community, and in my State.  And that FEELS GREAT!!!

Tarot Affirmation:

“Success comes to me – one day at a time”

(1)  This article is a repost from July 21st, 2014.  Since then I have done tons of paid readings for people I meet online.  It is my hope that this short article serves as an encouragement to those who are married as I am to an alcoholic.

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