Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card

Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card is for self-direction.  Many Tarot Readers use a Pendulum so to obtain deeper clarity in our Tarot Readings.  The Pendulum is another tool on our Journey.


Pendulum Divination - Hanged Man Tarot Card With the permission of Yoav Ben Dov
Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card
With the permission of Yoav Ben Dov



The water didn’t dramatically part

The sun with ease slipped in

Like a seed into the awaiting earth

Too eager to regenerate.

A  tranquil  sunset yet again,

The whole world, with bated breath

Was awaiting it, a collective sigh of relief,

Didn’t I hear? For now God didn’t play dice,

Though never it could be totally ruled out,

Now, every worry goes to sleep in the dark,

And tomorrow would come

With a new set of promises and pains.

The pendulum thus swings–

Invisible, between day and night,

Possibility of darkness and light

The hopes that keep us going, and despair.

(The Pendulum, poem by K. Balanchandran)



Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card

Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card is when you want to confirm which way to go during a Tarot Reading.  The Pendulum comes in handy when you feel you cannot go any further with your Reading due to an obstacle.  When there is an obstacle to your Reading, you can bet there is a core energy at play.

To get clarity during a Tarot Reading, you can also use the Pendulum – “to know the very nature of the world around you,”.  In the Metaphysical, a Pendulum is a “highly advanced implement that sends and receives vibrational frequency information.  It detects and effects.  It is an invaluable tool and a trusted friend and ally.  (…) An advanced Seeker uses the Pendulum (…) for ending how things were, and to begin a new time of change.  For to end is to Begin, “Avizinis.

Tarot Readers believe that you can change your destiny.  They will enlighten you as to what changes are needed; guide you on your Journey through life.  They will encourage you to make the necessary changes within yourself and to your situation – so to end how things are now, and to begin a new time of change.   When the Hanged Man Card is pulled in a Reading, a personal sacrifice is required of you; for your good and for the good of others.  This personal sacrifice on your part will bring comfort and joy into your life again.

Corresponding the Hanged Man Tarot Card to the Pendulum

Corresponding the Hanged Man Tarot Card to the Pendulum is easy to do.  Just look at The Hanged Man Card, and you will see a Pendulum.  The Keyword for the Hanged Man Card is, “Surrender.”  Surrendering to the inevitable that is beyond your control, and of your own Free Will, is a sacrifice that you make so to restore balance where there was once chaos.

When someone asks for a Tarot Reading, it is not rare that he or she wants to know the way out of their chaotic situation, or how to get unstuck when in a rut.  They have been to several Tarot Readers and Psychics and have received the same enlightenment and guidance.  Yet, the Querent is still in a rut; the way forward remains out of reach.

Obstacles to the truth, are negative energies that can quickly pull the wool over any Reader’s eyes.  “The Hanged Man Card is a Light card,” Jodorowsky.  The human body is a natural Pendulum ready to manifest the nature of the energy in its immediate environment; it loves to heal what is not equilibrated.  The Hanged Man’s sacrifice rises upward onto the Tree of Life.


Pendulum Divination - Hanged Man Tarot Card
Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card With permission of Ravens Nest Gems


Consider the Pendulum

Consider the Pendulum when it rises upward!  If it is light-weight, it will lift itself up.  Let me prove this to you.

Take an ordinary sewing needle and a typical black sewing thread.  Cut the thread at nine inches in length.  Pass it through the eye of your sewing needle.  Tie both ends of your thread – by making a knot at the end of your thread.  Raise the point of your Pendulum up to about three inches above a flat surface.  Moreover, watch your Pendulum levitate in the air.  You have just witnessed your own Chi manifesting itself to you!  Chi is energy!

Now notice that your sewing needle Pendulum is silver (gray).  Gray is the color that corresponds to all of your body parts.  Its attributes are to retreat wounds.  To accept, let go and let a Higher Power than yourself do the rest.  A Higher Power than yourself can be either the positive or the negative energies detected by your Pendulum.   This, even if it is your Chi lifting up your sewing needle Pendulum.

Consider the Hanged Man Card

Consider the Hanged Man Card from the Metaphysical perspective.  The Hanged Man Card represents how to heal our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, and how we can choose to react to events, people, and situations that control us.  In other words, the Hanged Man Tarot Card is used in Tarot Magick to discover what changes can be done to a situation; and “how to end things that have been until now; to now make it a new time of change.  (…),” Avizinis.  Both the Hanged Man Tarot Card and your Pendulum are gamechangers!

“The Formula Dubra explains the Way of things in Nature.  It is the same or is equal to “All”.  It leads to or develops into “All”.  All equals One (the Collective Consciousness).  The Collective Consciousness leads to or develops into the Universal Principles.  The Universal Principals are the same as or equal to the Vibrational Frequencies.  The Vibrational Frequencies lead to or develop into Velocity.  Velocity is the same as or is equal to Light.  Light leads to Color.  Color is the same as or is equal to Patterns.  Patterns are the same as or are equal to Thoughts.  Thoughts lead to or develop into Beliefs.  Beliefs lead to or develop into Archetypes.  Archetypes lead to or develop into Lessons.  Lessons are the same as or are equal to Extremes.  Extremes lead to or develop into Balance.  Balance is the same as or is equal to The Journey of One which effects All”, Arvizinis.

Metaphysics takes into account The Formula Dubra.  The Hanged Man Tarot Card and/or your Pendulum speak to the study of, and the use of Knowledge and Wisdom beyond that which Science has proven.

Tarot Readers honor all things

Tarot Readers honor all things in Nature and the Universe.  We honor both the physical and the metaphysical.  We honor the Pendulum just as much as we do the Tarot.

For us, when we do a Tarot Reading, we see all things.  Both the seen and the unseen.  We honor the vibrational frequency output; the character of all that exists.  We are honored to do Tarot Readings for you, so to help you “in all things”; most especially when you need to find your way out of your unhappy situation.

Pendulum Divination – Hanged Man Tarot Card helps us to reach our destiny.  Many Tarot Readers, such as myself, use the Pendulum for clarity and healing during a Tarot Reading.  “Like the Ancients before us, the Pendulum is yet another companion on your Journey,” Catherine Arvizinis.

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Articles about professional Tarot Readers

Articles about professional Tarot Readers are articles written by the features professional Tarot Readers themselves.  In these articles, the Readers talk about their passion for the Tarot, their philosophy, and about their respective Tarot Reading Service.  To read an article by the featured Tarot Reader, scroll down and click on the name of their Tarot Service.


Articles about professional Tarot Readers
Articles about professional Tarot Readers


About others,
About yourself,
About the world.

(Exert of the poem Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me written by Pay)

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Book of Thoth Spread Explained

Book of Thoth Spread Explained.  This is the first in a series of articles about the Spread described in the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley.  This is a five Level (five operations) Spread for the advanced Tarot Reader.


Book of Thoth Spread Explained
Book of Thoth Spread Explained


Book of Thoth Spread Explained

Book of Thoth Spread Explained assumes you already know Tarot and the various Card Meanings, and how to do Tarot Readings.  Also, Astrology and the Zodiac, Qabalah and the Tree of Life.  What you will learn from this series of articles is how to do this complicated Spread, and how to perform it correctly.

Hello, fellow Tarotiers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I am a Master Tarot Reader, who loves to blog about Tarot.  My adoption grandfather (grandfather Breton), and his daughter (my adoption mother) taught me right from the start how to perform the BOT (Book of Thoth) Spread.  This was very complicated to learn for a mere nine-year-old, so it took me years to do it properly.  Do not get discouraged if it takes you a few tries to perfect it too.

These past years, I’ve read Tarot books and seen Tarot Videos and have had conversations with Readers who perform the BOT Spread.  You do not always get the full picture of it in books and videos.  Most would agree to say that it is a complicated multi-operations Spread to perform and teach.

Why another Article on the BOT?

Why another Article on the BOT?  The average Esoteric and/or occultist who writes or produces videos on this advanced method of Divination, does not always want to reveal too much about it.  Either they have set intellectual traps in their explanations, or they left out a mind baffling detail or two that you dearly need so to perform it correctly.  So just in case, I thought I would go over it with you.

There are three chief reasons why many omit dearly required details.  The main reason is that they have sworn to secrecy.  The second is that it is an incredibly long method to teach in written form or a video.  Moreover, they fear most Tarotiers will overlook the accompanying warnings about performing occult spreads.

Why refer to the BOT as a Spread?

Why refer to the BOT as a Spread?  Because it is a Spread.  Moreover, it is a multi-operations Spread.  There are five operations to this Spread (or Divination).

The five operations are as follows, and in this order:


1st Operation:                   How the situation began

2nd Operation:                 The Twelve Astrological Houses of the Heavens

3rd Operation:                  The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

4th Operation:                  The Penultimate Aspects of the Question (before last)

5th Operation:                  The Final Results of the situation

About Timing in the BOT Spread

About Timing in the BOT Spread is a matter of frustration.  I remember oh so well, my grandfather getting up to the 3rd Operation and having to start all over again because he could not figure out the timing involved.  Apparently, he was not the first nor the last Tarotier to try to give accurate timing when doing this Spread.  Aleister Crowley sought to do that too.  In his Book of Thoth, Mr. Crowley says:  “This operation can not tell which part of the divination is the current time.”

However, Crowley does go on to say:  Operation One –  usually indicates the history (but not always).  To get the past, current, and future in this type of reading, you will need to rely on your experience with timing.

This much said on the matter of timing when doing the BOT, keep at the front of your mind what divining is all about.  Divining is all about your client getting help from the mind behind the Card.   If you cannot establish the timing, then it is because the First Operation is about the mind behind the cards giving help to your Querent in his current situation.

What is Divination?

What is Divination?  In a nutshell, Crowley describes Divination as

.  The most sensitive, difficult branch of magick.

.  It is an Art that is perfectly required

.  Divination is most sensitive, difficult and perilous

.  Divination must be performed under necessary conditions

.  Comparative review of all relevant methods must be done all at the same time

About the Tarot Cards

About the Tarot Cards themselves!  The Cards in your Tarot Deck are living individuals who live together as in a tribe (your Tarot Deck).  This tribe (your Deck), is comprised of 78 living individuals (intelligences).

An analysis of each one of these 78 intelligences as a character with a family trait, is crucial in any Reading.  You may want to get to know them well enough to relate to the Cards as you would to a good neighbor of yours.  Like your neighbors, get to know and respect them.   As you would a neighbor of yours, you may want to get to understand these intelligences (not just study them).  Also, you may want to observe how they interact with each other as well as with yourself.

Why perform the BOT by Aleister Crowley?  It is an Art that gives help to both yourself and your Querent.  The BOT by Aleister Crowley is also known as The Traditional Technical Method of Divination – by the Tarot.  Also as, The Opening of the Key by Crowley.

In the second article of the Book of Thoth Spread Explained, we will examen the traditional way of selecting a Significator Card.

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Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings go beyond the borders of our unconscious mind.  They go well behind the Veil that separates this physical world to the spirit world.  These types of Readings are done so to receive messages from our deceased loved ones that have gone on before us.


Tarot Mediumship Readings
Tarot Mediumship Readings
The Lovers Card
Ghost Tarot


Tarot Mediumship Readings

Tarot Mediumship Readings warrant explanation.  Many professional Tarot Readers do this type of Reading.  These Readers are experts at interpreting the meanings of Tarot Cards as they pertain to the spirit world.  On top of being knowledgeable as far as the sense of the Cards, Tarot Mediums can do this because they are highly sensitive to receiving messages from the dead.  They use the Cards as a confirmation of the message given.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen (Nicole Dauch) of Tarot Readings by Evergreen.  I’ve read on Facebook, posts, and comments about Tarot Mediumship Readings.  So I thought I would offer my understanding of Tarot Mediumship Readings.

First, let us get on the same page about what is ‘Tarot Mediumship’ per say.  This type of Reading is highly controversial, especially among Mediums.  Tarot Readers who define themselves as “Tarot Mediumship Readers” often get confronted” by others in the Tarot community.

Tarot Mediumship is highly controversial because of the bad reputation brought upon Mediums by some who are charlatans.  Because of these frauds, many of us legitimate Tarot Mediums now prefer to label ourselves as ‘intuitive.’

Why the Intuitive label

Why the Intuitive label?  Because everyone has intuition; intuition is a gut feeling one gets – that something is about to happen, without having proof that something is going to occur.  But, in time, it does manifest!

Intuition is 'having a sense or a gut feeling' about people, situations, and events.

A good example of what is intuitive – are mothers.  Mothers have the natural instinct that their child needs protection from a stranger talking to children at the school fence.  Somehow, a mother just knows.  However, mother’s are not necessarily Psychics or Mediums.

Psychic or Medium

Psychic or Medium are other labels Tarot Mediumship Readers give themselves.  As I said in the previous paragraph of this article, everyone is intuitive.  However, some Tarot Mediumship Readers prefer to label themselves as Psychic or Mediums.

An Intuitive who is also Psychic can also remote view objects in this physical world.  However, they do not necessarily connect with the spirit world.

Whereas, an Intuitive who is also a Medium can be a Psychic too.  On top of being intuitive and a psychic, some can also channel; they can facilitate the communication between those who live in the spirit world and those who live in the physical world.

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers

Multi-gifted Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts all at the same time. Not all Tarot Mediumship Readers have several gifts, but many do.  These types of Card Readers are not only knowledgeable Readers, but they are also Intuitive and Psychic, and Medium.  They can also channel messages from your deceased loved ones while using the Cards to confirm the transmitted message from the dead.

You know, it is like driving a car.  You not only can drive your car so to get somewhere; but once you do get there, you will have to get out of your vehicle at one point.  And when you do get out of your car, you will need to walk; and may even want to chew gum too!  Some Tarot Mediumship Readers can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It’s not because one is an aware, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, that they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.  Even if you Read Tarot Cards, you can also be a wife and mother, and school teacher.

The main categories of gifts a Tarot Mediumship Reader can have, are:

.  clairvoyance:  perceived by the Medium's inner sense of sight.

.  Clairaudience:  perceived by the  Medium's inner sense of hearing.

.  Clairolfaction:  perceived by her/his internal sense of smell.

.  Clairgustative:  perceived by their inner sense of taste.

.  Clairsentience:  perceived by their inner sense of touch.

.  Calirchanneling is the allowing, with their 'free will,' that his/her body and mind be used so that psychic information can be brought forth; or to heal people, or to speak aloud the message from the spirit world.

Now that you and I are together on the same page, let us look at what is Tarot Mediums, per say.

What is Mediumship

What is Mediumship?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Mediumship as “the capacity, function, or profession of a spiritualistic medium.”  Whereas a person who is a medium is an individual held to be a “channel of communication between the earthly world and a world of spirits.”

What is an Oracle

What is an Oracle?  An ‘Oracle’ is the Tarot Mediumship Reader herself/himself.  We are the ‘Oracle,’ the Tarot Cards are ‘the gateway.’

People come to us ‘the oracles’ to ask help in the form of a question.  The Oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), transmits that query to either a divinity, or a deity, or a god or goddess, or angel, or element, or elemental, or ancestor or deceased loved one, or spirit, etc.

Then the oracle (the Tarot Mediumship Reader), shuffles the Tarot Cards and awaits for an answer.  Either one of those above mentioned helpers can send the help in the form of a reply back down to the Oracle.  And then, the ‘oracle’ speak the information to the ‘seeker’ (who is also called the Querent, the Sitter, the person asking the question).

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Thoth Prince of Disks

Thoth Prince of Disks loves to channel resources, and resources love him back!  His motto is:  waste not want not.  He can be a little devil at times, but his parents love him anyways.


Thoth Prince of Disks
Thoth Prince of Disks


Thoth Prince of Disks

Thoth Prince of Disks is a young man who loves to plan for both his immediate and future material needs.  He singles himself out by channeling material resources.  However, he does have both qualities and shortcomings.

It may be that people understand his ideas and plans, but sometimes they just plain do not agree that they are that cute in the first place.  If there is a group of Tarot Cards that some Readers experience difficulty interpreting, they are the Prince Cards (the Pages in many decks).  The Prince of Disks is a particularly difficult card to understand.  This is due most especially to our own individual belief systems.

If a Reader wants to interpret this Card only from a positive perspective, then that will be the only part of its meaning that will be included in the Reading.  However, it does have its dark side.  And when the Prince of Disks channels resources with his darker side, he can cause negative reactions in people.  In a letter to Crowley, Harris wrote:  “The Prince of disks is a devil.  I’ve been a whole week with him, and he is engendering a nervous breakdown in me – coupled with starvation as he gives me no time to eat.  He is a bastard.  He swells and swells (…)”.

Channeling Resources

Channeling Resources is an energy to die for!  When one has the energy to provide for oneself, one becomes happy – because life is then easier.  This young man’s family will not want for food, because it is important to him to eat well.  His house will be warm during winter, and cool enough come summertime.  His children will have shoes on their feet to go to school, and laptops to study and play on.

However, after this young man’s family will be provided for, his wife will begin to notice that there is a downside to living with him.  He will seem emotionally distant to her.  Not that he is distancing himself emotionally from her, but rather that he is distancing himself from emotional situations so to better continue planning his material resources.

Thinking ahead is highly important to this young man.  He knows that so his bills get paid, he must stay on top of them.  He knows that he must get a raise in pay or a promotion – so to meet future cost of living increases.  If he was a farmer, he would “know how to plan and produce an abundant crop”.  If he were to become President of the United States one day, he would know how to plan and make happen good paying jobs for folks.

Prince of Air of Earth

Prince of Air of Earth has two original titles.  The Prince of the Chariot of Earth, and the Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes.  He rules the Four of Wands; the Five of Disks; and the Six of Disks.  21° Aries to 20° Taurus.  In Tarot Correspondences, people born on April 11th to May 10th are Princes of Disks.

Known to be a devil

Known to be a devil, is the Prince of Disks.  Even though he knows how to competently produce material resources and that he is indeed a cool guy to hang with, the fact remains that this Card is the darkest card in the suit of Disks.  In other words, there is what people call – an evil side to him!

In popular culture, there are examples of the Prince of Air of Earth (The Prince of Disks).  Two of the most flagrant examples of The Prince of Disks I could come up with in popular culture – are Denis the menace character in the Denis the Menace T.V. show, and the character Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone movie.  I don’t care what the birth dates are for these two characters, I would still use the Prince of disks as a Significator Card to best represent them in a Reading.

Both of these boys are loved and cherished by their parents.  Both are cute and smart and highly imaginative in any given situation.  Just don’t get on their bad side lol…  Just imagine what they are going to be like once they grow up to become teenagers and young adults!!!

These two characters would still fit into the description of the Prince of Disks by Aleister Crowley in his book “The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot)”.  “They are understandable by their parents at least.  Both of these boys bring a great energy to what they do in terms of the most practical material resources.  They are both energetic and enduring.  Both prove themselves to be trustworthy and unmovable in their emotions.  When driven to anger, they are unstoppable”.

Unmovable in his own emotions:

Unmovable in his own emotions, the Prince of Disks appears to not care about the other person’s feelings.  When the other person expresses themselves by using spiritual concepts or principle, they are beyond his comprehension.  So he lets people react to him all according to their own nature.

This is why a Prince of Disks is often called a little devil.  Because things pertaining to spirituality are above his head.  And because they are above his head, he nevertheless continues putting his plan into action.  But he does relate to other people – in the practical.  When dealing with a Prince of Disks, one must relate back to him – in the practical for it all to make sense to him.


Thoth Prince of Disks
Thoth Prince of Disks


Freud misunderstands

Freud misunderstands the unconscious mind of the Prince of Disks.  Freud’s understanding of the unconscious was Christian based.  Freud attributed this unconscious mind as representative of the Christian Devil.  Was it really just an assumption by Freud.  Perhaps not really.

The Christian Devil was heavily part of the main culture of his time, just as much as it is here in mainstream America today.  Even in today’s popular culture, we still understand that: “the unconscious is in fact the instinct that expresses, beneath the veil, the inherent point-of-view of each, and, properly understood, is a hint of what seed may blossom and fructify as the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”, Aleister Crowley.

No matter their personal convictions, the parents of both the Denis the menaces and the Kevin McCallisters of this world understand their boys.  This even if we may think this kind of boy is a devil.  Both sets of their parents and us, understand these types of young children should not be bound.  Because they do no evil, they just don’t think along the lines of the Higher Divine Self; their thinking is one that is ‘practical’…


Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love

Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love
Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love

Romance Angel Oracle Cards

One-sided love


"There is not enough attraction or chemistry to keep this relationship going…"


By far, Love Relationship Questions greatly outnumber all other requests.  Where the heart goes, so do you.  In the matters of the heart, it is a very delicate Reading to do for people.

It is their intuition that brings them to ask a Reading.  A Lover wants to know, is their Love reciprocated?  For some clients, yes – it is mutual.  They Love and they are loved back.  Sadly, for others, the Reading goes to confirm what their intuition has already told them.  Their intuition has told them that it is a One-Sided Love.

When the Oracle Cards in the spread speak of an Unrequited Love, it is usually not surprising to the Sitter.  The Querent verbally relates the situation.  Often one year later, I will receive an email confirming that the Reading with me was spot on!

When the Unrequited Love Oracle Card shows up in your Reading, it is the Angel’s compassionate way to let you know what is really going on in your Relationship.  You, yourself are in-love, yes.  The person you are enquiring about is a good lover!  Your Beloved’s qualities greatly outweigh their shortcomings.  You are attracted to this person, but your intuition is telling you something is missing Love wise.


Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love
Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love


The feeling is not mutual.  Your love is not returned to you.  Moreover, you know it.  “There is not enough ‘mutual’ attraction to create the passion you would have expected”.

You do everything possible to make the object of your heart’s desire – feel your love.  You cannot possibly make yourself perfect enough than you already are.  The chemistry between the two of you is simply insufficient to take it further beyond the here and now.  You cannot make him love you…  Click on the link to listen to the song by Adele, I can not make you love me.

Something is missing, and you just cannot put your finger on it.  You search everywhere for it, but it escapes you.  You need to understand what is missing from your relationship.  You might as well face it; you both sense something is missing in your love for each other.

A Relationship has a life of its own.  This is called ‘synergy’.  Synergy, in a Love Relationship, is the interaction or cooperation of two or more people – to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  The effect you have on each other cannot be altered.  It is, what it is.

Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love
Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love

In the beginning, there were sparks; but the sparks need to be kindled for a flame to rise in the Beloved’s heart.  The flame needs be nourished for the fire to burst out towards you.  When one of the people involved in a Love Relationship throws water and earth onto the fire, the fire will die.  It will get cold; the Relationship will eventually end.

There is an attraction.  That is for sure, or the two of you would have never come together in the first place.  Now you need “to control and steer it” in the right direction.

When the first spark of your relationship started, it was by mutual attraction.  You both satisfied your sexual desires for one another.  Perhaps you did not get to know each other well enough – before you, yourself as an person – fell in love with the other.

You cannot control your heart.  Where your heart goes, so do you!  However, you put a harness on it and steer it in the right direction – by first understanding how it all began.

Perhaps you needed to love and to be loved back.  Perhaps your Beloved was in a committed, long-term relationship with another.  Perhaps the object of your heart’s desire – leaves you lonelier after leaving through the door.  Perhaps it is time for you to understand, he does not love you standing up.  Now you need to be loved not just when you both are lying-down in bed with each other; but when you are both standing up together.

Human beings vibrate at certain frequencies.  When Lovers meet, their mutual energy creates sparks.  Their sparks provoke a passion within both of their hearts.  When one of the Lovers does not feel passion for the other, it is because that Lover does not like the other Lover when outside of the bedroom (so to speak).


Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love
Romance Angel Oracle Cards One-sided love


There is an entire life and world outside of the bedroom.  If your Lover does not want to include you in her/his private life, nor in her/his public life, then you are kept as a secret.  Your Love is not mutual.  You are not on the same planet together.  You are not her/his whole world.

Your Beloved does not have the same morals and principles as you do.  It may very well be that the one you Love – Loves you back; just not as much, nor in the same way you do them.  You have attracted someone who rejects your love by taking it – but not returning it in kind.

You gave your Lover everything you had, without him/her wanting it.  Perhaps you feel a One-sided Love is better than none.  You are attracted to those whose moral values are different from yours.  Your unrequited Lover is unable to fulfill your emotional needs.  Moreover, you accept to suffer in that regard.  To listen to this last song, click on “Say something, I’m giving up on you“.

You can change your own individual, spiritual frequency by raising it.  “Elevate your spiritual frequency – so to meet someone who will cherish your Love and who will protect it.  Someone who will be more than happy to Love you back, and who will do all that it takes to have a future together with you.  Not tomorrow, but in the here and now and for evermore!

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Tarot Card Spells – Invoking Domestic Happiness

Tarot Card Spells - Invoking Domestic Happiness
Tarot Card Spells – Invoking Domestic Happiness


Tarot Card Spells – Invoking Domestic Happiness


Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  As you know, when I am not doing Readings, I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I have read many posts and comments about Domestic Happiness.  Some positive ones, some negative ones.  Used to be, people would ask how to have a happy marriage; such enquiries are becoming rare these days.

Within both the Tarot and magickal Facebook groups, I find there is much more bitching about one’s life partner than there is uplifting them.  Many often ask for “Love Spells”, or for “Attracting Love Spells”.  It is rare when someone asks for a “Domestic Happiness Spell”; it happens, but it is rare.

Instead of asking for a Domestic Happiness spell, people usually ask me what I know magick wise.  However, the knowledge passed down to me through my mother, is ancestry magic.  Ancestry magic is exactly like what it sounds like.  It is knowledge passed down through the generations, and invoke the ancestors for spell work.  As my mother is my adoption mother (she had no children of her own), she passed her knowledge down to me.  You know what they say; they say that the acorn never falls far from the tree.  Turns out, she was a good friend of my biological grandmother, so Mom thought good by teaching me what they knew.

Like my adoption mother before me, I too had no children  Since I did not adopt children, I accepted to pass my knowledge to four serious students of mine.  The first is French; she is Cajun.  She first learned from her Grandmother pretty much in the same way and the same teachings as my mother imparted upon me.  She is respectful of me, mainly because she recognizes her grandmother’s wisdom in my lessons to her.  She is truly dedicated to learning.

The second is of a very different culture than mine.  However, she is eager to learn.  Because of the differences between our cultures, she takes time to think about what she learns.

As for the third, well it just did not work out.  It is not as much that there was a difference in culture there too.  It is that she is too impatient and flighty.  To learn magic, one needs to think, think, and think first; to think in the right direction – that is to say…

The fourth has just begun with me.  He is deeply spiritual, and mature in his thinking.  Wisdom is the key to his success!

All four of my students had specifically come to me so to learn about “Domestic happiness”, and the corresponding spell.  Unless it is an emergency, a spell should not be treated as if fast food knowledge.  Asking for spell work is not the same as walking into a fast food restaurant and asking for a hamburger and fries, only to then walk away with them.  Spell work takes time…

Just as we are ‘individuals’, so is spell work.  Most especially when it comes down to crafting a Domestic Happiness Spell.  We need to craft the Domestic Happiness Spell with the individuals in mind.

I would think that my mother knew what she was doing when she crafted hers.  After all, my parents had celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary before she passed-way.  Many women had come to her for marital advice and for spells to help them with their marriages.  They asked for a spell to keep their marriage together, and for it to be happy again!  Come to think of it, all of her ‘closed-ones’ were married just as long as my parents were.

Be careful whom you go to for spell work, and marital advice.  Before choosing who will do your spell for you or who will give you such a spell, think, think, think!  Would you go ask for a Domestic Happiness Spell from someone who regularly preaches against getting married in the first place?  It goes to reason that when a spell caster is full of negativity towards any long-term union, that she will inject negativity into the spell she performs for you, or gives you.  You know what they say in magic 101 class!  Intent is everything!

Even if her intent was to do a good Domestic Happiness Spell for you; at the back of her mind is that gnawing thought that marital happiness simply does not exist.  Two thirds of the Law of Manifestation is what our thoughts are made of.  You simply cannot visualize what you think does not exist…

tarot card spell invoking domestic happiness
tarot card spell invoking domestic happiness

Take the Ten of Cups Card.  Look through the different tarot decks you have at home.  Compare the images on each of the Ten of Cups cards.  Look for the one that will speak to you about Domestic Happiness.  If you do not have a deck that has such an image, then you may want to think about why that is so.

One deck that has a Ten of Cups Card that clearly speaks about Domestic Happiness is the Llewellyn’s Tarot Deck.  Its Ten of Cups card clearly shows a couple in an embrace, with their children playing on the other side of the stream, and a house in the distance; a mountain for stability, and a rainbow up in the sky above them.  Oh and it has a foot bridge!  Why are the children on the other side of the stream?  Because the card clearly shows that their children are an extension of their love for each other.  They are not a product of their sexuality, but rather of their love!  Why does it have a footbridge?  Because they must overcome the torrent of emotions so to establish a happy home together.

If you are in a marital relationship, but that there is no ‘happiness at home’, do not lose hope.  No matter how bleak it may all seem, keep looking forward to the future together.  If not, ask yourself if you truly would like to stay together, or would you rather walk away from it.

Sometimes it is not good to stay in a bad marriage, most especially when it is pointless to do so.  If you are not safe, leave.  No one should ever stay in a dangerous or risky couple.

If the person you are with does not want you, and takes-off to find happiness for a few hours in the arms of another, then the two of you need to sit down and talk.  Ask yourself if you are happy when sharing him with someone else?  Or do you want exclusivity?  Open marriages are highly over-rated, and often end-up in divorce.  However, some are happy like that.

For those of you, who feel that you want to continue forward together then do stay together.  If you think there is hope to turn this marriage around for the better, then use a Ten of Cups Cards that does indeed represent Domestic Happiness.

There are decks that are excellent in the performance of a Domestic Happiness Spell.  I have mentioned the Llewellyn Tarot Deck.  There is also the Universal Tarot Deck, and the Tarot de Marseille Deck that works great with this kind of spell.

When crafting this kind of Tarot spell, you may want to be mindful of what you ask for.  The words you speak are very powerful, and so is your intent.  If your intent is to get a better sex life, then this type of spell is not for you.  If your intent is to be happy in your marital (or long-term) relationship, then this spell is for you.

Remember to perform this spell within the Four Magical Laws.  1)  The Law of Willpower – affirmation:  “I WILL” (assigned to Fire).  2)  The Law of Correspondence – affirmation:  “I CHOOSE” (assigned to water).  3)  The Law of Astral Light – affirmation:  “I create” (assigned to air).  4)  The Law of Imagination – affirmation:  “I See” (assigned to earth).

The Keyword for the Ten of Cups is ‘perfect success’.  In other words, you may want to think about how much you want to achieve ‘perfect success in Domestic Happiness’.  The Decan is:  Mars in Pisces, 20 degree – 30 degree.  The Element God name is El.  You may also want to apply wisdom to the crafting of the spell.  Meditate on asking the Element to help preserve harmony, fidelity, and union between the two of you spouses.  You do not have to believe in those marital qualities, all you need is hope for them to become manifested!

Tarot Affirmation for the Ten of Cups:

The Ten of Cups symbolizes commitment, and a long-lasting relationship.  Repeat the following affirmation:

“I hope in our couple”.

Marriages have their ups and their downs moments.  There will always be good times and bad times together.  If you know someone who is in a long-term marital relationship, you can go ask that person about how to find hope in your marriage and with your spouse.

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Tarot Reading Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Tarot Reading Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Tarot Reading Liar Liar Pants On Fire


Tarot Reading Liar Liar Pants On Fire


Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook many posts and comments by professional Tarot Readers who claim to have a Tarot Reading specializations.  In particular, by some professional Readers who brand or promote themselves as ‘counselors’.  Some even go so far as clearly stating they are either psychologists, doctors, nurses, social workers, etc., who incorporate Tarot Reading into their professional practices.

That’s all fine and dandy if they can prove that is true.  When you go to a doctor’s office, and your doctor wants to do a tarot reading to better help you, you can actually see that he is a doctor in a doctor’s office, and that he can also read his Tarot Cards for you.  But online, it is not as clear.

Anybody online cay say just about anything about themselves, thinking we really can’t know the difference about them.  Then there are those tarot readers who do have real life offices, or see people at their homes, and who call themselves ‘counselors’.

Please do not get me wrong, I am sure the greater majority of them are what they say they are. However, it is likely that some of them are not.  The object of this article, is those that are not.  This needs to be addressed before they ruin it all for the rest of us professional tarot readers.

Before I go too deep into explaining what I am getting at in this blog article of mine, let me say this first.  The question begs to be asked!  What is a ‘professional’ tarot reader?  There are varying answers to this question.  Personally, I would say that a professional tarot reader is someone who interprets the cards for people who pay a fee for the service they offer.

Reading the tarot on a professional basis, is all relative to the tarot reader herself.  It does not matter how much the fee is.  Nor does it matter how much money the tarot reader makes in a year from reading for other people.  Nor does it matter how professional or non-professional the Reader’s website looks like.  Nor does it matter what other services the Reader provides to clients.  When it comes down to it, a professional Tarot Reader is someone who expects to be paid for her tarot readings.  Period!

This said, let us now look at those professional tarot readers who put themselves forward as professional counselors.  As I said, it may very well be that some are actually ‘licensed’ and State recognized as ‘counselors’ who just happen to have a tarot practice.  In some states, the State will recognize legitimate and accredited schools or colleges – that offer certain metaphysical or esoteric diplomas or certificates.  They have professors that have a respectful and esteemed career in those fields.  The State honors their traditions and teachings.

Those legitimate professors, themselves, have a State License to practice in their chosen helping professions.  They transmit their knowledge and experience to their students, along with a required work place training and supervision.  It is acknowledged that their students go on to graduate and do well in the work place.  If you want to take such an accredited line of studies, you may want to choose the course according to whom the professors are…  And make sure that the school is a legitimate one.

If you are a client of a tarot reader who says he/she is a ‘counselor’, you may want to ask if they are State Licensed to offer such a service; and what exactly is the service they are licensed for.  And what exactly do they mean when they say “counsellor”.

When I say license, I mean a State License as a counselor.  They must have their License up in full view for you to see it, both there and on their website.  Such licenses cost money, so if they really have one, they will be proud to put it where anyone can review it.  Make sure the license is current.  Some tarot counsellors who are psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, doctors, or nurses, etc. have to pay extravagant malpractice insurance fees.

It happens that some end-up losing their license to practice in their helping profession.  If a tarot reader includes any professional intervention skill – for which they have lost their license to practice, they could end-up in jail.  And you getting a bad tarot session.

In many States, just about anybody can put up a shingle saying they are a counsellor, or that they offer counselling.  In many States, there is no law specifically prohibiting such a sign on the outside wall of a house or building, or on a gate, or even on a website or business card.  However, in those States, it is what goes on behind closed doors that counts!

Simply put, a tarot reader is a tarot reader.  Each State has its own laws that apply to tarot reading.  If you are a Reader, you may do well by looking into the laws about tarot reading or fortune-telling in your State.  In the U.S., not only does each State have their own laws governing reading the tarot for money, each county and city have their own too.

When you are a paying client of a tarot reader, take what he/she says with a grain of salt.  Remember the cards are but a piece of cardboard paper, and the tarot reader is a mere human being.  Find a Reader who clicks well with you; remember that those who resemble each other, assemble together.  Tarot reading is considered – entertainment.  Tarot should be used as a confirmation of what your intuition already tells you – the client.

As far as a Tarot Reader being a ‘counsellor’ is concerned, remember to ask for their current State License.  The average professional tarot reader who says they are a counsellor, really does not mean to say they are a “counsellor”.  They do just mean that they read the cards in such a way that you can get answers to your question.  They give advice…  This does not go to say that they are actually trained and accredited ‘counsellors” who are officially licensed to be of the Helping Profession.

Little women at their kitchen table, with a computer on it, and that offer professional tarot readings, are not necessarily psychologists.  They do not mean to make themselves sound as if saying they say that they give actual therapy sessions (counselling); nor that they are lawyers (counsellors).  They are just tarot readers.

We live in a country composed of many human beings.  No matter what our politics are, everyone knows that not every human being living here are the same.  Some of our tarot clients have good knowledge of the English language, some barely.  What may mean one thing to most, to others it may sound as if it is saying something else.  For that reason, when a client pay you to read the Tarot for them, the law protects them.

If you are a professional tarot reader, use wisdom when choosing the words that will describe you to your clients.  If you a tarot client, choose your Reader carefully.  For example, if you do not want to be hypnotized during a tarot reading session with your Tarot Reader, then say so; or you can end-up hypnotized.  If you do not want a therapy session when getting a Tarot Reading, tell your Tarot Reader exactly that you don’t want a therapy session.  That you just want a tarot reading.  If you use NLP intervention skills, and that you promote yourself as a ‘counsellor’, know that then you are not legally allowed to use such an intervention skill during a tarot session.

I hope that this article of mine on the use of the word ‘counselor’ is of help to you.  Perhaps it has started you thinking about how to use a word description properly when promoting yourself to tarot clients.  Always keep at the front of your mind, that your tarot practice is there to help people; and that we are governed by laws.  If not, people may call you Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

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Tarot Reading Journaling – By Evergreen

Tarot Reading Journaling - By Evergreen
Tarot Reading Journaling – By Evergreen

Tarot Reading Journaling – By Evergreen.  Every day for the past 12 months, I have studied the Tarot Cards for one solid hour each morning.  I study both the Major and the Minor Arcana.  I go from one book to the next highlighting, and jotting down what seems to be key things to remember about them.  I also jot down thoughts, and impressions, or what woks after I finish-up doing a reading.  I take pictures, eat and sleep with them, I watch T.V. with the Cards right next to me.  As you can see, I even blog about the Cards.  I have a few new students; some of my students have been with me for over a year now.  I do readings too.

Tarot Reading Journaling - By Evergreen
Tarot Reading Journaling – By Evergreen

I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have been Tarot Journaling without actually calling it that.  It’s getting to the point, where cards just pop-up at me in my mind’s eye where ever I go to, whomever I speak with, no matter what we talk about.  It is like everything my mother taught me, is finally sinking-in.

Two days ago, I started studying in a serious fashion pairs, sets, and other groupings.  Right at the first pair, I said to myself: “omg!  I’ve interpreted those correctly for a long time now!”.  Studying those should take me another year or so, I would think.

I am slow going at studying, because I keep pausing from the books, to take in what is written in them.  What is written provokes sights and sounds, and smells, and tastes, even physical pain and sensations.

Tarot Reading Journaling - By Evergreen
Tarot Reading Journaling – By Evergreen

I think I am at the point that how I do readings should also be called “discernment”…, which is directly linked to ‘divining’ – I would say…  Anyways, I do pop-up here and there to enjoy conversations about the Tarot, and to be around like-minded people.  If you are a client, drop by to get a reading from me.  If you are a Tarot professional, find me on Facebook so we can shoot the breeze.  Or, if you see me, say hello!

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Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations
Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations is about having expectations when setting out into the world.  No matter how foolish he  may seem to most, he isn’t.

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations:

The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is all about being optimistic when setting out to take your place in the world.  Naïve or foolish, the Fool is not. To the contrary, the Fool sets out on his journey quite capable and prepared to meet the world on his own terms.

Our Fool now says, “I have the necessary ability and skills to go take my place amongst the grown-ups out there in the world!” This sympathetic awareness of the Fool expressing himself in this way – is not new. Two prominent tarot readers of this century, both Anna-Marie Ferguson and Carl Llewellyn Weschche, suggest we be sympathetic towards the Fool. Anna-Marie Ferguson is the author of The Llewellyn Tarot Companion, and Carl Llewellyn Weschche is the Publisher of Llewellyn Worldwide.

In his Forward to the Llewellyn Tarot Companion, Carl Llewellyn Weshche wrote,  “Most tarot decks show the Fool as rather lackadaisically (a big word for laid-back) setting off, smelling the roses and seemingly unconscious of the challenges before us.” Mr. Llewellyn Weshche adds, “He (the Fool), is filled with courage and purpose, and he is in search of adventure; this is by no means a foolish journey then.  It is one of heroism.”

Admittedly, it may very well be that there are foolish and naïve people. These type of laid-back persons stop to smell the roses and never quite leave home.  They never quite make something of themselves.

These are the well-intentioned people that never achieve true independence and happiness. They were not well prepared to meet the world as it is in its full reality.  Somehow, deep down inside, these types individuals know better than to go out and risk failure.

Whereas the more adventuresome, feel well prepared and quite abilitated to tackle life as it is. They are neither naïve, nor frivolous. They do make something of themselves.

When young people go out into the world, right out of the starting gate – folks treat them as if fools. Folks think they could easily outwit our Fool. To keep thinking like that, will be these folk’s downfall. The parents of their adventuresome youths have well prepared them for adulthood.

As children, we learn from our parents. We then go to church, and then to school to test-out if what we learned from our parents was true or not.  Then we go to high school, so to continue testing-out the veracity of what we think we know. It is there, as teenagers, we learn new concepts and ideas. Then, as adults, we go out into the workplace to test out what we have learned so far. It is there, in the workplace, that we learn to modernize our ways of doing things and our thinking.

As we grow older, and wiser, we often remember the lessons learned back when we were under our mother’s apron. Moreover, in turn, we teach those very same lessons to our own children – so to better prepare them for when they will go leave our apron strings to prove themselves to the world… The wheel of time keeps turning…

Indeed, The Tarot Fool Card Meaning Expectations, is optimistic that you are well prepared to take your place among the men and the women of the world.  Naïve or foolish, you are not. To the contrary, when the Fool represents you in a Tarot Reading, it describes you as capable and prepared to meet the world on your own terms.

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