Centering and Grounding

Centering and Grounding are crucial to a Tarot Reader’s lasting power.  It will make you into a happy Tarot Reader.  If you do not Center and Ground yourself, you will experience unwelcome symptoms.


Centering and grounding
Centering and Grounding


Go Among Trees and Sit Still

I go among trees and sit still.

All my stirring becomes quiet

Around me like circles on water.

My tasks lie in their places

Where I left them, asleep like cattle…

Then what I am afraid of comes.

I live for a while in its sight.

What I fear in it leaves it,

And the fear of it leaves me.

It sings, and I hear its song.

(By Wendell Berry from Sabbaths, 1987, North Point Press)



Centering and Grounding

Centering and Grounding can seem time-consuming to the average Tarot professional.  However, it is a crucial part of getting ready to do a Tarot Reading.  If you experience symptoms during or after a Reading, it is most likely because you need to Center and Ground yourself.

Hello, fellow professional Tarot Readers.  My name is Evergreen of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  This Tarot Article is part of a series of Tarot Profesional Development Articles I write from time to time.

I often read on Facebook posts by people who say they are experiencing symptoms.  Some of the responses to such posts are excellent.  They are good advice on Centering and Grounding.

Why do you need to Center and Ground

Why do you need to Center and Ground yourself?  Perhaps you are a natural Super-sensitive or an empath, you think that everything you sense or pick up from people is part and parcel of this gift of yours.  Yes, but not quite!  It is because you are using your energy when you do a Tarot Reading.  In other words, you are depleting yourself of your personal strength.

It may very well be that you pick up things as a Super-sensitive.  However, be aware of when it is not what you are picking up on from other people.  Experiencing symptoms is an entirely different matter.  Then it is because you are using your energy when you do a Tarot Reading.  In other words, you are depleting yourself of your personal strength.

It is a very little known secret among Tarot Readers that Tarot Reading is part of the Magickal Arts.  If you are not aware that doing a Tarot Reading is performing a form of Magick, then you would do well to get a basic understanding of Magickal Timing, and the appropriate rituals associate with performing magick.

Not only is doing Readings part of the Magickal arts, it is also part of the Healing Arts.  Many also link it to Chakra and Healing.  No matter what is your personal belief concerning the Tarot, you are not just using the cards to do a Reading with; you experience symptoms because you are spending your energy.

When to Center and Ground yourself

When to Center and Ground yourself is what you must know before you pick up your Tarot Deck each day.  Behind the scenes, we Tarot Readers live out our daily lives just like everybody else.  We have a home or an apartment; a husband and children; and part-time or full-time paying jobs outside of the home.  We have bills to pay; meals to prepare; a house to clean.  Just like everybody else, we are but human after all.  Just like everybody else, we can become overwhelmed and tired out.

If you are like me, there comes the point in time when you need to take care of yourself.  Centering and Grounding is an integral part of taking care of ourselves.  In doing so, we maintain our core strength and lasting power.

So, Center and Ground yourself each morning before you begin your Tarot Reading day.  You can also Center and Ground anytime you want; especially when you experience symptoms due to performing a Reading.  Doing so will help you clear those symptoms away, if not avoid them all together.

What are these symptoms

What are these symptoms due to a lack of grounding?  Here is a list of these:

Fatigue, nervousness, restlessness, short temper.  When we are exhausted, we can become ill.  Your immune system might be weak.  You may even become dizzy, and become aware of being on Tilt or unbalanced.  You may experience mental confusion, chakra unbalances, and subtle energy disturbances in the aura or other subtle bodies.  You may experience any or all of these symptoms.

Many Tarot Readers feel they just do not have the time to center and ground themselves.  We read in books and especially on Facebook, many excellent suggestions on Centering and Grounding.  Notice that most responders keep it short and sweet; they do not go into the long, time-consuming Centering and Grounding Rituals.  Moreover, that is because it can be done very efficiently without it becoming long and worn out.

How to Center and Ground yourself

How to Center and Ground yourself is part of the “basic knowledge” mentioned in a previous paragraph in this blog article.  If you practice Centering and Grounding on a daily basis, or whenever you need to Ground, it will become an automatic short and sweet – little Ritual of yours.

Always keep at the front of your mind that Centering and Grounding are all about balancing yourself; being in Equilibrium Physically, Spiritually, and in all the subtle bodies.  To do so is not complicated at all.  Personally, I like “Becoming a Tree”, and/or “using a Crystal”.  Becoming a Tree is a Centering and Grounding method that I learned way back when I was in Social Work School; we had many Professors who just happened to be Esoteric and who incorporated such a method into their teaching program (hence into our Professional Social Work Diplomat).

The Tree Method is quite simple.  Imagine yourself as being a Tree with roots at the bottom of your feet.  Sit on a chair, back straight; both feet flat on the ground; both palms on your lap – facing upwards.  Imagine roots growing from your feet – stretching and reaching down into the Earth beneath your feet just like lightning rods.  Now Imagine your energy (both positive and negative) emptying itself out into the Earth below you.  Then breath in and out slowly while bringing back your roots up into your feet.  You are now Centered and Grounded!  You can do this as fast or as slowly as you have time.

The Crystal Method of Centering and Grounding

The Crystal Method of Centering and Grounding is a time efficient way of stimulating the mind and is closely associated with spirituality.  Certain Crystals, in particular, are especially favored by many when using the Crystal Method.  Clear Fluorite and Clear Quartz are excellent for this.  Hematite is also good for this.

Place the Crystal in your power hand.  Gaze into it for a short period.  Moreover, chant:

“Crystal align my body, mind, and spirit to each other,

Clear and balance and make me secure to the core of my being and atoms,

Empty my surplus energy, time for me to inquire for another”.

Focus on helping me do a Divination, It is time for me to inquire for another person”.

(You may adapt this chant to suit your need).

Personally, I also like to use a bell when pressed for time.  It is even more quick and efficient than the above two Centering and Grounding methods. The sound of my bell reminds me that I just cleared away which is not good for me.  Ringing a bell brings an extra boost when clearing the atmosphere in my home.  It is also a sure way of calling my familiar to me for assistance.

Centering and Grounding give you a sense of balance; performed together, they restore your lasting power.  This helps you to be a happy Reader.  It is a spiritual way of removing symptoms often felt by Tarot Readers, and to clear the atmosphere around you of undesirables.

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Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  There are several methods with which to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.


Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards


Choosing between two Oracle cards

Choosing between two Oracle cards is crucial.  Sometimes, there are two cards that fall out when shuffling your deck.  When two cards fall out, you may simply opt to read the both of them.  But which one should you read first?

It’s quite simple really. Simply take out your Pendulum, and let it pick for you which card to read first. Then read the card it selects.  This way, you can’t go wrong!

Tarot and Oracle Cards Readers often use several tools to perform their Reading with.  They use candles, incense, crystals, and pendulums.


Pendulums for difficult Readings

Pendulums for difficult Readings are necessary.  Just the other day, I had an exacting Reading to perform for a long term, return client of mine.  Or should I say, “I had” a real difficult client to Read for!

Moths ago, she had first come to me for a Tarot Consultation.  She was going through a divorce; her heart was shattered into a thousand little pieces.  She wanted to know if her husband would ever come back to her one day.

She could hardly let me Read her Cards I had pulled for her.  She cried and poured out her heart to me for three hours straight.  Anything I would tell her about the cards, she would reject outright and argue.  After all, she said, she was doing everything he wanted her to do; she was becoming everything he wanted her to be.  She would go on and on enumerating a detail list of his expectations he had told her she failed to meet – even if she was doing it all.  My heart just went out to that woman!

Down through the months, she came back for multiple Readings.  And each time, it was the same with her.  She cried and argued, and walked me through the long list of things she changed in herself and what she did to please her ex-husband so he would come back to her.

And for each Reading, the cards told her the same thing.  Over and over again, the cards were explicit.  Yes, her ex-husband would come back to her, but only in four years time.  He still had some wild oats to sow.  “But why not before”, my divorced client begged to ask of the Cards.  And each time, the cards told her “she must change first”.  And each time I read that in her cards, that she must change first, my heart went out to her – and I braced myself against her reactions towards me concerning the Reading I gave her.  Never the less, she kept coming back over and over again for another Reading by me.

Using the pendulum

Using the pendulum can help to get a final outcome!  For the last and final Reading with that difficult client of mine, she had asked me to perform a Grand Tableau Lenormand for her.  She wanted to know what was going on between her ex-husband and the new love of his life.

Lenormand Cards are Oracle Cards.  They show what is going on in your client’s situation.  They reveal what is happening around her/him.  The Lenormand Cards are very accurate in a love relationship reading.

These cards in this type of spread went to confirm that her husband and herself were a thing of the past.  They did not quite have each other in the future.  This much said the cards did show what exactly she needed to do so to change want she was doing.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not.

She was making herself be his carpet to walk all over on.  She was manipulating him by pretending she was what she was not; and that he knew her well enough by now to know she had not really changed.  Instead, she needed to get her dignity back and to have integrity; to be her divine true self.  By now, you can very well imagine that my client did not take kindly to what the Lenormand Cards showed both her and me…

The Lenormand Cards revealed to me that she needed to “accept” her divorce.  She needed to put a stop at trying to make him come back to her.  She needed to be “authentic” and true to herself.  And to “accept” they were divorced, that he loved another woman than herself.  And that with time, he would ask to come back home for good; but only in four years time.  Not before!

Needless to say, this upset my client deeply.  No matter how sensitive and delicate I had been when speaking my interpretation of her cards, she refused to accept that her ex-husband would come back to her only in four years.   I will spare you the details of what happened next.  Suffice it to say, I picked up my Lenormand deck; put it away.  Her Reading was done, her time was up anyways.  I had to ask her to leave so I could be safe in my own house!  Eventually, she did leave!

After she left my house, it took me a few days to muster the courage to ask the cards if my interpretation of the Grand Tableau I did for that client had been accurate or not.  What I did is, I took out another Oracle Deck.  This time, the Magical Times Empowerment Cards, by Jody Bergsma.  Because I needed to be empowered again vis-a-vis my own Reading abilities; after all, my client had shattered them too!

While shuffling this deck, I asked the Oracle Deck:  “What exactly does my client need to do to get her ex-husband back?  This is when two cards fell out.  The Dignity Card and the Integrity Card.  What a coincidence thought I!

I also felt I should pick one of the two cards; so to be more precise and accurate.  So I took out my Pendulum.  Placed those two cards on the table, and asked my pendulum “what does my client need to do so to get her husband back?”  My pendulum swung hard to the right, towards the “Dignity” Card.

Accepting the pendulum’s answer

Accepting the pendulum’s answer is what I needed to do for myself.  As a Tarot Reader, I can pull cards for my clients.  I can read and interpret the cards for my clients.  I can offer them guidance and enlightenment through the Tarot and Oracle cards.  I can even ask my pendulum.  But I can not do the necessary inner work in their place.  This the client must do for her own sake so to keep and maintain her own Dignity.



Choosing between two Oracle cards
Choosing between two Oracle cards

Dignity:  Take pride in yourself, and all you have become.Feel honored by your choices, achievements, and actions!

So that you may make the right choices for yourself!


What a Pendulum can do

What a Pendulum can do is to confirm the accuracy of the Reading. Choosing between two Oracle cards is fairly easy to do.  Several methods to develop accuracy can be employed when there is a need to select one card or the other.  One such method is the “Pendulum Method”.

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Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense is an essential part of doing Tarot Readings at a professional level.  Tarot Readers should defend themselves, their families, and their clients from psychic attacks.  By doing so, you, yours, and your clients will better enjoy good Readings.


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Two of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck


Psychic Attack – Defense

Psychic Attack – Defense skills and methods help to protect the Tarot Reader and the Querent from nasty people and spirits.  Just as much as there are good and bad things that happen to people in the physical word, there are good and bad things that happen to people in the astral/spiritual realm.

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  For the purpose of this article, I used cards from the Ghost Tarot Deck because it is appropriate to the topic of Psychic Attack – Defense.  I use the images on these cards, in an intuitive style of Card Interpretation, rather than with knowledge of the cards per say.

It is naive to think that only positive things happen in our lives; bad things happen too.  Now that is a fact of life reflected by the images on Tarot Cards.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Nine of Swords
Ghost Tarot Deck

Just as much as we can draw good things into our life, we can also avoid and/or repel certain very specific bad things – such a psychic attacks.  They say that things come in threes.  When they say that, they are talking about “the good, the bad, and the ugly’.

The good, the bad, and the ugly always follow each other. That is unavoidable; it seems to be the law of the Universe found here on Earth.  That fact is indisputable.  That is why it is a good idea to be prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.  For both the good and the chaos in our lives.

We would never expect that simply sitting down with a Querent, there could be a psychic attack.  Usually, there is not; but psychic attacks do happen at times.  So be prepared anyways – just in case, by covering both yourself and your Querent with a good psychic defense measure.

Good psychic defense measure

Good psychic defense measure covers you, your car, your home, and all those who dwell there.  This covers your Querent also, because the Querent dwells in her/his Tarot Reading as you interpret the cards.  In other words, a good psychic defense measure pertains to the word ‘dwell’ as it applies to Tarot Readings.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Tower Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Consider the word ‘dwell’.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘to dwell’ has two meanings that apply to this topic of Psychic Defense.  The one that first comes to mind, is ‘to dwell’ – in the sense that applies “to live in your home as a resident of it.  This would include yourself, your family, your dog and cat.  And everything that is on your property too; such as your car, your ladder, your trees and plants, etc.

The second meaning of ‘to dwell’, as it applies to practicing good psychic defense measures doing professional Tarot Readings, concerns your Querent.  Your Querent ‘dwells’ in your home when he/she comes over for a Tarot Reading.  He/she “remains for a time”, in the sense that he/she sets foot on your property, enters your home for a time during which they get a Tarot Reading, and then leaves when the Reading is done.  And some of your Tarot Clients will be return clients.  So they need to be covered by your Psychic Defense Measure too!

Maintain good spiritual health

Maintain good spiritual health by ‘Cleansing” good and proper like.  Cleansing in the metaphysical community, means “to make yourself, your family, your dog and cat, your home and all your belongings, your property and everything on it – clean”.  Clean of all impurities.  Of impurities such as ‘negativity’.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Fool Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

The list of ways to cleans impurities such as negativity, can become exhausting.  You can Google metaphysical negativity, and how to cleanse it.  Here, in this blog article on Psychic Attack – Defense, I will give you the very basic means by which you can achieve good cleansing.

First, wash your own body with a good quality shampoo for your hair and a good bar of soap for your skin.  Once that is done, be sure to shave the hair underneath your armpits and on your legs; and don’t forget to pluck any unwanted whiskers too.  Shave and pluck, because microbes love to stick to hair.  Microbes bring sickness.  And sickness is negativity just as much as negative feelings are.

Secondly, after you shower and shave and pluck, duck in ‘salt water’.  Fill you bath with warm, clear tap water.  While the bath is filling with warm tap water, put in two handfuls of Epson Salt (cloves, or lavender is OK too, but salt does a deeper cleansing). Then get into the bath water, and duck yourself entirely into the salt water.  Be sure to wet all of your hair on your head.  Sprinkle your face.  The Salt water will clear your pores of any impurity.  (Do not cleans in salt water when pregnant).

After you have ducked, command all impurities and negativity to leave your body and to go into the salt water.  Get up, and remove the bath plug; and command the impurities and negativity to be drained along with the Salt water down the drain pipe.  And to not ever come back.  And tell impurities and negativity to make it so…

Get out of the bathtub, and ground yourself.  Think of yourself as a lightning rod.  A lightning rod needs to be grounded so that the lightning does not hit your home.  You need to be grounded too, so all the energy around you does not hit everything around you; and leaves drained…

You can also smudge your home and property, and even your car; and don’t forget to leave a little bit of salt around the place…  You can place black obsidian crystal inside your home, at every doorway and window.  And on your Tarot Altar.

Black obsidian crystals absorb negativity, and lets filter in the positive energy; while at the same time, place a smoky quartz crystal on your Tarot Altar, so to let in clarity during your Reading.  Even with having cleansed and with black obsidian crystals, you will be able to read the good and the bad in your Querent’s environment and life.

Good Psychic Shielding

Good Psychic Shielding is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a shield you put up in the astral/spiritual so to defend yourself and your Sitter from psychic attacks.  There are different ways to shield yourself, all according to your own individual and personal faith and belief system.  Ask yourself if those you use work for you.  If they do not, it may be time for you to try other ways.

Some Tarot Readers ask their deities, angels, and guides to protect them and their Client from anything bad that might happen during the Reading.  If doing that works for you, keep doing that.  If it does not, you might want to ask new ones to shield you; that, or start putting up your own shield.

Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
The Magician Card
Ghost Tarot Deck

Witches and occultist much prefer to put up their own protective shields.  Witches put up the Pentagram, representing them and their Sisters Under the Star.  If you are a Witch or a Pagan, do not listen to those voices telling you that does not work.

For those that know how to do that properly, efficiently, and adequately, it is a very powerful defense shield.  Never forget when you put it up, to invoke both the power of your Sisters Under the Star, and the energy of the Star itself.  A Star is one mighty powerful source of energy! And so is the power of a million bothers and sisters all bunch up into one!

You can also use the crystals in the lay lines.  Lay Lines conceal crystals containing energy you can call upon to form you protective shield with.  First, call down to you the white energy from the Cosmic Egg up above, then call up to you the dark energy from the crystals from the Lay Lines.  With those two energies together (the white and the black), form a column of red light energy.  And do not forget to place the Pentagram on it.  You know what they say!  They say “as above, as below; as in front, as behind; and all around; and to infinity”!


Psychic Attack - Defense
Psychic Attack – Defense
Seven of Wands
Ghost Tarot Deck


Conjure what you can send back

Conjure what you can send back, means exactly that!  CONJURE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN SEND BACK!  Many Tarot Readers are Mediums who do Tarot Mediumship Readings.  Some will do Tarot Mediumship Readings only to get a message from a deceased loved one.  While other Tarot Mediums will do Tarot Mediumship as well as other forms of Mediumship work involving unknown, unfamiliar spirits to them or their client.

When working any type of Mediumship or magick with unfamiliar spirits, first familiarize yourself with the names of as many demons and angels as possible.  What they are for, how to be respectful of them, and most especially how to make them go away.  Always keep at the front of your mind, that what you can not control – will control you.

Some clients can dubiously and cunningly ask you to communicate with a dark spirit or demon without informing you of what or who the spirit is in actuality.  Some might even ask you to talk with their guides or protectors.  Know that not all guides and protectors are of the Light.  No matter if from the Dark or from the Light, both need total respect from both you and from your Querent.  They should not be toyed with.

Whether you agree to do Mediumship or Tarot Mediumship or not, is up to you.  However be aware that if you should accept to perform such work in your practice, you should be prepared to send back what you have brought forth to communicate with.  My intent here is not to scare you, but rather to advise you properly on this aspect of Mediumship work with spirits, and when doing magick.  Do not be a stupid fool, be a smart fool!  A good dose of common sense and street smarts goes a long way in Psychic Attack – Defense!

Psychic Vampire Attacks

Psychic Vampire Attacks are regular happenings, this no matter what you may be doing as a Tarot Reader.  It does not matter what type of Readings you do, Psychic Vampires abound out there in the psychic/astral/spiritual world out there.  And they always nest in groups.  For the purpose of this article, I will limit myself to telling you about one easy, very basic form of shielding from them – when you think yourself under a psychic attack from Vampires.

Form a cup with both hands together.  In that cup, visualize a white light formed of pure Cosmic Energy.  Blow on the Cosmic White Light, and tell it to surround you as if an egg.  As above, as below; as in front, as in back; and all around; and for eternity.

Then visualize a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. A disco ball has mirrors all around it.  It reflects the bright light coming from the egg shell you surrounded yourself with.  And then, visualize the bright light reflecting off each one of the mirrors on the disco ball – going and bouncing off the ceiling, the floor, and even off your own egg shell.  Thus, blinding a psychic intruder coming at you.  Now make that light turn flaming red as if fire…; electric red, blue, white, black, purple color of electricity going wild and crazy all around you while you are safe inside your eggshell!

In summary, be sure to do your Tarot Reading with a good Psychic Attack – Defense.  Cleans, and protect yourself and your client – in an intelligent fashion.  Work with clients and spirits that do not remove the control of your Tarot Session away from you – the professional.

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Tarot Professional Development Mental Telepathy Exercise

Tarot Professional Development Mental Telepathy Exercise
Tarot Professional Development Mental Telepathy Exercise

Tarot Professional Development Mental Telepathy Exercise


Tarot Readers have gifts.  Some call their gifts Intuition, some others call them Psychic abilities.  Are you a Telepath?  A Telepath is a person with the ability to communicate using telepathy.

Telepathy, is wireless communication between two persons.  It is believed that the brain and it’s masses of nerve coherers are similar in construction.  These have the special  function of  receiving impulses sent by a sender.   Vibrations of thoughts and feelings are of an order of minute magnitude; “yet, they are bewildering” to the scientific world.

Personally, I think many of us Tarot Readers are Telepaths.  If you would like to test yourself and see if you have telepathic power, this simple exercise will help you to find out(1).  Its done in the privacy and quiet of your own home, no one needs to know.  All you need to do this with, is a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a postage stamp.

Perform this exercise as per the instructions in proper sequence:

First, sit down at your desk with a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a postage stamp in front of you.

Think about a friend you have not seen, nor communicated with in a long time, but that you would like to correspond in writing with.

Think about what you would like to write to that friend about.

Think about a particular, and very specific question you want your friend to supply the answer on.

And now, think about how you would like that friend to write back to you, with her/his answer.

Now, write down on the piece of paper what you would want to say to your friend, including the question you want to ask him (but don’t actually ask him to reply, nor to answer the question).

Once you have written-down your letter to your friend, sign it. Now think about: ‘you want him to write back a reply to your letter, with the answer to your question’.

Fold your letter, and place it into the envelope.

Seal the envelope and glue the postage stamp on the envelope.

Do not actually mail-off your letter to your friend. Take the envelope and it’s content, and put it away (again, do not mail it off, just put it aside for future reference).

The place, and the distance between your friend and yourself do not matter.  Do not let your friend know about this telepathic test.  Wait for the reply from your friend; if you are telepathic, the reply will come.  It should arrive within a few weeks or so.

(1)  This test on telepathic skills taken and adapted from:  Swami Panchadasi, Clairvoyance and Occult Powers.

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Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified
Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings is the sixth article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  It is my hope to help my peers understand what they call gifts, and what their gifts are exactly.  Tarot Readers want to know about how to read the Tarot with knowledge, while at the same time using their other abilities.

Hello there, Tarot Readers.  Lately, I have read on Facebook people’s posts and comments on being a Psychic.  There seems to be a tad of confusion about what exactly is a Psychic.  Therefore, I thought I would clear the air on that subject.

The average person refers to the ‘Psychic Phenomena’ as being Psychic.  They are right that being a Psychic is within the realm of Psychic Phenomena.  The field of Psychic Phenomena is a very vast field in which one can easily get lost.  There are different kinds of Psychics, which explains the confusion in the minds of people.

Because of the confusion about what is a Psychic, many Psychics will go on to explain that they are ‘Clairvoyant’.  The term ‘clairvoyance’ is actually an ‘umbrella term’ that covers all the different forms of telepathy in the field of Psychic Phenomena.  The word ‘clairvoyance’ is a very loose way of describing the ‘different phases of psychic phenomena’.

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings gives the definition of the term ‘clairvoyance’.  In the glossary of the Society for Physical Research, the term ‘clairvoyance’ is defined as follows: “the faculty or act of perceiving, as though visually, with some coincidental truth, some distant scene; it is used sometimes, but hardly properly, for transcendental vision, or the perception of beings regarded as being on another plane of existence”.  “Clairvoyance is not mind reading, but rather a faculty’, to paraphrase Mrs. Henry Sidgwick who is a distinguished writer on psychic phenomena.

The Phenomena of Clairvoyance is divided into several well distinctive classes, or classifications.  The principle forms of clairvoyant phenomena are:

(1) Simple Clairvoyance: The mere ‘sensing’ of other people’s Auric emanations.  I.e. Auric vibrations, auric colors, etc.; currents of thoughts vibrations, etc.  However, the simple Clairvoyant does not see events or scenes removed in space or time from the observer.

(2) Clairvoyance in Space: Is the sensing of scenes and events removed in space from the observer; and often is able to sense such things even when they are concealed or obscured by intervening material objects.

(3) Clairvoyance in Time: Is the sensing of scenes and events which have had their original place in the past time; or scenes and events which will have their original place in the future.

Methods by which Clairvoyance is usually induced:

(1) Psychometry:  Is the method of getting “en rapport” with the Astral Plane  One achieves this,  with some physical object connected to the person, scene, or thing about which you want to be informed.

(2) Crystal Gazing, etc.:  Is the method of getting “en rapport” with the Astral Plane, by means of gazing into a crystal, or magic mirror, etc.

(3) Clairvoyant Reverie: Is the method of getting “en rapport” with the Astral Plane, by means of Psychic States in which the sights, sounds, and thoughts of the material and Astral Plane are shutout of consciousness.

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified
Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings says that some people are not comfortable with going to a Tarot Reader.  They are afraid that the Cards will show secrets from their past; or secrets they now hide; or an unfortunate future containing bad Karma.  However, many others want to know what is going on around them on all planes.  They seek a Tarot Reader such as myself who them what is going on in ‘the other world’.

Enquiring minds want to know what is going on in the higher planes.  However, when doing so, they must first ‘understand’ what they see in the higher world.  Another name for ‘The higher world’ is ‘the unseen world.  Man cannot see into ‘the unseen world’ without clairvoyance (a higher vision).  A person with an average intellect can develop his ‘higher vision’ (clairvoyance).  However, this does not go to say that he necessarily understands what is going on there.  To understand what he sees, he has to bring his ‘cognition’ into activity.

Tarot Psychic Phenomena Demystified – Evergreen Readings mentions ‘Cognition’.  Cognition is the ‘mental process’ by which your brain can understand what the senses send to it.  In other words, once you look into the higher world, your senses send info up to the brain.  The brain has to be able to pay attention to the data received from the senses.  By paying attention, the brain sifts-through the info received, and does an analysis of it all.  Then the brain looks at that analysis from different perspectives and from different contexts. Once the brain is done with the processing of the info it got from the ‘third eye’, it must then reach a conclusion.  Once the brain reaches a conclusion, it will decide what to do about it.

Not everyone is a clairvoyant.  However, everyone with an average intellect has cognition.  It is our own personal experience in this world, our memory, our ability to pay attention, our comprehension, and our sense of good judgement permits us to understand what we see in the higher world.  In a nutshell, we must be able to describe, then to understand it, to judge it, and to become convinced of what we saw and learned in there.

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N.B.:  Taken and adapted from the book “Clairvoyance and Occult Powers”, by Swami Pancadasi


Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified
Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified is the fifth blog post article in my Tarot Professional Development series.  Tarot Readers not only have the knowledge of the Tarot, they also have what they call gifts.  They want to know about how to read the Tarot with knowledge, while at the same time using their other abilities.

Instructing a Tarot Reader on how to go about reading the Tarot with knowledge of the Cards is one thing.  Advising them on how to use their other abilities during a Tarot Reading Session, is an entirely different matter.  For a Tarot Reader to comprehend the importance of reading the Tarot competently, she needs to understand herself first – not just the Cards.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified is first about helping the Tarot Reader to understand herself too.  This type of Tarot Reader needs to make the difference between Reading the Tarot with knowledge of the Cards and her other abilities.  On top of the ability to read the cards good and proper, the Tarot Reader has ‘intuition’.  Some Readers might beg to differ, but everyone has Intuition.

Intuitive Tarot Readers often do not fully understand themselves.  They may or may not be fully aware that they are Telepaths.  Let us look at what is an Intuitive and at what is a Telepath, so to fully understand ourselves as Tarot Readers.  We need to know that there is a subtle difference between the two, so to know if we are an ‘Intuitive’ or if we are a ‘Telepath’.

A Tarot Reader can be both an Intuitive and a Telepath.  By the way, some of us Knowledgeable Intuitive Tarot Readers do have many more abilities than Intuition and Telepathy.  However, for the purpose of this article, let us keep it simple by first limiting ourselves to Intuition and Telepathy.

Intuition is referred to as ‘Knowing at a distance‘.  The Intuitive does not ‘just know’, the Intuitive as a ‘deep sense of knowing – at a distance’.  Often, the Intuitive is at a loss to say how she knows something about a person who is at a distance from her, i.e. over the Internet, or over the phone.  What follows explains how an Intuitive knows at a distance.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified
Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified puts words to being a Knower at a distance.  Knowing at a distance is ‘the sense of becoming aware’.  The sense of becoming aware is ‘telepathy’.  Telepathy is ‘the becoming aware of other people’s thoughts and emotions – at a distance.  Many refer to ‘knowing at a distance’ as the ‘telepathic faculty’.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified says that an Intuitive has Telepathic Awareness.  Another way of saying Telepathic Awareness is to say the ‘Telepathic Sense’.  The Telepathic Sense is part of the seven basic physical senses.  Telepathic Awareness has an astral counterpart called ‘clairvoyance’…

Humans are not the only ones who are aware of other people’s thoughts and emotions.  Animals also have this ‘instinct’ called the telepathic faculty.  Animals can sense emotions or thoughts in humans.  The family dog can sense the mental state of its human; what its human is thinking and feeling.

Primitive man could sense the feelings and designs of other men.  He could not ‘reason-out’, but could ‘feel’ the ideas and designs of others.  This faculty ensured his survival in the animal kingdom as well as in the human community.  His woman needed to be more sensitive than he was, to make sure the survival of their newly born infant.  For this reason, she could quickly ‘interpret’ the reports sent to her brain by her physical senses.  While man wanted to take his time to reason things out.  Down through the ages, civilized man lost ‘quick telepathy’ in favor of “receiving and interpreting more complex forms of thoughts and mental states”.  This is the acquired faculty of ‘thought transference’.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified
Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

At the unconscious level, everyone receives non-spontaneous waves of thoughts from other people. In the average person, telepathy is not spontaneous anymore.  It is difficult for us to interpret correctly thoughts and feelings received from other people.  In the astral telepathic sense, we need to ‘switch-on’ the astral telepathic sense of receiving thoughts and emotions of others; it will not work when it is ‘switched-off’.

How a person could receive or send telepathic thoughts and emotions was a mystery to primitive man.  It just came naturally to him, just like breathing.  It took science a long time to figure it all out.  However, today, an average high-school student has the basic knowledge to understand this.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified says let us not go off the deep end explaining what Telepathic Awareness is!  Let us keep it simple.  We do not have to be an Einstein so to understand or use Telepathic Awareness.

All we need to do when the telephone rings, is to pick up the receiver and say hello!  And voilà!  We do not even think about it much; we do not even need to believe that we can actually hear the thoughts and emotions of the person at the other end.  Yet, we just hear them anyways!  This goes to the telepathic sensing of ideas and emotions; either we are aware of it, or we are not.

For the brainiest who absolutely needs to understand how a person can receive and send telepathic thoughts and emotions, suffice it to say:  it is all ‘because of brain power’.  “Every manifestation of mental and emotional activity is the result of an action by the brain or nervous system, manifesting in the form of a vibration”.

When there is brain activity, “there is the consuming or transformation of a substance which the nervous system is composed of.  There is no destruction of this substance, but rather, a ‘transformation’ of it.  When this happens, there is a transformation of the energy released by thought and emotional process.  In the same way as electric current is released into space in the form of wireless waves, our brain releases thoughts and emotions in the form of wireless waves.  These waves come into contact with certain forms of apparatus, and are transformed into forms of force, and subsequently get registered and interpreted by a wireless operator”, Swami Panchadasi.

According to Swami Panchadasi, in his book ‘Clairvoyance and the Occult Powers’, ideas and emotions get sent out into the world – in the form of telepathic waves that go out in every direction.  Along the physical realm, when a ‘sensitive’ person (an Intuitive) picks these waves up, they are then reproduced and re-transformed into thoughts and mental states of the same types that originally sent them forth.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified
Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified describes the Clairvoyant-telepath.  Clairvoyant-telepathy (or astral-telepathy), is a transmission of force along the astral plane.  Unlike the waves of thoughts and emotions traveling in the universe until they come into contact with a Physically Sensitive, Clairvoyant-telepathy is “your astral-self extending itself out until it actually touches the astral-self of another person, and actually feels the astral activity there”.  Whereas ordinarily, a physical telepath (the Intuitive) – simply knows at a distance.

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified
Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified

Telepathic Tarot Readers Demystified says: read the Tarot Cards with knowledge.  It is not because an Intuitive (a Physical- telepath) and the Clairvoyant-telepath has a gift that it would go to say that she does not need to learn the Tarot.  To the contrary, both need to acquire knowledge of the Tarot so to be able to call themselves a Tarot Reader.  It is by first reading the cards themselves – with knowledge of the cards, can a Tarot Reader honestly state that she is “Reading the Cards”.

Before accepting any money from a client, the Telepathic must first tell her client that she will not only read the Tarot for the client, but will also add her Telepathic abilities to the reading.  If she does pick up other things telepathically, during the Tarot Reading, she would be well advised to tell her client this.  This way,  there is no confusion.  If she does pick up things telepathically, the Reader needs to first confirm it all with the Cards.  It is by confirming it with the Cards, she is making sure to keep her own ego out-of-the-way.

In addition, a telepathic Tarot Reader would do well by placing a Clarifier Card on top of the card she is looking at when she gets Telepathic thoughts and emotions.  She may want to enlarge her spread for clarification purposes.  She can also start an entirely separate and distinctive spread – just to clarify what she is picking up telepathically.  After all is said and done, the mandate given by the client is to read the Tarot Cards.

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Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader
Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is the fourth blog post in my first Tarot Development series.  This particular blog post is to educate both the Tarot Reader and the public about what exactly is an Intuitive Tarot Reader.  The ignorance on that subject has to stop!

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  I am a ‘knowledgeable Intuitive’, professional Tarot Reader with 50 year of experience.  For the past year now, I have read more than my fair share of posts and comments on Facebook about Intuitive Tarot Readers.  Some of those posts and comments were positive.  However, some just made my blood boil!

The comment that makes my blood boil the most is a recurring one.  It stipulates that the Intuitive Tarot Reader is not to be trusted because, according to them, “reading intuitively is to let the ego take over the Reading”.  They say that if the ego takes over the Reading that the Reading is then false and inaccurate”.

Best-case scenario is that Tarot Readers making such comments have their own ego in the way.  Worst-case scenario, they have no clue what they are talking about in the first place!  They disrespect the Intuitive Reader’s ability, knowledge, and professionalism.  They crush the essence of who we are as human beings.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about gaining the understanding of what an Intuitive Tarot Reader is.  The Intuitive Tarot Reader is someone who reads the Cards with both the knowledge of the cards, and with Intuition. No one likes being dumb, everyone likes being smart.  The Intuitive Reader likes being smart just as much as the next guy!

Another way of saying ‘Intuitive’ is to say “sensitive’.  Being an Intuitive goes together with being a Sensitive.  You cannot be one without being the other.  To be precise, intuitive and sensitive mean the same thing.  Another way of saying you are a Sensitive Intuitive Reader, would be to say you are a Tarot Reader who reads with both the knowledge of the Tarot and with your ‘Essence’.  Let us understand what “Essence” is.

In philosophy:

In philosophy, Aristotle described ‘the essence’ as the attribute that makes an entity what it fundamentally is.  The essence of a person represents the whole of who he is.

In metaphysics:

In metaphysics, ‘the essence’, is often synonymous with the soul.  It is the composition of our spirit, our heart, our mind all bunched up together all in one basket.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader
Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader

In Jungian Archetypes:

“The essence’ is the self.  The self is one of the Jungian archetypes, signifying the “unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person”.  The self represents the ‘psyche’ as a whole.  The ‘self’, is not the Ego, not at all.  Actually, the self, is both the whole and the centered dot.  For Jung, the circle (especially when divided in four quadrants), the square, or the maṇḍala symbolizes the Self.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing that our Essence is the sensitive, intuitive part of who we are.  The Essence of who we are needs to live!  It is our soul; it is indivisible.

No human Tarot Reader can throw-out into the garbage can parts of who he/she is while performing a Tarot Reading.  When a Tarot Reader claims to read the Cards solely from the knowledge stored in their brain about the Tarot, they are speaking from the ‘Existentialism’ perspective.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing that a Tarot Reader is not a robot.  A functional (healthy-minded) Tarot Reader does a Reading with one foot in the ‘knowledge’ of the cards, while keeping one foot out of the knowledge of the cards.  The foot outside of the knowledge of the cards, is that part which is that human aspects of themselves.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about being in touch with our functional human side.  The functional human aspect of the Tarot Reader (her/his sense of self-identity) tells the Reader to be careful of how they would phrase the reading to their client.  For example, when they pull the Devil Card during a reading, they take the time to relate it’s Tarot meaning to their client.  This is called ‘inoculating’ the client.  It is not only about putting the client’s fear of the Devil’s Card to rest.  It is also to relate its true meaning in a caring, delicate way.  The Tarot Reader is caring.  The “Essence” of who the Tarot Reader as a caring individual needs to be authentic to himself – not suppressed.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is about knowing one’s Wonder child.  The essence of who an Intuitive Sensitive Reader is, in Jungian terms, is the “‘Wonder child’.  The Wonder child is that part of our being who is “trusting, open, curious, accepting, non-judgmental, appreciative, and spontaneous.  “Your wonder child is a sensory feeling being.  It is sensitive to others, to the environment, to animals, to music, to colors, and to other vibratory influences”, Donna Martin, M.A.

The Wonder child is that part of ourselves that is a ‘sensitive.  Our sensitive, is the one who senses both the visible and the invisible worlds.  Who ‘feels’ the presence of others from both worlds; who feels the presence of god and the angels, etc…  Sensitives (Intuitives) make great mediums, and great mediumship Tarot Readers.  They also make great life-coaches; their own Wonder child welcomes into the world their client’s Wonder child during such readings.

Our Wonder child is instinctive, intuitive.  The Wonder child not only has faith in his own existence, but also has faith that he will not stop existing even after death.  He has faith in the afterlife, in what will happen to him in the afterlife – because he ‘senses’ the interdimensional realities.  The Wonder child is aware of everything!

The Wonder child is ‘the knowing’.  The Knowing, is that part of you that has a deep sense of ‘knowing’.  It the Knowing, it is also called our intuition.  The Wonder child is the “channel” of love.  It is our Inner Child, our authentic self.  When doing a Reading, the Reader remains authentic to himself.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader warns about killing our Wonder child for the sake of doing Readings for others.  Suppressing our intuition, our sensitiveness to sensing others around us in the visible and the invisible world, leads us to our death.  We die without using that part of ourselves that uses all of our senses; our senses are essential to us in the visible and non-visible ones.  Our intuitive energy goes to helping others and ourselves through positive energy.  In this way, the Intuitive contributes to the world and to the universe.

Intuitive Sensitive Tarot Reader is also about not being an idiot.  On top of reading the Tarot intuitively, the Intuitive Reader also reads the Tarot with ‘knowledge’ of the Cards.  Just as much as any other Tarot Reader, the Intuitive Reader takes the time to read, study, research, and learn the Tarot.  We are not idiots!

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For further reference:

Wonderchild, Donna Martin, M.A. Certified Hakomi (Mindfulness) therapist and trainer.

The Wonder child, John Bradshaw, B.A., M.A. in Psychology, philosophy, and theology.

Outline of Occult Science, Rudolph Steiner, Philosopher.

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is a hot button.  Which is why I decided to write this article on this topic as the third article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  There is disrespect prevalent amongst Tarot Readers because of two main reasons. Both are negative.  The first is the result of the competitiveness among Tarot Readers.  The second is due to personal beliefs and culture.  Both of these reasons have a harmful effect on other professional Readers, and brings tears on the pillow at night.

Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  My name is Nicole Dauch.  I have performed paid Tarot Readings at my kitchen table now for fifty years, off and on.  This past year, I started Readings on Facebook where I have met other Tarot Readers.  Reading their posts and threads is a real revelation!

In particular, lately I read racist and bigoted posts and comments by people who read the Tarot.  This is highly disrespectful of them.  Granted it is not everyone.  However, it is prevalent.  Therefore, I thought I would throw in my five cents worth via this blog post.  I know my blog post on “Prevalent Disrespect among Tarot Readers” will not change the world overnight, but at least I can start by calling it as I see it.  After all, disrespect is disrespect.

Prevalent disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is generally seen online for the money’s sake; that is inevitable.  Professional Tarot Readers expect to be paid for their services, which is understandable.  However, some take the spirit of competitiveness to the extent of being downright disrespectful of their peers.

More specifically, what made my skin crawl are those who lecture others on competition and respect – both at the same time.  These Tarot Readers do so while at the same time denigrating other people’s race, culture, and belief systems.  Doing so only turn their good intentions into racist and bigoted posts and comments.

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Do not get me wrong, I believe that everyone has good intentions.  They just express their thoughts the wrong way.  If you are going to comment or blog about tarot readers from the perspective of race, culture, religion, or spirituality, please go right ahead.  However, do not do so in such a way as to compare your own race, culture, religion, and spirituality to that of other Tarot Readers.  Just as much as the clients, your peers can read it.

It is one thing to market oneself from one’s cultural background in order to draw a specific type of clientele; the more power to you!  However, it is an entirely different matter to market oneself by posting and commenting on the back of other Readers’ backgrounds.  It is also disrespect for attacking your peers for them saying they are of a specific background, now that is indeed disrespectful!

Marketing and promoting oneself at all cost to others will tend to alienate yourself from the mainstream Tarot Clients who might have gone to you for your help.  You know what they say, “you can fool some people sometimes.  But you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

As a comparison, I had the most wonderful telephone conversation with Alejandra Campos.  Alejandra is much younger than I am.  She is a practitioner of a different tradition than mine.

Alejandra Campos is a proud practitioner of Santeria.  Santeria is her style of Tarot Reading.  Practitioners of Santeria tend to combine terminology and concepts from Catholicism and West African religions.

Alejandra is highly respectful of other people’s traditions.  So much so, she invites Tarot Readers from other traditions to come along and read with her.  She wants Wiccans and Pagans as well as others to find a Tarot Reader from their own traditions too.  Because of her maturity respect wise, I agreed to do email readings if and when she should call upon me to do so.

Coming back to the topic of this post – ‘Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers is prevalent’.  There is something I want to say, but is a hot button amongst people in general.  Tarot Readers may want to be mindful of the following so to be respectful of others who are different from them.

Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers
Prevalent Disrespect amongst Tarot Readers

Here in North America (Canada and the U.S.A.), many of us have old traditions dating back just as others do.  Many of us have families that go back just as much as the next person has.  This is not that clear, because our countries are still relatively young in comparison to some others who still profess being ancient.  After all, we did not just restructure our borders; we crossed over the ocean to land on an entirely different continent as homeless-daughters with broken wings, so to speak.

We did not lose our race, nor our culture, nor our religion, nor our spirituality, nor our traditions; we modernized them so to be accommodating.  We took in the poor and the unwanted from elsewhere.  It is our way.  Tarot wise, we are still here alive and kicking!

Prevalent Disrespect Amongst Tarot Readers makes the point of saying, that no matter the Tarot Practitioner, no matter the aspect under which their practice presents itself, it is worthy of respect.  No matter if a Tarot Practitioner incorporates other traditions into theirs, it is worthy of our respect.

Respect does not mean to take it upon ourselves to actually practice reading Tarot in a way with which or to the extent of not being comfortable.  Respect simply means, we can agree to disagree to incorporate a certain way of doing the Reading into our practice.  We all have free will.  Let us not be competitive for business to the point of disrespecting the next person’s Tarot ways and beliefs via downright racism and bigotry.

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Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen

Want friend, get dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading Evergreen is my second article in my Tarot Professional Development Series.  More specifically, about Intuitive Tarot Reading.  Intuitive Tarot Reading is a gift, not a skill.

Want friend, get dog – tarot reading evergreen says the harsh speaking person. A sensitive person finds such a response to a friend’s request rather difficult to take in. The greater majority of Tarot Readers, Psychics, and Mediums are sensitive people.

To do a Reading, sensitive people are open to the energies of other people. Other people’s energies affect the Reader in many ways. It does not matter if the reading takes place via email, in person, over the phone, or on Skype. The Sensitive Reader picks up the vibes of the person they are reading for, even at a distance. This is when the Reader needs to make the difference between her own feelings from that of the person asking for a Reading.

Want friend, get a dog - Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Want friend, get a dog – Tarot Reading By Evergreen

If you are like me, you are a ‘Sensitive’. Sensitives tend to isolate themselves, not only from other people, from the world as well. They tend to put on extra layers of fat. The extra layers of fat serve as a shield protecting them from outside energy vibrations coming at them from the world outside of themselves. Overwhelmed by those outside vibrations, Sensitives most often choose to be alone allot, and end-up feeling lonely.

Another reason why Sensitive Tarot Readers end-up alone allot, is other people’s reactions to them. For example purposes only, I will relate to you a situation in which I suddenly found myself isolated from the outside world because I am a Sensitive. I will make this long story – short.

My husband’s brother is a police officer. One day I heard on a local radio station, that there had been a shooting at a local mall. According to the news report, a gunman shot a women and a man who were working together behind the service counter. The gunman  left the mall and drove away.

The next day, my brother-in-law (the cop) came over to show my husband that he was OK. My husband’s brother made the mistake to sit beside me on the sofa to relate to us is part in the police hot pursuit of that gunman.  He was still a tad nervous about it all, but he really wanted to put to rest my concern about his own safety.  After all, he is family.

Brother-in-law (the cop) did too much of a good job putting my fears at rest. While he spoke, I felt comfortable telling him about the images, sounds that were going through my head. I described the bloody scene behind the service counter; about the gunman, etc. A Tarot Card image popped-up into my mind’s eye; the Ace of Swords Tarot Card.

Upon hearing me describe the murder scene, my brave Brother-in-law freaked-out! He jumped off the sofa we were sitting on, and took a beeline for the door. He turned and yelled-out to my husband: “she described everything exactly how it was! She’s crazy!”

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Why did the Ace of Swords show-up in my mind? The Ace of Swords represents ‘inquiry’. After the shooting, began an inquiry on what had taken place at the crime scene that fateful day. My relating what I saw and heard in my mind was not part of that particular inquiry. I could have influenced him. I needed to stay out, and let the witnesses and the police officers do their job.  Not to mention that my brother-in-law represented ‘inquiry’ to me from that moment on.

Because I am a Sensitive, I naturally picked-up on my brother-in-law’s atmosphere that he brought into the house with him that day. An atmosphere is another word for thoughts, feelings, and ideas’ a person emits and that stay around his body. Instead of seeing the color of a person’s aura, a sensitive can ‘sense’ a person’s atmosphere and what’s in it.

Cops really do not like a Sensitive noticing the atmosphere they project around them. Therefore, from that day forward, my brother-in-law (the cop) really did not like me anymore for having been able to see a police crime scene he was working in. He perceived it as a personal threat to his job; an infringement upon his sense of professionalism; and my taking away his control over reassuring me. From that day forward, the harshness with which he dealt with me was just as good as him saying: want a friend, get a dog.

what had happened at the mall the day before.
what had happened at the mall the day before.

Turns out, months later, my husband got diagnosed with cancer.  No one on my husband’s side of the family approved of me taking care of my husband.  My bro-in-law used my having described his crime scene – as “crazy”, so from that moment on everyone kept telling me I was mentally ill.  I did take good care of my husband.  His family helped him only when he told him he needed something.  But when I asked them to help him, I got the cold shoulder.

No one helped me take care of him.  I was pretty much on my own to help my husband.  They literally alienated me.

The moral of the story is that many Sensitives become isolated from the outside world.  We become isolated because people are afraid of us invading their own personal square feet – against their will. A person has about one square foot of private space around them. This private space is above, below, in front, and behind the person, and all around. That is the space taken up by their ‘atmosphere’ located right outside of their physical body.

Another way of saying ‘sensitive Tarot Reader’ is to say ‘Intuitive Reader’. Because of the vibes we Intuitive Readers pickup, we get a deep sense of knowing. This is when knowledge of the Tarot comes in handy to verify what our Intuition knows. By combining our “knowledge of the Tarot” with our acute sense of deep knowing (Intuition) we keep our ego in check.  This way, we can help our Querent even more.

Unless a person actually asks a Reader to do a Reading for him, then we have no right to invade intuitively the person’s square feet. If you are a Sensitive like I am, always keep at the front of your mind to let you Sitter know first that you are a Sensitive (Intuitive); that it may happen that you will be able to connect psychically or Intuitively with them. Express this, so not to end-up being told: “want a friend, get a dog’…

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Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers Sticky Subject

Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers sticky subject
Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers sticky subject


Ageism among Facebook Tarot Readers is a sticky subject.  Hello there Tarot Readers. I have seen many posts and comments about ageism among Tarot Readers.  I thought I would throw my five cents worth into this ongoing controversial topic by writing and posting this first article of my Tarot Professional Development Series.

Ageism has always been and always will be a sticky subject. One needs kid gloves so to not offend those on either sides. The young Reader orders about respect to their years of reading experience. While the older Reader wants to draw attention to their own years of experience. Both sides actually sound the same, yet some remain at odds with one another…

Before going off the deep end because of this blog post on ageism among Tarot Readers, let us understand what “ageism” truly is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ageism is “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly”. This definition is a hot button with some.

While reading this definition from this dictionary’s website, I scrolled down the ageism page, and I found and answered the following question: “What made you want to look up ageism?

This is my answer to this question: “An online discussion I was in about ageism. A discussion in which younger people made it perfectly clear that ageism is not just against older people as myself, but just as much against them the younger people… Ageism goes both ways…” Indeed, most especially in this era of Facebook Tarot Readings.

Why is it most especially in this era of Facebook Tarot Readings? Today’s young Tarot Reader faces a prejudice and discrimination of the likes us older Readers never did when we were their age. Back in the days when my generation of Readers was still young, there wasn’t even a home computer in anybody’s home. While today’s young Tarot Reader grew-up with them. Which exposes them to a larger amount of prejudice and discrimination against them, and at a faster rate than us older ones.

We older Readers never met the type of prejudice nor discrimination today’s young Reader gets. We older Readers need to understand this once and for all, that today’s young Tarot Reader starts performing readings over the Internet at a younger age than Readers of my generation. Odds are, once they get to be my age, they will have read for a greater number of Querents than us. This not because they are any better, but because the world is at their figure tips while still young. Whereas, for us, unless we had a phone and a television set or travelled, our world was limited  to our own geographical area.

There are knowledgeable and experienced Tarot Readers of all ages. Some are better Tarot Readers than others are. Some have a certain New Age way  of speaking, some do not. Some are better educated than others are. Some are more principled, some are not. Some have more advanced skills in online marketing, some not. Some play nice in the sand box, so do not.

Instead of choosing a Tarot Reader strictly from a television commercial or a newspaper, online people rely on what they read about a Reader on Google or on Wikipedia. What they read about a Tarot Reader is what they are lead to think through Neuro Linguistic marketing pages; odds are, it is all they know about that Reader, until they have actually experienced a reading from them. The older Tarot Reader, just as much as the younger one, needs to keep that fact at the front of their minds when employing online marketing strategies

No matter your age group, no matter how many years one has been reading for, your online reputation as a professional Tarot Reader is a far different one from your reputation as an online marketer of your own business. One of the young Tarot Readers who once told me: “act and talk like a professional”. No matter the conversation, anyone online can read what you type out”. It can come back to bite you. Gone are the old days of privacy, especially on Facebook.

Tarot Readers cheaper by the dozen
Tarot Readers cheaper by the dozen

On top of the usual prejudice and discrimination against Tarot Readers, both the old and the young Tarot Reader are on Facebook. The pressure to stand out from the crowd is heavy upon them both. One needs only Google for a Tarot Reader and one will find they are cheaper by the dozen.

To be perfectly honest, no matter how many years you have been reading or not, today – we are all in the same boat. Everything we type out or do on Facebook, or in a blog, are like a Resume for us Tarot Readers. We are like as if an open book. Moreover, the competition among Tarot Readers is cutthroat, no matter our age. Any online Tarot Reader is in a never-ending job interview. We hope what we say and do will draw clients to our Tarot Reading business.

Tarot Reading By Evergreen
Tarot Reading By Evergreen

Younger Tarot Readers get business because they are young, energetic, and full of bright ideas. While the older Reader makes up for it by saying how many years of experience they have, because that is all they have to work with in most cases. It is obfuscating to the young Reader when an older Reader mentions the years of experience they have. After all, a job interview is not behind closed doors.

Coming back to the Merriam-Webster definition on ageism: “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly“. I draw your attention to its use of the word “especially”. Especially, does not mean that one is excluded because of the other. Another way of saying ‘especially’ is to say instead: largely, over others. To apply this to the Merriam-Webster definition, one could safely rephrase its definition of ageism by saying instead: “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group, and largely the elderly over other age groups”.

Let us not throw out the baby with the bath water. This does not go to say that younger readers are not prejudiced, nor discriminated against. Rather, that the elderly tarot Reader does not have the energy, nor the speed, and in most cases the know how to defend themselves online as a younger one might. That is why the Merriam-Webster defines ageism with the inclusion of: ‘especially’ older people. Which is why, an older person is picked on, because they cannot defend themselves as quickly, nor as strongly as the young can.

Well there I said it. This was my five cents worth on ageism among Tarot Readers. Indeed, ageism arouses passionate discussions and actions among Tarot Readers. Moreover, why it is so prevalent online.

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