Tarot Jam Get To Know Me As A Tarot Blogger

Tarot Jam Get to Know Me as a Tarot Blogger
Tarot Jam
Get to Know Me as a Tarot Blogger


Tarot Jam

Get to Know Me as a Tarot Blogger




Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Dauch (Evergreen).  Welcome to this first Tarot Jam Blog Hop.  All of us participants of this Tarot Jam would like you to know each one of us Tarot Bloggers.  Most especially, I hope that through this specific article of mine that you will get to know me as a Tarot Blogger and Reader.

For over a year now, I have written several articles about Tarot.  However, I am not new to reading the Tarot.  I am the owner and the only Tarot Reader at Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I have read the Tarot for over 50 years, I am a Tarot Master.  I also read Oracle Cards, notably Lenormand cards amongst others.

Even though I am an Intuitive, I read the cards with knowledge.  As my grandfather and my mother before me, I offer truthful, understanding, and caring Tarot Readings.

My maternal grandfather and my mother were Tarot Readers, may they both rest in peace.  Both were intuitive and knowledgeable readers also.  Just as much as they loved the Tarot, I also love the Tarot – and the Tarot loves me back!

My grandfather did paid readings for over 50 years at logging camps and bars.  For himself, he tended to do predictive readings.  My passion for the Tarot comes from watching him do his spreads at my mother’s kitchen table.  I was just 9 years old back then, but I really wanted to know what compelled him to try to predict future events.  He wanted to divine his own year ahead of him, so to see if he would get what he wanted.  “If he wasn’t going to get what he wanted, then he would have to see what he could do about fixing that”, said grandfather.  Moreover, I wanted him to teach me how to divine too; and how to fix what I was not going to get too.  And he did teach me those…

Whereas, my mother showed me how to relate to the Tarot Cards themselves.  She explained to me that each one of the face cards is an individual character with its own persona – if you would.  ‘Persona’ is another way of saying: forces and energies.  Indeed, the Major Arcana Cards represent the Core Forces that drive us in our lives.  The Court Cards have an energy that influences our lives.  And the Minor Cards (the Pips), are the energies that are in reaction to the forces and influences at play over us.

Mom also explained to me, that the Lenormand Oracle Cards were ‘omens’ (des presages).  For many Lenormand professionals, seeing the pictures on the Oracle Cards as omens is a highly controversial way of understanding the Lenormand.  However, for Mom, one can see what the forces, influences, and energies are doing around us in our lives.  When speaking of the presages found in the images on the Lenormand Oracle Cards and in Tarot Cards just as well, she would never fail to add, “These are highly important omens”.

You see, once you understand omens and can divine them, “you get the time to react and avoid negative results; if not, you suffer the consequences they bring to you in your life…”  My Grandfather’s and my Mother’s teachings to me on Tarot and Lenormand, profoundly influenced the way I do card readings today.  Of course, now that I am all grown up, I do research and read up on the Tarot as well as the Lenormand Cards.  It is always fantastic to see the star authors of Tarot and Lenormand write the very same things in their books that my grandfather and mother had verbally imparted to me – many years ago now.

Studying the Cards widens my perspective on them; which enlarges my interpretation.  And that, in a nutshell, is what I mainly blog about.  I mainly blog about the Forces and Energies of the Tarot.  How I do this, is by writing one tarot card a day, usually each day.  I explain the Core Forces of each one of the Major Arcana cards, and the Energies of each one of the Court Cards and of the Minors (The Pips).  And I bring you to understand what you can do about them in your life.

Once I grew up and got married, I continued performing readings – but at my own kitchen table.  Of course, today, I also do readings over the Internet.  I have done countless Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings – for many clients.  Many of them return when something is happening in their lives.  They come back asking what I see in their cards concerning their situation, and what can they do about it, or to change the outcome that is obvious to them.

My Tarot and Oracle Card readings are valued for enlightenment and guidance.  I offer truth, understanding, and caring Tarot Readings.  I am open and honest, and I maintain the integrity of my profession.  I abide by the Statement of Ethics of Tarot Associations (Worldwide), and of the American Tarot Association.

Now that you know me better, I would like to get to know you better.  Do you read Tarot Cards?  If so, I would love you to tell me how important the Forces and Energies in the Tarot are important to you.  Please let me know by adding your reply in the ‘Comments Sections” at the bottom of this article.  In addition, I would like very much for you to subscribe to my blog, in this way you can receive my future article postings.

I invite you to click on the links at the top of this page, so to go and read articles about my fellow tarot readers who are participants like me in this Tarot Jam Blog Hop.  To book a reading performed by me, you may click on my Website, or on my Facebook page.