Tarot Horoscope Readings Bare-Bones

Tarot horoscope readings bare-bones explains what Tarot Horoscope is.  How to perform this type of Reading.  And what to avoid.


Flakes appear
as if out of air
but surely they come
from somewhere
bearing what news
from the troposphere.
The sky’s shifted
and Capricorns abandon
themselves to a Sagittarian
line. I like
this weird axis.
In 23,000 years
it will become again
the same sky
the Babylonians scanned.

(Tarot Horoscope poem by Maureen N. McLane 

Tarot Horoscope Readings – Bare-bones
Tarot Horoscope Readings – Bare-bones



Tarot Horoscope Readings Bare-Bones

Tarot horoscope readings bare-bones is controversial.  In some Tarot professional circles, Tarot Horoscope Readings are disputed.  You will see those Readers who are also professional astrologers – crushing us Tarot Readers who are not professional astrologers.  They insist we tell them where and with whom we studied Astrology.  They also want to see our diplomas or certifications in Astrology.  I really cannot say as I blame them, after all – Astrology is not simple and it does need a lot of studying.

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook that some Tarot Readers would love to do Tarot Horoscope Readings.  Therefore, I thought I would blog about that today.


Astrology Correspondences to the Tarot

Astrology Correspondences to the Tarot are essential.  They are the first thing we need to know about how to do Tarot Horoscope Readings.  However, and contrary to what you may have been told about this kind of Tarot Reading, Tarot Horoscopes are not about dishing out Astrology readings at all.  In fact, doing Tarot Horoscopes is not even rocket science!

What it is really about, is knowing the good and proper tarot correspondences to Astrology.  You must get your hands on the “correct Tarot correspondence”, or else, your Reading will come out all wrong.  And to not make mistakes when performing the Tarot Horoscope Spread itself.

Tarot Correspondences are very simple, really!  Same goes with the Horoscope Spread itself.  You can either choose to do the simple bare-bones Spread, or make it as complicated as you want it to be.

Be an honest with your client

Be honest with your client!  If you are not Astrology trained, simply tell your Tarot Client that you are not.  That you do “Tarot Horoscopes and not Astrology Readings.

Another thing about doing Tarot Horoscope Readings is, that the client requesting a Horoscope Reading can demand that you write it out in such a way that they can follow along.  Which makes us Readers have to type it all out in such a way that it is contrary to how the spread itself is done.  Now that makes it a long reading to do…

I learned how to do the Horoscope Spread from my maternal grandfather.  Grandfather Breton did this type of Reading for countless people, for well over 50 years.  If your Tarot Horoscopes are not at least 95% correct, the word will get around and no one will come to you anymore to do that kind of Reading for them anymore.  So, you need to learn the correct Tarot Horoscope Correspondences.

Grandfather Breton learned how to read the Tarot Cards from the Ladies who would set up their tents outside the Loggers Camps where he worked come wintertime.  Down through the years, he performed paid Readings in bars and taverns.  Doing paid Tarot Readings was not his day-job.  After leaving the logger’s camps, grandfather became a master woodworker by day (he made furniture).  By night, he did tarot readings at the local tavern.

Use cheat-sheets

Use cheat-sheets, they help with remembering things you must remember when doing Tarot Horoscopes.  Grandfather Breton told me that there are 78 cards in your Tarot Deck.  It takes a good memory to remember each one by their images and keywords.  Just imagine how much by heart it takes to remember all of their Astrology correspondences on top of all the rest!  If grandfather Breton could, then so can we.

I am fortunate, I know how to read and write in two languages; both in French and English.  My generation and yours have access to a wealth of books and E-books covering Astrology, Horoscopes, and how to do Tarot Readings with all of that knowledge in mind.  Unlike my grandfather Breton, who was born in the year 1900, you and I have access to electricity, the television.  We have a home computer and a cell phone with Internet access.

Personally, I have gone to the ends of the Internet and back – just so to research further the subject of Tarot Horoscope Readings.  I wanted to do this kind of reading in a much smarter way than my grandfather before me ever could; only to realize, he knew what he was doing…  Obviously, my memory is not as efficient as his was.  This must be because I am adopted lol…  Therefore, I use cheat sheets, when he never did…

The Bare-bones Horoscope Spread

The Bare-bones Horoscope Spread is the easiest Spread to learn for beginner Tarot Horoscope Readers.  Lay out the cards like the numbers on an old-fashioned numbered clock; except that you start at the ‘nine o’clock’ position, and go counter-clockwise.

After placing the last card (on the ‘ten o’clock’ position), your spread layout is complete.  You might want to include a Significator card in the middle of the spread; I try to always do Horoscope Readings with a Significator card chosen according to the months and the birth date of my Querent (funny, the year is not essential; you will be accurate with or without it).



                         11                          1

               10                                          2

        9                              S                          3

                8                                           4

                         7                            5



Notice that here, in the example I give for the Clock Spread, I did not make my clock symmetrical.  Why?  Because it is not lucky to do so, is why!

This much is clear, the Bare-bones Tarot Horoscope Spread is the simplest way to do this type reading.  You will need to get your hands on an exact Tarot Astrology Correspondences List.  And to make sure not to do any mistakes.

You may also want to pick-up some good Tarot Astrology/Horoscope books to perfect your knowledge on doing this type of reading.  Once you are comfortable doing this reading, you may eventually want to learn how to layer cards on each one of the numbered positions.

Tarot horoscope readings bare-bones spread is not rocket-science!  How to perform this type of Reading, is by becoming good while performing the Clock Spread (the Wheel of the Year Spread).  And by learning what to avoid, so not to lose your place while going from month to month.

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