Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot

Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot, on April 16th, 2016.  During this discussion, Joe Stifel and I talked about the Qabalah and Random Chaos, the Wheel and the Hermit Cards. All this because of the Full Tarot Reading found in the Aleister Crowley Book of Thoth.


Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot
Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot


“Meditate long and broad and deep, O man, upon this Wheel,

revolving it in thy mind!, Aleister Crowley.”

Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot

Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot on the Wheel Tarot Card. To be honest, I am not sure what title to give this discussion.  You just never know in what direction Joe will lead you when talking Tarot with him.

There were Joe Tarot and I, in my Secrets of the Tarot Facebook Group, discussing the ‘Full Tarot Spread’.  When Joe turned it into instead – a teaching on Random Chaos.  I was just trying to look smart while trying to follow along…  However, you never read this here.  If ever you go and tell Joe that I was just trying to look smart when talking with him, I will deny having ever said this lol…

Of course, the Qabalah and Random Chaos, the Wheel and the Hermit Tarot Cards go hand in hand when you talk with Joe Tarot. So when discussing Tarot with Mr. Stifel, it is a good idea to keep two of your esoteric Tarot Decks close by, they are going to come in handy; that’s for sure!  Might I suggest the Thoth and the Tarot de Marseille Decks – just so to follow along with Joseph.  As he can easily challenge you at the intellectual level, just to know if he is more powerful than you or not – lol.

Hello, fellow Tarot Readers.  On April 16th, 2016 of this year, I had the honor and the privilege to discuss Tarot with Joseph Stifel.  Some may better know Joseph as Ali~Star [Joseph Littleshoes].  Mr. Stifel is a 40+ year’s veteran student of esoteric and “the occult” literature, and the theory and practice of divination.

In a nutshell, Joe is a Tarot Reader.  He also likes to describe himself as a “transcendental artist”, according to his website.  Joe worked from 1976 until 2005 at the Northeast Corner of Channing and Telegraph Ave., in Berkeley, California.

Joe’s standard spread that he used on Telegraph Ave. was a modified Celtic Cross. He offered and performed the Book Of Thoth spread as a special service that he performed in the privacy of his home.  This Tarot Reader is the real McCoy, who manages to do this very involved Tarot Spread (BOT) under 2 to 3 hours; when most would take 5 hours.  Joe Tarot is now retired, but is available by appointment only as a special service.

Joe and Evergreen talking together about Tarot

Joe and Evergreen are talking together about Tarot.  I took the liberty to extrapolate part of our conversation together, so to copy and paste it into this article on the Qabalah and Random Chaos, the Wheel and the Hermit Tarot Cards:


April 16 at 11:20pm

Nicole Dauch (Evergreen):  Thus the importance of balance! Deep!!!!

Joseph Stifel (Joe Tarot):  …. welllllll … (smile emoticon).  There is a … tradition … of being over 40 and male – when it comes to the study of the Qabalah.

Nicole Dauch:  and smart, don’t forget smart… sometimes  I am slow in learning that… Takes me a long time to meditate deeper meanings…

Joseph Stifel:   … and when this stuff was being codified, 40 was old …

Nicole Dauch:  Like 30 years later, am still working on ‘letting go’ and ‘balance’!!!

Joseph Stifel:  … I can only hope my epistolary style does not aggravate it (smile emoticon).

(epistolary style:  associated with letters or the writing of letters).

Nicole Dauch:  lol…

Joseph Stifel:  … at 64!  I find it all has less to do with my smarts and more to do with my survival to 64 … and a reasonable chance of 74 and 84 …. the say age brings wisdom …. if you let it …

Nicole Dauch:  The Will can be a dangerous thing when not in equilibrium… About 9 years ago (at 52 years of age), I had a run-in with an esoteric group. I’ll spare you the details; I just spoke, and I will not say what happened because am ashamed of myself… suffice to say, they moved away!!!

Joseph Stifel:  …yes…

Nicole Dauch:  yes, wisdom to know the difference!

Joseph Stifel:  … there is so much ‘magick’ happening around us all the time that I sometimes think that the only real magick is in those few still moments when we become the fulcrum and not the lever ….

(fulcrum:  the support on which a lever moves when it is used to lift something)

Joseph Stifel:  … the still point ….


Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot
Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot
La Roue de Forturne
Tarot de Marseille



Joseph Stifel:  …. attain thou the axle and becometh nought …

Joseph Stifel …







The Great Wheel of Samsara.

The Wheel of the Law. (Dhamma.)

The Wheel of the Taro.

The Wheel of the Heavens.

The Wheel of Life.

All these Wheels be one; yet of all these the Wheel of the TARO alone avails thee consciously.

Meditate long and broad and deep, O man, upon this Wheel, revolving it in thy mind!

Be this thy task, to see how each card springs necessarily from each other card, even in due order from The Fool unto The Ten of Coins.

Then, when thou know’st the Wheel of Destiny complete, may’st thou perceive THAT Will which moved it first. [There is no first or last.]

And lo! thou art past through the Abyss.

The Book of Lies KEF.OH.


Nicole Dauch:  So many depend on luck… throughout life… Luck is fickle… Best be your own master…

Joseph Stifel:  … many strive to do so … many are called, but few are chosen ….

Nicole Dauch:  See, that is why so many fail at magick. They depend on other’s to provide them with a spell, rather than craft it through the initiation of the spirit that guides them…

Nicole Dauch:  Then when something goes wrong, they blame the person who gave them the spell. Not knowing it failed because of themselves…

Joseph Stifel:  Its really rather humbling … if one makes a difference in life … can add to the sum total of the alleviation of human suffering …  It is as much due to luck as anything else ….

Nicole Dauch:  In Tarot, we learn to go out to make our own luck, and be successful at happiness… But not many know to do that…  We often lack the wisdom of knowing the difference…  Another way to say the word ‘luck,’ is to say understanding when its ‘evolution’ or revolution lol…

Joseph Stifel:  “Make our own luck” … we live in a random, meaningless, causeless universe …. which is probably but a part, a small part, of a bigger multi-dimensional omniverse. (grin emoticon)

Nicole Dauch:  which is organized chaos you know…  Is why we need to be in balance…


Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot
Tarot Conversation with Joe Tarot

Joseph Stifel:   … “organized chaos” either there is chaos or not …

Nicole Dauch:  I understand, but the Light in the Hermit’s Lamp reminds us there is hope through it all…

Joseph Stifel:  Can you conceive of them existing simultaneously?

Nicole Dauch:  They do on the Tree!

Nicole Dauch:  Another way to say that, is to say, do not let yourself get confused on the Tree…  Know the difference!

Joseph Stifel:  … both a kind of grand simplicity that exist consanguineous … one with the other …

(consanguineous:  of the same blood or origin; specifically:  descended from the same ancestor)

Nicole Dauch:  Of course, but the Light in the Hermit’s Lamp, shows you the way… through it all… Because, you are a man, and your universe was conceived for your survival…

Joseph Stifel:  … random chance of survival ….

Nicole Dauch:  Not really, not for man…

Joseph Stifel:  …

Nicole Dauch:  It is like that, appears to be a random chance of survival, but only if you do not take into account the rest of the story…

Joseph Stifel:   Well, you want to go, so I will not ask what you mean by that “rest of the story” but I fear the worst …. (smile emoticon)

Nicole Dauch:  lol… Is why I did not throw it at you lol

Nicole Dauch:  Hence, mystical tradition! Good night Joseph, see you tomorrow!

Joseph Stifel:  …. (smile emoticon)


Summary of conversation between Joe and Evergreen

Summary of conversation between Joe and Evergreen.  This was an excerpt of a Tarot Conversation with Joseph Stifel of Joe Tarot.  In summary,  Wisdom comes to a man when he is about 40 years old.  This is when humankind is deemed to have learned how to make the difference between knowledge and being wise enough to know how to use it.  The Wheel Tarot Card speaks of a random chaos in our lives.  The Hermit’s Tarot Card, speaks of finding balance in our lives.


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