Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower – Ace of Wands

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Ace of Wands

I hold my wand in my hand
To manifest a new world
On this Summer’s Day
(Haiku Poem by: Evergreen) ©


Tarot Card Meaning Willpower is about the Ace of Wands. Today I have pulled the Ace of Wands as my card of the day.  It is yet another seed card for me, my third one just this past week. A coincidence? I think not.  After all, I have planted the seed of my determination; to manifest my will upon my life.

Just within the past seven days, I have drawn three seed cards.  The Ace of Pentacles, the Ace of Cups, and today – the Ace of Wands. The Ace of Pentacles, I have planted the seed to a new material life; the Ace of Cups, I have planted the seed to placing value upon my newly found sense of creativity; and today – the Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands represents my ‘willpower and my determination’. It’s a new beginning for me! A more than very welcomed new begin, by the way.  All I need do now, is to commit myself to following through in this new area of my life.  It just goes to show that, even at my age, new beginnings can be foretold by the Tarot.

I should say, most especially at my age! Especially since I am well aware that I have made a career out of getting what I wanted. I daydream, I wish something to come true; and so far, nearly all my wishes have come true!.

Given that when I wish for something to come true – it comes true for me, why did the Tarot give me “the Ace of Wands” now, this morning? Because the very way by which my will has manifested itself throughout in my life, has changed lately.

For 48 years, I read at my kitchen table like my mother before me.  I never set out looking to draw paying clients to me.  They would just show up at my door, by word of mouth.  But today, that has all changed.  My life has changed, the world has changed.

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Lately, I no longer just sit there and wish for something to manifest itself; I am pro-active now. The definition of “my will (what I want)”, as it pertains to the Ace of Wands, is: “the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action”. And that is exactly what I’ve done recently. I’ve learned further through research and deeper study and some different kind of mentoring.

I’ve also invested money into yet another new business venture. And I’ve worked at it each and every day since! “This is the perfect card to receive for career and finances”, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, Around The Tarot In 78 Days: A Personal Journey Through The Cards.  If you do not want your seed to decay, then you need to actually plant it in the ground and nourish it so it will grow.

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

(One year later, my Ace of Wand has indeed turned into other Wands.  I have manifested my will over my environment.  Obviously, I did not plant a real life tree seed to grow my own wand.  But my husband and I did buy a house that has a tree.  And that tree has given me real wands’!  Oh and a safe place to do Tarot Readings!  Since then, my tarot business has grown too!


Tarot Affirmation:

“I have the courage to boldly go where I have not gone to before”.


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