Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing

Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing, is the Ace of Pentacles in Tarot.  It may not look like much, but give it time.  It will grow, and it will provide for my basic needs.  Don’t worry, its my key to my financial freedom!


Tarot Cards Meaning - Providing
Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing
Ace of Pentacles
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing

Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing reminds me that each day suffices on to itself. “Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow does not exist.  All I have is now”, Anonymous.  However, what I invest in my today, will grow enough so I can actually spend it properly one day!

All that I have is that one little money seed that, once planted into good soil, will grow one day into something that I can put on my plate come diner time – one day!

Wasn’t it just this morning when a good friend reminded me to live in “the here and now”. To not worry about my yesterdays, nor my tomorrows; to take life “one day at a time”. And to ask the Tarot for wise counsel.  There is great wisdom in those words…

Planting the seed to your future

Planting the seed to your future is sometimes easier said than done.  If you have money to spare, invest it wisely so to make it multiply ten times fold.  If you are like me, however, you may not have a dime to your name.  Either way, the Tarot can help you see into your future so to be able to avoid making costly financial mistakes.

I’ve not a dime to my name.  My husband and I are very poor these days.  We are living on credit.  We owe more than we are worth.  And we are getting desperate…

Desperate, I turn to the Tarot for help.  Call it silly of me to do that.  But I really need to know the way out of my financial discouragement.  I am that hungry…

Indeed, in the light of this new day, I pick up my Tarot Deck. And while shuffling my cards, I ask the Tarot to tell me what it wants me to do today so I could help myself get some money coming in.

I draw one card, and one card only.  It’s the Ace of Pentacles – which comes as no surprise to me.  I take it as a confirmation of what my good friend told me earlier this morning.

The Ace of Pentacles

I have what I need

to provide well for my future

this fine Summer’s Day

(Haiku Poem by:  Evergreen) ©

The Ace of Pentacle speaks louder than words!  It reminds me that I have already planted the ‘seed’ to providing for my material life. So, I am looking at what is on my plate today.  That meager, little seed…

What is on my plate today

What is on my plate today, is another way of saying that – that is all I have to work with now.  That little seed may not look like much – to some.  It is my light at the end of the tunnel.  Click on “the light at the end of the tunnel” to read more about how to get out from being discouraged.

It is meager pickings indeed, this one little money seed of mine.  I planted it in good soil, under the sun – years ago now, but I had stopped nourishing and watering it entirely.  So, my little seed died…

But when you go to the store to buy seeds, you don’t just buy just one seed.  It comes in a package, with many other seeds of the same kind.  And so it is with ‘money seeds’.

Obviously I use ‘money seeds’ as an analogy.  There really isn’t any ‘money seeds’.  But the Ace of Spades, is the seed to my material life; to my financial life.  It stands for ‘providing’ for my material life; my financial life.

Planting a money seed

Planting a money seed, because I drew the Ace of Pentacles.  I literally ordered some seeds from an online store.  lol…

When my package of seeds arrived, I used magickal thinking; and went outside.  In my mind’s eye, I planted a brand new money seed!  It has not even started growing yet.  But I did plant it into good ground, and in a nice shiny area of my garden.

I’ve planted that little seed for what now seems to me – an eternity ago.  But it is still there.

Still, what already is on my plate now (so to speak), is the Ace of Pentacles planted in my yesterdays.  It just felt natural to me – to plant the seed of my financial future. But that is in the past, the past has gone…  Yet, that little seed is on my plate anyways – all according to the Tarot Card I drew for myself today .

My today is very poor.  Today, my life is about providing for both my husband’s future and mine.  In this Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card, I can also see my tomorrow.  No matter how much tomorrow does not exist.

When reality strikes

When reality strikes, it comes as a total shock!  You can wish it all away, and not look at it anymore.  But it will come back to hit right in the middle of the forehead.

Just this past March, I suffered a deep shock. I had become complacent when it came down to providing for my material needs – much less for someone else’s.  And that was a big mistake on my part!

I had went and married a man who commanded a comfortable income.  In fact, it was more than well above middle class income range…

There was no real need for me to go out to work.  My husband loved bringing me along with him on his business trips.  I got to travel from State to State in a company car, all expenses paid on the company business credit card.  We stayed at five-star hotels; we ate three meals a day at five-star restaurants.  I shopped at five-star boutiques!

Thing is, I had placed myself in the financial position of total dependency upon my husband.  After all, he provided comfortably for the both of us. Trickling down from him to me, was the business class life style.

I guess you can say, I did have some money of my own though.  I married my Poker Master! I mad final tables – seven out of ten times in the big and small tournament rooms of the No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments.  We played both online and at the best Casinos.  Hubby and I loved our life together.  Until all that started to slip through my fingers…

What happened to us was, Hubby got diagnosed with both Dementia and a sever alcohol addiction.  By the time he got diagnosed, it was too late for me to put a stop to what he was doing to us.  He had already ruined us both financially…

I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say, the devil is so in the details.  We lost our shirts, we had become beggars – at his family’s mercy.

Then an oncologist told us that Hubby had cancer.  He needed expensive cancer surgery and treatments. I felt powerless to do anything, I had no control over Hubby’s denial of his physical and mental situation.

Yes, I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, the devil is in the details when it comes down to elderly and religious abuse.  Realizing this, I knew that I needed to step up to the plate.  Overnight, I had become entirely responsible for the both of us now…  Thank god for credit cards!

After everything had been said and done, Hubby underwent cancer surgery at the local Military Hospital.  Thank god for Veterans Affairs and the help they give to the Veterans!  But seeing him there in the Intensive Care Unit of the Military Hospital, I realized I could lose him. I felt a great emotional shock.  It felt like a sledgehammer hitting me in the forehead…

But that was then, and this is now.  My little seed to my material life (the Ace of Pentacles), represents to me at least – my gift for doing Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings.  My gift for doing Tarot Readings brought some money into the house.

So, I picked up the phone, and I got myself a Business Website, and this business blog. I started a ‘Tarot Reading Business’!  And I decided to let tomorrow take care of itself.  Living in the here and now, providing for myself gives me hope for Hubby’s and my tomorrows…

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