Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value

Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value.  Today’s Tarot Card, is the “Ace of Cups”.  The Ace of Cups stands for placing value upon yourself, and upon your work as a Tarot Reader.  No matter if some would disagree with this.


Tarot Cards Meaning - Placing Value
Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value
Ace of Cups
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Ace of Cups:

I show my cup to all,

It overflows with passion

On this Summer’s Day!

(Haiku poem by: Evergreen) ©


Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value

Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value is controversial when it comes down to the Tarot Reader.  Not everyone is for charging a fee for doing Tarot Readings.  However, I do; and so do many other professional Tarot Readers.

Rather than just give you a list of reasons why I charge a fee for my Readings, I tell you why I do in the first place.  I do that because I place value upon my interpretations of your Cards.  I am a knowledgeable, Intuitive Tarot Reader with fifty years of experience doing that.  It may very well be that some Readers do many Readings a week more than I do; I don’t care.  I know my worth as a Tarot Reader, and I charge accordingly.

Just like you, I need to earn a living.  And the way I earn my living, is by doing Tarot Readings for people.  Tarot Reading is my one and only source of income.  This is my day job, in other words.

Perhaps by talking about myself in this area of my life, you would better understand why I do Readings in exchange for money.  We all have our reasons for getting up in the morning, and going to work for a living.  What follows, is my reason for getting up mornings.

Cups represent imagination

Cups represent imagination!  When your imagination is sparked, it helps you to augment the level of the flexibility of your emotions.  The more you are flexible emotions wise, the more fluid your thinking becomes…

There came a time in my life during which I had become complacent.  Newly married again at the age of 53, I had taken advantaged of the fact that my new husband made a good income.  I became a stay-at-home wife up and until the time my husband fell very sick and lost his job because of it.

When my husband lost his good paying job, we lived for a time on his savings.  He did get some other jobs after that, but he lost those too; for what reasons they gave him at the time.  But I somehow knew anyways that he was loosing his jobs because he was too sick to work.  Then we lived on credit and the good help from his family.

I was not using my imagination much back then.  At the time, it seemed like any solution to me getting a job outside the home – just kept getting defeated.  My husband fell sick, and I had to stay at home for his sake.

That is when I decided that I just had to do something so to bring in some money!  I then remembered how I used to do Tarot Readings before I had met him.  So I began seeing myself doing Readings for money – once more…

So I got myself a real, official Tarot Deck from online.  So I kept them near me for entire week before I found the courage to shuffle them.  I was afraid they would show me exactly how desperate our finances had become.

Taking my courage by both hands, I decided one day to shuffle my new Tarot Cards.  Instead of doing a full spread, I pulled one Tarot Card each morning for myself.  Each morning, I asked the Tarot, what should I do to bring some money into our house.  What follows, is my experience with my Cards, on my second day of pulling a Day Card for myself.

My second Day Tarot Card

My second Day Tarot Card is the Ace of Cups.  It shows to me how I am adapting to the initial shock of Hubby’s Cancer diagnosis and surgery. This card represents, for me at least, yet another new beginning in a different domain of my life. This time, in my ‘imagination’.

Even though I’ve always had a very active imagination, I would tend to daydream more than anything else. But for about four months now (at the time of writing this article), I have begun to be more ‘pro-active’ business venture wise.  Even though, a business venture belongs to my material life, the Ace of Cups is a confirmation that I’m going down the right road in that.

Indeed, I have planted ‘the seed’ of a more ‘inspired’ way of using my imagination.  Instead of just daydreaming, I now actually do place a higher value upon myself and my life.  Instead of just wallowing away the day, I have begun to transform this magickal activity (that is Reading Tarot Cards) into a more productive time spent.

Creatively speaking, I have started to urge-on – both my husband and myself.  Instead of seeing us both at the end of our rope, I now encourage Hubby to start seeing along with me – the light at the end of our tunnel.  To start looking forward along me – to beginning a brand new life together…  Click on the Light at the end of the Tunnel, to learn more about that.

Hubby got knocked down by cancer.  As if the surgery itself was not hard enough, he’s been to Hell and back because of the chemo treatments.  What chemo does, is that it kills the cancer cells.  But that is not all it kills.

Chemo kills the good cells in him – along with the bad ones.  So it’s not a long stretch of the imagination to say he is walking through the Valley of Death now.  He is my husband, so I, by default, have entered that morbid area of his life along with him.

Anybody who has ever suffered from depression, or has grieved for someone, or has been very sick or near death, understands this analogy.  I have walked through that dark valley before, so I know the way out.

Here I am again in the Valley of Death, this time to go get Hubby and to bring him out of there.  In Hubby’s Valley of Death, the valley is very deep due to chemo.  And there is a high mountain before him.  He needs to leave his Valley of Death, and to climb that high mountain before him so to get to the other side.  On the other side of that mountain, is the Valley of Life!

I will show Hubby, how to use his imagination so to find his courage once again.  I will lend him my imagination and my courage, because I have to.  I have to, so he can choose to live-on.

What highly motivates us now, is to get to the Valley of Life!  How to get my husband to find the courage to get to his Valley of Life, is to get him to dream again.  But first, he needs to start dreaming about ‘hoping again’!  He needs to dare to ‘hope’ again!  And my imagination has found enough hope for the both of us.

What gives us both hope now, is the idea of moving away together. To go and live near the beach – on the Gulf of Mexico. As No Limit Texas Holdem Poker players, we rather fancy ourselves walking on the beach there – between tournaments. It just so happens that there are casinos along the beach there on the Coast.  But I digress…

The Ace of Cups representing the past

The Ace of Cups representing the past in my life.  I had learned the Tarot back when I was a girl, from my mother and her father.  I performed Readings for paying clients.  By word of mouth, my clients came to me for Readings; and they paid me well to Read for them.  As my life changed, so did my responsibilities…

Just four months ago now, the wish for reading Tarot Cards swelled back up in my heart again. I began thinking about the cards, a lot. This time, I wanted to connect with other Tarot Readers as well as with online clients.

I did not want to read with a plain deck of playing cards anymore.  So I ordered a deck of fancy Tarot Cards.  I started studying the Tarot again; which involves reading Tarot Books that covered most of what I had forgotten down through the years.  It also meant many hours of reading and practicing… And this is where today’s card, The Ace of Cups, comes into my today.

The Ace of Cups representing today

The Ace of Cups representing today, speaks of my wish for action in my material life.  It encourages me to put my ‘today’s personal energy’ into my Readings.  Which has led me to go into a new business venture; a Tarot Reading business.

I did this in a pro-active way to provide for both my husband and myself.  Call me humble, but I don’t strive to become a superstar of the Tarot Community.  I just hope to be able to generate just enough money so not to be discouraged no more.  Once I reach that new goal of mine, then I will start imagining more and more financial goals for my Tarot Business!

Returning to doing Tarot Readings, is not only a renewed passion of mine, it is my new life! The seed to this renewed material life of mine has been planted; so to support both Hubby and I by doing Readings.  And now, I am aware also – that I have planted the seed to the imagination needed so to do exactly that!  As you can see and feel, my Tarot Cards are indeed valuable to me…  And I place value upon myself as a Tarot Reader!  I possess a renewed imagination, and a renewed hope!

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