Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart - Ten of Cups
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups


Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups

I stand arms open,

Welcoming the world I live in;

On this Summer’s Day ©

(Haiku poem by:  Evergreen)


Today’s Tarot card is the Ten of Cups. It is a card with deep significance to the human heart. Let us explore together, what it means and why it is so significant to us.

Within the traditional Tarot deck, the Ten of Cups is included as a Minor Arcana card.  More specifically, within the suit of Cups. The Cups Suit represents the ‘Element of Water’. Water is ‘fluid’; flowing.

Fluidity is a quality, or state, that enables our emotions and our sentiments to flow.  Contained within our “Cup”, are our emotions and our sentiments.  They flow like as water.  When we think of water, we think of fluidity, flexibility.

The fluidity of the Cups Suit affect our daily lives, because the Cups represent Water.  Our emotions often pour into our way of thinking, over and throughout our attitudes.   Our heart rules the Suit of Cups!

Our emotions and our way of thinking profoundly influence the direction our life will take.  There is an old saying that goes somewhat like this:  “Where the heart is, so go we”.

A number “Ten”, in regards to our emotions, indicates the most we can experience emotionally.   No matter what a person says, unless he/she is a robot, a person thinks with their emotions and sentiments.  After all is said and done to explain the Ten of Cups card in Tarot, our heart express’ our self-will.

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart - Ten of Cups
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

When I draw the Ten of Cups during a reading, I am reminded of my own self-will.  I know my ‘will’ is strong.  I like to get what I want.  I am aware of the ‘flow’ of my emotions and sentiments.

I welcome my emotions and sentiments.  I am not ashamed to say, that they are a great influence over what I think and what I want.  As a Ten of Cups myself, my emotions and sentiments form the basis with which I map out my world…

What we want, is the object of our desire. What we desire, we want to make manifest in our world. We love the jobs, the objects, the people that we desire.   The Ten of Cups says that we have reached the greatest amount of love and desire, that we can hold in our hearts.

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart

We want our love returned to us in kind.  When it is returned in kind to us, we are happy and content that the flow of our will is unobstructed!  However, the Ten of Cups represents a ‘need for flexibility’ in the domain that our heart rules over.

In a healthy, functional person, there is a ‘fair flow’ of emotions and sentiments.  We try to maintain equilibrium (balance) between how we feel and what we desire.  We want to love freely, and to be freely loved back.

It is so our love might be returned whole, that we bend a little in that domain of our lives.  When it is not, we tend to set it free; in hopes it will come back to us – freely.  And if it should ever return to us, then we need to nourish it in a different and new way for it to be happy with us.

In a reading, it is that flexibility of our Sitter’s self-will that makes the Ten of Cups so significant to them.  This is when I draw a clarification card, to see what direction the Sitter’s flexibility of the heart will take.  To see what will be the flow of emotional and sentimental energy.  And even if the Sitter will welcome it all or not…

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