Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card


Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

In any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting around the world, you will always hear The Serenity Prayer. Within this prayer, are the following words: “And wisdom to know the difference”.

When I choose a Significator Card when performing a Tarot Reading for a client who admits to being an alcoholic, I choose The Strength Card to represent that sitter.  If there is one Tarot card that speaks about “the Wisdom to know the Difference”, it is the Strength Card. To be able to know the difference, you need a “rigorous honesty” with yourself – so to be able to do your personal inventory.

This is what the Strength Card is about.  Another name for the Strength Card is Fortitude (inner-fortitude).   To affect change in ourselves, in all the domains of our lives, it takes ‘fortitude’.  It takes inner-fortitude to enable both our positive and our negative energies to work together.  If we do not have inner-fortitude (backbone), then our energies go against each other; they go out of balance.

When you look deep within yourself, with rigorous honesty, you will find both your qualities and your shortcomings.   Our qualities and our shortcomings, are what our passions are made of.  Both can either serve you well, or both can cause your downfall.

Our passions can either be a positive force in our lives, or a negative one.  Both of these forces are there inside of you – pulling at you from opposite directions. This is why we need to differentiate between these two polarities – in all honesty and wisdom.  We need ‘wisdom’ so to know the difference between when we are in our negative polarity, and when we are in our positive polarity.   We need to be aware of the difference between our human side and our spiritual side.

Each human being born on this Earth has two opposing sides. A spiritual one, and an animal side. Our spiritual side is conscious of our Eternity. Our human side is aware of our animal instincts. On a daily basis, life events or issues call upon us to  choose between the both – so not to go on Tilt.

Civilization demands this of us:  that we make the difference between our spiritual, and our animal instincts (knowing right from wrong). It ‘expects of us’ to choose between doing right and doing wrong. By rejecting to look at our shortcomings, and the effect they have upon us and others, our human instincts can create chaos in our lives, and in the lives of 85 other persons around us.

Therefore, to avoid creating chaos in our lives and in the lives of those we love, we must find the inner-strength (the fortitude) to master our own passions. In this way, both your negative and your positive energies become balanced. Moreover, we become successful at true independence! Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card reminds me of the Serenity Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer

 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

(By Anonymous)


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