High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil speaks to us about manifesting change into our environment.  The High Priestess absorbs the energy of the Moon that is reflected down to her.  The light of the Moon is an extended application of her powers.  In other words, the Light of the Moon is her tool.


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil brings to the eye of the advanced Tarot Card Reader, the Veil.  The advanced Tarot Card Reader then considers the Veil.  Whereas the beginner and intermediate Reader meditate (focuses) on all the other symbols contained in this Card, the advanced Reader turns to the Veil behind the High Priestess!

Hello there, fellow Tarot Readers, my name is Evergreen – of Tarot Reading By Evergreen.  I have read on Facebook, people talking about the Veil in the High Priestess Tarot Card.  Someone simply asked the following question:  What does the Veil on the High Priestess Card, represent?  And many gave excellent answers.  So I thought I would answer this question from my knowledge and understanding.

Of course, my answer comes from an esoteric perspective.  There are different esoteric schools of thoughts.  Mine is both the mystic’s, with a touch of the practical.

This perspective I learned as a girl from my mother and her father.  Subsequently, I followed through by meditating for many years on the question of the Veil.  The Veil can be mind-boggling at times.

I am not saying here that I am an initiate of any occult school of thought.  Such things are secretive anyways.  There are many esoteric (occult) teachers that teach many things.  For example, click on the Tarot de Marseille High Priestess, to read more about her.

In any case, to understand the Veil behind the High Priestess, is to become mind-boggled.  So I will try my best to keep it simple and to the point.  If anyone would like to attempt explaining it better than I, you are more than welcomed to do so…

We the audience

We the audience, are sitting before a play on a stage.  The High Priestess is up there on the stage.  She is up there, facing us as she sits on her throne.  To understand the Veil in the High Priestess Tarot Card, one needs to be a simple spectator of a play.

She readily informs us that she is giving us an audience with her, the High Priestess.  The reason why she is doing this, is so to give us instructions as how to go through the Veil behind her.  She reminds us, that our knowledge and understanding of manifestation is but human.  Nevertheless, with her guidance, we will be eventually let in through the Veil.

The High Priestess dutifully sits in-front of  the veil from this side, on the physical plane of existence.  That in the Veil, there is a guard to the astral and spiritual planes of existence.  And that the Veil prevents us from ‘manifesting our Will upon our physical and astral and spiritual existence’.  It’s as if someone had thrown a wet blanket over our knowledge and understanding of the plane of manifestation.

But now, we are sitting in her audience, and we will be given the knowledge and the understand concerning the Veil itself.  However, before she will ever give us her permission to even reach the Veil, she will teach us further about it, and give us a means test.

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil invites us to enter the area where the Veil is situated, normally it is forbidden to us – unless we get permission to do so.  Getting the High Priestess’s permission to go there, is easier said than done.  But it is doable!

How is it doable?  By passing her means test!  Once we past the means test, then we must meet the person at the Veil.  Which is another story all together!

We cannot see in the High Priestess Card, the man in the Veil.  But he is there nevertheless.  When we reach the Veil, he will great us, and then let us through.  All the while when going through all this so to get to the other side of the Veil, we stay alive.  Once on the other side, we still will be alive.  And we are expected to return to the physical plane, once we are done manifesting.

Just like the High Priestess, we are human.  We have a human mind.  While going through the Veil, we keep our human mind.  Once beyond, however, we become even more aware of our human mind.  There, we need to let go of our human thinking.

Symbolism of the Veil

Symbolism of the Veil, is there to remind us how our human mind better understands the transcendent idea with symbols.  That region beyond the Veil is a region of consciousness “which transcends human thought”.  When we are faced with transcendental ideas, it is a good idea to transform our ideas into symbols.  Once we understand the symbol, we can formulate a ‘phrase’.  In a nutshell, this newly formulated phrase becomes powerful.  Powerful to manifest with!

I have meditated upon the Veil, and the phrase of manifestation for many years now.  I have not had many students, but those I have had usually prefer to go learn about colors and candles rather than phrase composing.  This is because, a phrase to manifest with – will not work for you if you don’t know how to compose it yourself.  Your energy is not my energy…

Some people have knowledge and understanding of how to put an impression into a phrase;  a phrase containing ideas that are at a higher level than our our own knowledge.  Some people experience great difficulty mastering phrase composition.  While other are but average at it.  That is because of their own, personal knowledge and understanding.  You need to know and understand the symbolism so to go beyond and reach the next level of knowledge and understanding.


High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
Thoth High Priestess


Some Tarot Book authors are better than I when teaching about the Veil.  MacGregor and Crowley are superb teachers of it.  However, I much prefer Dion Fortune’s book on “Mystical Qabalah”, in so far as her describing the Veil in the High Priestess Card is concerned.  Because, Dion teaches it in her own writing style which is a fine writing style that I can easily understand concepts with.

Whereas I learned it through my mother’s teachings and through my own meditations upon it, Dion Fortune gets right to it and without any traps.  So it goes without saying, that the mystery of the Veil is no big secret anymore as many Tarot Masters have written a lot about the secrets of the Veil!

Understanding the Veil

Understanding the Veil requires that your mind be able to capture its concept.  Take the time to meditate on what it stands for.  What it’s symbolism means to you, not just about what it means to other Tarot Readers.  And then, you will get “impressions” of what it may mean.  Through meditating on its symbolism, the Veil becomes a symbol for your human mind that is capable of manifestation.

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil
High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil

High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil is actually a “STOPGAP measure”.  When you see the image of the Veil in your astral mind’s eye, see the word “STOP”.  This stop prevents us from going somewhere in the astral or Astral Chakra world by combining sets of Majors Tarot Cards that are antagonistic to one another) that we simply cannot grasp with human understanding.  Suffice it to know, that the Veil (STOP) serves to stop the human subconscious from getting to the “origin of the idea that manifests what does not already exist”.

To paraphrase Dion Fortune (who took it from both MacGregor and Crowley), the Veil is erected at a certain point – so to block the Magician’s human mind from thinking about ‘the absolute’.  There is nothing the human mind cannot understand.  Our understanding knows no bounds.  But first, we need to meditate upon the Veil of Negative Existence so to fully grasp what it is all about”, Dion Fortune.

When we want to make manifest something into our environment, the Veil of Negative Existence becomes a “psychological convention” only.  It actually stands for the limits to our human knowledge and understanding.  When we want to manifest our will into our environment, we need to know and understand first, that both the physical and astral worlds we live in – is all set up the way that it is set up – so to support the human condition.

Once the Cosmos senses that we humans have manifested Chaos in our own astral and physical worlds, it gets to work right away so to restore it back to how it has always been before we changed it.  Nature does not tolerate we changing it in either the macro, nor the micro level.

When our human mind travels to the ‘Plane of Manifestation’, it unavoidably meets up with what is called “The First Cause”.  We enter the Plane of Manifestation (through the Veil), so to manifest our Will; the ego wanting what the ego wants.  And when entering the Plane of Manifestation, we become face to face with the previous existence!

By erecting our Veil (STOP), we get very strong impressions of our powers.  We are in an area of “finite consciousness”.  Our astral mind realizes that it is in need of knowledge and understanding.

To go beyond the Veil, is to go beyond the limits of our human knowledge and understanding.  It is to go beyond and into our pre-existence.  and this is well represented in the Tarot.

In Tarot, this concept is further represented by the later Majors Cards that come after the High Priestess Card.   The Veil in the High Priestess Card, is a STOP to the human mind; so it does not combine sets of Tarot Majors cards that are antagonistic to one another.  The High Priestess Tarot Card – Veil, is where the High Priestess goes to once she has drawn-down to her the light reflected upon he by the Moon.

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Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card


Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

If the Hermit could speak, he would say, “I need to go forward, but I can’t right now”.  At one point or another in our lives, we are confronted with a seemingly impossible obstacle that brings us to a dead stop. Instinctively, we try to look ahead – so to get our bearings.

At such a time in our lives, we try to get our bearings.  We try to figure out what to do next.  But first, we need to understand the true meaning of what is happening to us.

This is when we tend to isolate ourselves from everyone else.  We lick our wounds, we rest, and think, think, think.  We think allot in hope of finding a solution to our dilemma, we turn to self-help books so to research the subject and to find a better solution to our situation. Only to discover that all the while, the answer was there deep within ourselves; in our past.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

In Tarot, it is customary to interpret a card has relating to the past – when the tarot character is looking towards his left.  In this Wickwillow Hermit card, the Hermit is clearly – entirely turned towards the left side of the cards.  This indicates that the Hermit has stopped, has turned around, and his looking behind him – in the direction from where has come from.

Spending a healthy amount of time by yourself, is highly beneficial to us. It gives us dearly needed time to heal and to grow stronger. This is time spent meditating about where we come from, what path we are on now in our life, and how to go ahead – beyond our fears.  Our fears are the blocks along the way to where we want to get to.  Solitude is vital to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

When I look at the Llewellyn’s Hermit Card, I see a man lifting-up his torch – so to see into the darkness.  What does he hope to see out there in the shadows?  Is he shining his light for someone to find his way back from the shadows?  Or is he the one trying to find his way back?  The answer, my friend, is in the lit flame on the torch.

The lit flame on the torch represents ‘hope’!  Hope to return to safe-harbour, home.  You know the old saying, “let your little light shine!  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”.  When you let your little light shine, it lights the way back home, not just for other people, but for you too!

The Hermit may also represent your higher divine-self shining its light inspire your ‘ego’ with.  Your ego is very proud, it would rather not accept any help – so to be able to do what it wants – all the time.  It often gets you in trouble.  Whenever you hear yourself saying that you feel you are your own worst enemy, you can bet your ego just got you in trouble again.  That is why your divine-self tries to guide it with wisdom; it tries to give your ego a sense of direction in life.

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card

Tarot Magic:

Tarot Cards Meaning Hermit Card, is the need to go forward in our life.  In the Golden Dawn Tarot System, the Hermit card is the Ninth Key, the 20th Path.  Its magical title is the Magus of the Voice of Life.  Jupiter acting through Virgo upon Sol.  This means that there is a powerful force upon your sexual drive.  If you are getting a sense that your life is on Tilt, perhaps you may do well to meditate upon the sexual domain of your life.  Call upon the Angel of Virgo to impart wisdom upon you in that area of your life.

Tarot Affirmation:

“I look for hope in all domains of my life”.

Just like the man in the Hermit card, after a time you also will begin to feel renewed hope in your life.  You will then need to break your isolation, to share your discoveries with others. When this happens, you will reach-out to them and they will be able to reach you again.

If you can remember but one thing about The Hermit Card, remember this much. You experience the need to go beyond your fears so to reach others and to be reachable in turn. If you feel you are on Tilt right now, think, think, think with  knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card
Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card


Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card

In any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting around the world, you will always hear The Serenity Prayer. Within this prayer, are the following words: “And wisdom to know the difference”.

When I choose a Significator Card when performing a Tarot Reading for a client who admits to being an alcoholic, I choose The Strength Card to represent that sitter.  If there is one Tarot card that speaks about “the Wisdom to know the Difference”, it is the Strength Card. To be able to know the difference, you need a “rigorous honesty” with yourself – so to be able to do your personal inventory.

This is what the Strength Card is about.  Another name for the Strength Card is Fortitude (inner-fortitude).   To affect change in ourselves, in all the domains of our lives, it takes ‘fortitude’.  It takes inner-fortitude to enable both our positive and our negative energies to work together.  If we do not have inner-fortitude (backbone), then our energies go against each other; they go out of balance.

When you look deep within yourself, with rigorous honesty, you will find both your qualities and your shortcomings.   Our qualities and our shortcomings, are what our passions are made of.  Both can either serve you well, or both can cause your downfall.

Our passions can either be a positive force in our lives, or a negative one.  Both of these forces are there inside of you – pulling at you from opposite directions. This is why we need to differentiate between these two polarities – in all honesty and wisdom.  We need ‘wisdom’ so to know the difference between when we are in our negative polarity, and when we are in our positive polarity.   We need to be aware of the difference between our human side and our spiritual side.

Each human being born on this Earth has two opposing sides. A spiritual one, and an animal side. Our spiritual side is conscious of our Eternity. Our human side is aware of our animal instincts. On a daily basis, life events or issues call upon us to  choose between the both – so not to go on Tilt.

Civilization demands this of us:  that we make the difference between our spiritual, and our animal instincts (knowing right from wrong). It ‘expects of us’ to choose between doing right and doing wrong. By rejecting to look at our shortcomings, and the effect they have upon us and others, our human instincts can create chaos in our lives, and in the lives of 85 other persons around us.

Therefore, to avoid creating chaos in our lives and in the lives of those we love, we must find the inner-strength (the fortitude) to master our own passions. In this way, both your negative and your positive energies become balanced. Moreover, we become successful at true independence! Tarot Cards Meaning Alcoholics Anonymous Tarot Card reminds me of the Serenity Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer

 God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

(By Anonymous)


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Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value

Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value.  Today’s Tarot Card, is the “Ace of Cups”.  The Ace of Cups stands for placing value upon yourself, and upon your work as a Tarot Reader.  No matter if some would disagree with this.


Tarot Cards Meaning - Placing Value
Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value
Ace of Cups
Rider-Wait Tarot Deck

Ace of Cups:

I show my cup to all,

It overflows with passion

On this Summer’s Day!

(Haiku poem by: Evergreen) ©


Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value

Tarot Cards Meaning – Placing Value is controversial when it comes down to the Tarot Reader.  Not everyone is for charging a fee for doing Tarot Readings.  However, I do; and so do many other professional Tarot Readers.

Rather than just give you a list of reasons why I charge a fee for my Readings, I tell you why I do in the first place.  I do that because I place value upon my interpretations of your Cards.  I am a knowledgeable, Intuitive Tarot Reader with fifty years of experience doing that.  It may very well be that some Readers do many Readings a week more than I do; I don’t care.  I know my worth as a Tarot Reader, and I charge accordingly.

Just like you, I need to earn a living.  And the way I earn my living, is by doing Tarot Readings for people.  Tarot Reading is my one and only source of income.  This is my day job, in other words.

Perhaps by talking about myself in this area of my life, you would better understand why I do Readings in exchange for money.  We all have our reasons for getting up in the morning, and going to work for a living.  What follows, is my reason for getting up mornings.

Cups represent imagination

Cups represent imagination!  When your imagination is sparked, it helps you to augment the level of the flexibility of your emotions.  The more you are flexible emotions wise, the more fluid your thinking becomes…

There came a time in my life during which I had become complacent.  Newly married again at the age of 53, I had taken advantaged of the fact that my new husband made a good income.  I became a stay-at-home wife up and until the time my husband fell very sick and lost his job because of it.

When my husband lost his good paying job, we lived for a time on his savings.  He did get some other jobs after that, but he lost those too; for what reasons they gave him at the time.  But I somehow knew anyways that he was loosing his jobs because he was too sick to work.  Then we lived on credit and the good help from his family.

I was not using my imagination much back then.  At the time, it seemed like any solution to me getting a job outside the home – just kept getting defeated.  My husband fell sick, and I had to stay at home for his sake.

That is when I decided that I just had to do something so to bring in some money!  I then remembered how I used to do Tarot Readings before I had met him.  So I began seeing myself doing Readings for money – once more…

So I got myself a real, official Tarot Deck from online.  So I kept them near me for entire week before I found the courage to shuffle them.  I was afraid they would show me exactly how desperate our finances had become.

Taking my courage by both hands, I decided one day to shuffle my new Tarot Cards.  Instead of doing a full spread, I pulled one Tarot Card each morning for myself.  Each morning, I asked the Tarot, what should I do to bring some money into our house.  What follows, is my experience with my Cards, on my second day of pulling a Day Card for myself.

My second Day Tarot Card

My second Day Tarot Card is the Ace of Cups.  It shows to me how I am adapting to the initial shock of Hubby’s Cancer diagnosis and surgery. This card represents, for me at least, yet another new beginning in a different domain of my life. This time, in my ‘imagination’.

Even though I’ve always had a very active imagination, I would tend to daydream more than anything else. But for about four months now (at the time of writing this article), I have begun to be more ‘pro-active’ business venture wise.  Even though, a business venture belongs to my material life, the Ace of Cups is a confirmation that I’m going down the right road in that.

Indeed, I have planted ‘the seed’ of a more ‘inspired’ way of using my imagination.  Instead of just daydreaming, I now actually do place a higher value upon myself and my life.  Instead of just wallowing away the day, I have begun to transform this magickal activity (that is Reading Tarot Cards) into a more productive time spent.

Creatively speaking, I have started to urge-on – both my husband and myself.  Instead of seeing us both at the end of our rope, I now encourage Hubby to start seeing along with me – the light at the end of our tunnel.  To start looking forward along me – to beginning a brand new life together…  Click on the Light at the end of the Tunnel, to learn more about that.

Hubby got knocked down by cancer.  As if the surgery itself was not hard enough, he’s been to Hell and back because of the chemo treatments.  What chemo does, is that it kills the cancer cells.  But that is not all it kills.

Chemo kills the good cells in him – along with the bad ones.  So it’s not a long stretch of the imagination to say he is walking through the Valley of Death now.  He is my husband, so I, by default, have entered that morbid area of his life along with him.

Anybody who has ever suffered from depression, or has grieved for someone, or has been very sick or near death, understands this analogy.  I have walked through that dark valley before, so I know the way out.

Here I am again in the Valley of Death, this time to go get Hubby and to bring him out of there.  In Hubby’s Valley of Death, the valley is very deep due to chemo.  And there is a high mountain before him.  He needs to leave his Valley of Death, and to climb that high mountain before him so to get to the other side.  On the other side of that mountain, is the Valley of Life!

I will show Hubby, how to use his imagination so to find his courage once again.  I will lend him my imagination and my courage, because I have to.  I have to, so he can choose to live-on.

What highly motivates us now, is to get to the Valley of Life!  How to get my husband to find the courage to get to his Valley of Life, is to get him to dream again.  But first, he needs to start dreaming about ‘hoping again’!  He needs to dare to ‘hope’ again!  And my imagination has found enough hope for the both of us.

What gives us both hope now, is the idea of moving away together. To go and live near the beach – on the Gulf of Mexico. As No Limit Texas Holdem Poker players, we rather fancy ourselves walking on the beach there – between tournaments. It just so happens that there are casinos along the beach there on the Coast.  But I digress…

The Ace of Cups representing the past

The Ace of Cups representing the past in my life.  I had learned the Tarot back when I was a girl, from my mother and her father.  I performed Readings for paying clients.  By word of mouth, my clients came to me for Readings; and they paid me well to Read for them.  As my life changed, so did my responsibilities…

Just four months ago now, the wish for reading Tarot Cards swelled back up in my heart again. I began thinking about the cards, a lot. This time, I wanted to connect with other Tarot Readers as well as with online clients.

I did not want to read with a plain deck of playing cards anymore.  So I ordered a deck of fancy Tarot Cards.  I started studying the Tarot again; which involves reading Tarot Books that covered most of what I had forgotten down through the years.  It also meant many hours of reading and practicing… And this is where today’s card, The Ace of Cups, comes into my today.

The Ace of Cups representing today

The Ace of Cups representing today, speaks of my wish for action in my material life.  It encourages me to put my ‘today’s personal energy’ into my Readings.  Which has led me to go into a new business venture; a Tarot Reading business.

I did this in a pro-active way to provide for both my husband and myself.  Call me humble, but I don’t strive to become a superstar of the Tarot Community.  I just hope to be able to generate just enough money so not to be discouraged no more.  Once I reach that new goal of mine, then I will start imagining more and more financial goals for my Tarot Business!

Returning to doing Tarot Readings, is not only a renewed passion of mine, it is my new life! The seed to this renewed material life of mine has been planted; so to support both Hubby and I by doing Readings.  And now, I am aware also – that I have planted the seed to the imagination needed so to do exactly that!  As you can see and feel, my Tarot Cards are indeed valuable to me…  And I place value upon myself as a Tarot Reader!  I possess a renewed imagination, and a renewed hope!

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Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart - Ten of Cups
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups


Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups

I stand arms open,

Welcoming the world I live in;

On this Summer’s Day ©

(Haiku poem by:  Evergreen)


Today’s Tarot card is the Ten of Cups. It is a card with deep significance to the human heart. Let us explore together, what it means and why it is so significant to us.

Within the traditional Tarot deck, the Ten of Cups is included as a Minor Arcana card.  More specifically, within the suit of Cups. The Cups Suit represents the ‘Element of Water’. Water is ‘fluid’; flowing.

Fluidity is a quality, or state, that enables our emotions and our sentiments to flow.  Contained within our “Cup”, are our emotions and our sentiments.  They flow like as water.  When we think of water, we think of fluidity, flexibility.

The fluidity of the Cups Suit affect our daily lives, because the Cups represent Water.  Our emotions often pour into our way of thinking, over and throughout our attitudes.   Our heart rules the Suit of Cups!

Our emotions and our way of thinking profoundly influence the direction our life will take.  There is an old saying that goes somewhat like this:  “Where the heart is, so go we”.

A number “Ten”, in regards to our emotions, indicates the most we can experience emotionally.   No matter what a person says, unless he/she is a robot, a person thinks with their emotions and sentiments.  After all is said and done to explain the Ten of Cups card in Tarot, our heart express’ our self-will.

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart - Ten of Cups
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart – Ten of Cups

When I draw the Ten of Cups during a reading, I am reminded of my own self-will.  I know my ‘will’ is strong.  I like to get what I want.  I am aware of the ‘flow’ of my emotions and sentiments.

I welcome my emotions and sentiments.  I am not ashamed to say, that they are a great influence over what I think and what I want.  As a Ten of Cups myself, my emotions and sentiments form the basis with which I map out my world…

What we want, is the object of our desire. What we desire, we want to make manifest in our world. We love the jobs, the objects, the people that we desire.   The Ten of Cups says that we have reached the greatest amount of love and desire, that we can hold in our hearts.

Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart
Tarot Cards Meaning Flexible Heart

We want our love returned to us in kind.  When it is returned in kind to us, we are happy and content that the flow of our will is unobstructed!  However, the Ten of Cups represents a ‘need for flexibility’ in the domain that our heart rules over.

In a healthy, functional person, there is a ‘fair flow’ of emotions and sentiments.  We try to maintain equilibrium (balance) between how we feel and what we desire.  We want to love freely, and to be freely loved back.

It is so our love might be returned whole, that we bend a little in that domain of our lives.  When it is not, we tend to set it free; in hopes it will come back to us – freely.  And if it should ever return to us, then we need to nourish it in a different and new way for it to be happy with us.

In a reading, it is that flexibility of our Sitter’s self-will that makes the Ten of Cups so significant to them.  This is when I draw a clarification card, to see what direction the Sitter’s flexibility of the heart will take.  To see what will be the flow of emotional and sentimental energy.  And even if the Sitter will welcome it all or not…

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Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower – Ace of Wands

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Ace of Wands

I hold my wand in my hand
To manifest a new world
On this Summer’s Day
(Haiku Poem by: Evergreen) ©


Tarot Card Meaning Willpower is about the Ace of Wands. Today I have pulled the Ace of Wands as my card of the day.  It is yet another seed card for me, my third one just this past week. A coincidence? I think not.  After all, I have planted the seed of my determination; to manifest my will upon my life.

Just within the past seven days, I have drawn three seed cards.  The Ace of Pentacles, the Ace of Cups, and today – the Ace of Wands. The Ace of Pentacles, I have planted the seed to a new material life; the Ace of Cups, I have planted the seed to placing value upon my newly found sense of creativity; and today – the Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands represents my ‘willpower and my determination’. It’s a new beginning for me! A more than very welcomed new begin, by the way.  All I need do now, is to commit myself to following through in this new area of my life.  It just goes to show that, even at my age, new beginnings can be foretold by the Tarot.

I should say, most especially at my age! Especially since I am well aware that I have made a career out of getting what I wanted. I daydream, I wish something to come true; and so far, nearly all my wishes have come true!.

Given that when I wish for something to come true – it comes true for me, why did the Tarot give me “the Ace of Wands” now, this morning? Because the very way by which my will has manifested itself throughout in my life, has changed lately.

For 48 years, I read at my kitchen table like my mother before me.  I never set out looking to draw paying clients to me.  They would just show up at my door, by word of mouth.  But today, that has all changed.  My life has changed, the world has changed.

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

Lately, I no longer just sit there and wish for something to manifest itself; I am pro-active now. The definition of “my will (what I want)”, as it pertains to the Ace of Wands, is: “the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action”. And that is exactly what I’ve done recently. I’ve learned further through research and deeper study and some different kind of mentoring.

I’ve also invested money into yet another new business venture. And I’ve worked at it each and every day since! “This is the perfect card to receive for career and finances”, Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin, Around The Tarot In 78 Days: A Personal Journey Through The Cards.  If you do not want your seed to decay, then you need to actually plant it in the ground and nourish it so it will grow.

Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower
Tarot Cards Meaning Willpower

(One year later, my Ace of Wand has indeed turned into other Wands.  I have manifested my will over my environment.  Obviously, I did not plant a real life tree seed to grow my own wand.  But my husband and I did buy a house that has a tree.  And that tree has given me real wands’!  Oh and a safe place to do Tarot Readings!  Since then, my tarot business has grown too!


Tarot Affirmation:

“I have the courage to boldly go where I have not gone to before”.


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Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing

Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing, is the Ace of Pentacles in Tarot.  It may not look like much, but give it time.  It will grow, and it will provide for my basic needs.  Don’t worry, its my key to my financial freedom!


Tarot Cards Meaning - Providing
Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing
Ace of Pentacles
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing

Tarot Cards Meaning – Providing reminds me that each day suffices on to itself. “Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow does not exist.  All I have is now”, Anonymous.  However, what I invest in my today, will grow enough so I can actually spend it properly one day!

All that I have is that one little money seed that, once planted into good soil, will grow one day into something that I can put on my plate come diner time – one day!

Wasn’t it just this morning when a good friend reminded me to live in “the here and now”. To not worry about my yesterdays, nor my tomorrows; to take life “one day at a time”. And to ask the Tarot for wise counsel.  There is great wisdom in those words…

Planting the seed to your future

Planting the seed to your future is sometimes easier said than done.  If you have money to spare, invest it wisely so to make it multiply ten times fold.  If you are like me, however, you may not have a dime to your name.  Either way, the Tarot can help you see into your future so to be able to avoid making costly financial mistakes.

I’ve not a dime to my name.  My husband and I are very poor these days.  We are living on credit.  We owe more than we are worth.  And we are getting desperate…

Desperate, I turn to the Tarot for help.  Call it silly of me to do that.  But I really need to know the way out of my financial discouragement.  I am that hungry…

Indeed, in the light of this new day, I pick up my Tarot Deck. And while shuffling my cards, I ask the Tarot to tell me what it wants me to do today so I could help myself get some money coming in.

I draw one card, and one card only.  It’s the Ace of Pentacles – which comes as no surprise to me.  I take it as a confirmation of what my good friend told me earlier this morning.

The Ace of Pentacles

I have what I need

to provide well for my future

this fine Summer’s Day

(Haiku Poem by:  Evergreen) ©

The Ace of Pentacle speaks louder than words!  It reminds me that I have already planted the ‘seed’ to providing for my material life. So, I am looking at what is on my plate today.  That meager, little seed…

What is on my plate today

What is on my plate today, is another way of saying that – that is all I have to work with now.  That little seed may not look like much – to some.  It is my light at the end of the tunnel.  Click on “the light at the end of the tunnel” to read more about how to get out from being discouraged.

It is meager pickings indeed, this one little money seed of mine.  I planted it in good soil, under the sun – years ago now, but I had stopped nourishing and watering it entirely.  So, my little seed died…

But when you go to the store to buy seeds, you don’t just buy just one seed.  It comes in a package, with many other seeds of the same kind.  And so it is with ‘money seeds’.

Obviously I use ‘money seeds’ as an analogy.  There really isn’t any ‘money seeds’.  But the Ace of Spades, is the seed to my material life; to my financial life.  It stands for ‘providing’ for my material life; my financial life.

Planting a money seed

Planting a money seed, because I drew the Ace of Pentacles.  I literally ordered some seeds from an online store.  lol…

When my package of seeds arrived, I used magickal thinking; and went outside.  In my mind’s eye, I planted a brand new money seed!  It has not even started growing yet.  But I did plant it into good ground, and in a nice shiny area of my garden.

I’ve planted that little seed for what now seems to me – an eternity ago.  But it is still there.

Still, what already is on my plate now (so to speak), is the Ace of Pentacles planted in my yesterdays.  It just felt natural to me – to plant the seed of my financial future. But that is in the past, the past has gone…  Yet, that little seed is on my plate anyways – all according to the Tarot Card I drew for myself today .

My today is very poor.  Today, my life is about providing for both my husband’s future and mine.  In this Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card, I can also see my tomorrow.  No matter how much tomorrow does not exist.

When reality strikes

When reality strikes, it comes as a total shock!  You can wish it all away, and not look at it anymore.  But it will come back to hit right in the middle of the forehead.

Just this past March, I suffered a deep shock. I had become complacent when it came down to providing for my material needs – much less for someone else’s.  And that was a big mistake on my part!

I had went and married a man who commanded a comfortable income.  In fact, it was more than well above middle class income range…

There was no real need for me to go out to work.  My husband loved bringing me along with him on his business trips.  I got to travel from State to State in a company car, all expenses paid on the company business credit card.  We stayed at five-star hotels; we ate three meals a day at five-star restaurants.  I shopped at five-star boutiques!

Thing is, I had placed myself in the financial position of total dependency upon my husband.  After all, he provided comfortably for the both of us. Trickling down from him to me, was the business class life style.

I guess you can say, I did have some money of my own though.  I married my Poker Master! I mad final tables – seven out of ten times in the big and small tournament rooms of the No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments.  We played both online and at the best Casinos.  Hubby and I loved our life together.  Until all that started to slip through my fingers…

What happened to us was, Hubby got diagnosed with both Dementia and a sever alcohol addiction.  By the time he got diagnosed, it was too late for me to put a stop to what he was doing to us.  He had already ruined us both financially…

I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say, the devil is so in the details.  We lost our shirts, we had become beggars – at his family’s mercy.

Then an oncologist told us that Hubby had cancer.  He needed expensive cancer surgery and treatments. I felt powerless to do anything, I had no control over Hubby’s denial of his physical and mental situation.

Yes, I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, the devil is in the details when it comes down to elderly and religious abuse.  Realizing this, I knew that I needed to step up to the plate.  Overnight, I had become entirely responsible for the both of us now…  Thank god for credit cards!

After everything had been said and done, Hubby underwent cancer surgery at the local Military Hospital.  Thank god for Veterans Affairs and the help they give to the Veterans!  But seeing him there in the Intensive Care Unit of the Military Hospital, I realized I could lose him. I felt a great emotional shock.  It felt like a sledgehammer hitting me in the forehead…

But that was then, and this is now.  My little seed to my material life (the Ace of Pentacles), represents to me at least – my gift for doing Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings.  My gift for doing Tarot Readings brought some money into the house.

So, I picked up the phone, and I got myself a Business Website, and this business blog. I started a ‘Tarot Reading Business’!  And I decided to let tomorrow take care of itself.  Living in the here and now, providing for myself gives me hope for Hubby’s and my tomorrows…

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