Tarot Cards Couples Magician – Strength

Tarot Cards Couples  Magician - Strength Couple
Tarot Cards Couples Magician – Strength Couple


Tarot Cards Couples  Magician – Strength Couple represents one of the ideal married couples in Tarot.    When the Magician and Strength Cards show up in a spread together, side by side and in this order, they are meant for each other.  It is a marriage that will last!

Married life has its difficulties; sometimes shit happens.  However, the Core Energies of both the Magician and Strength joined together – form a solid foundation that can weather out the storms in life.  Although they like to do their own thing as individuals, they do make a great team.  They have each other’s back.  They will make it together – through thick and thin.

Each one of the two, bring to their union a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of their individual capabilities.  Together, they form the type of relationship in which each one of the individuals bring the equal and proper amount of character and feelings that complements the another.  Both are motivated.

When the Magician Card pairs up with the Strength Card, he gets the sense that she has a great aptitude to stand by him.  She has what it takes to help him face his own Lion – when the time comes for him to do so.  She brings to him the courage and bravery that is necessary to do a deep introspection of himself.  In this way, she completes him.

The Magician wants to become his own man.  He is imaginative and smart.  He is experimenting to become the type of man who can manifest his will in his environment.  He wants to be able to transform himself in such a way that he will find success in his endeavors.  To do so, he must know and understand himself more deeply.  He sees in his wife, the Strength Card, the person who knows and understands herself deeply; and who can bring to him those qualities.

While Strength wants to meet adversity head-on, she wants to lead the Lion.  To bring her efforts and her skills into alignment with her will, she needs to stay emotionally balanced.

To do so, she needs the Magician to bring his imagination and his smarts so to help her visualize a happy future for herself.  She sees in him a man who is going somewhere in life, and who will help get somewhere too.  He brings to her those qualities necessary for her to realize her goals in life.

“Together, as a couple, they are a balanced couple with great aptitudes”, Alexandro Jodorowsky.  Together, the Magician and Strength find self-knowledge, and a profound sense to their individual lives.  Together, they are powerful!

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