Tarot Cards Couples Magician – Strength

Tarot Cards Couples  Magician - Strength Couple
Tarot Cards Couples Magician – Strength Couple


Tarot Cards Couples  Magician – Strength Couple represents one of the ideal married couples in Tarot.    When the Magician and Strength Cards show up in a spread together, side by side and in this order, they are meant for each other.  It is a marriage that will last!

Married life has its difficulties; sometimes shit happens.  However, the Core Energies of both the Magician and Strength joined together – form a solid foundation that can weather out the storms in life.  Although they like to do their own thing as individuals, they do make a great team.  They have each other’s back.  They will make it together – through thick and thin.

Each one of the two, bring to their union a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of their individual capabilities.  Together, they form the type of relationship in which each one of the individuals bring the equal and proper amount of character and feelings that complements the another.  Both are motivated.

When the Magician Card pairs up with the Strength Card, he gets the sense that she has a great aptitude to stand by him.  She has what it takes to help him face his own Lion – when the time comes for him to do so.  She brings to him the courage and bravery that is necessary to do a deep introspection of himself.  In this way, she completes him.

The Magician wants to become his own man.  He is imaginative and smart.  He is experimenting to become the type of man who can manifest his will in his environment.  He wants to be able to transform himself in such a way that he will find success in his endeavors.  To do so, he must know and understand himself more deeply.  He sees in his wife, the Strength Card, the person who knows and understands herself deeply; and who can bring to him those qualities.

While Strength wants to meet adversity head-on, she wants to lead the Lion.  To bring her efforts and her skills into alignment with her will, she needs to stay emotionally balanced.

To do so, she needs the Magician to bring his imagination and his smarts so to help her visualize a happy future for herself.  She sees in him a man who is going somewhere in life, and who will help get somewhere too.  He brings to her those qualities necessary for her to realize her goals in life.

“Together, as a couple, they are a balanced couple with great aptitudes”, Alexandro Jodorowsky.  Together, the Magician and Strength find self-knowledge, and a profound sense to their individual lives.  Together, they are powerful!

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Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings


Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings is the first article in my series on The Couples of The Tarot.  These couples are also called Pairings.  However, these parings are of the marital relationship kind.  They are not Lovers – they are husband and wife.  Another way of understanding The Couples in Tarot is to call them “Duets”.  Nevertheless, that can get rather complicated and difficult to differentiate in this type of role.

Hello there Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook people asking for articles on Pairings in Tarot.  Tarot Readers are often asked to do Love Relationship Readings.  So I thought it would be interesting for us to look at The Couples in Tarot, as they are pairings.  Also, I thought to help us make the difference between the couples, and other pairings in Tarot.

As I have sung in Choirs my life long, I thought singing makes a great example to understand the difference between a “Duet” and a “couple”.  Let us begin.

You have heard this old lover’s saying before:  “let’s make sweet music together”.  This comes from the music term, “Duet”.  According to Wikipedia, “A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which – the performers have equal importance to the piece.  ‘Duet’ describes a composition involving two singers.  It differs from a harmony, as the performers take turns performing a solo section – and not performing simultaneously”.

In Tarot, a ‘Duet’ is an energy that forms a mutual dependency.  The cards that are Duets, share a profound bond.  They are an echo of each other.  They come out of our conscious life, and even out of our sub-conscious life.  “They go well together because they pair up together as a result of everyday concerns”, Alexandro Jodorowsky, The Way of the Tarot – The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings, the ‘Metaphysical Tarot Couples’ represent “The Male-Female Relationship”.  Each individual forming the couple brings to each other their individual energy.  Just like at the opera, when a couple stands on stage together, their individual energies affect each other as well as us – the spectators.

Unlike the ‘Duets, we would expect ‘the Couples’ to sing harmoniously together.  Together, the individual energies of the couple could create either a harmonious collaboration, or an all-out World War five-thousand – for center stage.  This will not only affect each other, it will also affect us spectators.

Each one of the individual characters of the Major Arcana can decide to pair up with another Major Arcana Card so to form a Tarot Couple.  In a reading, when we spot one of these couples, we are to interpret it as an injection of two separate and distinct Core Forces coming together as one into the relationship.  This means that either they will work well together on the stage of life, or they will not.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that “The Fool Card and The World Card” represent the ideal Couple in Tarot.  However, “for the Reading to be about them as a Couple, these two cards need to be right next to each other (side by side, and in this order)”, Alexandro Jodorowsky.  The order in which this couple presents itself in the Spread is crucial to the interpretation of these two cards, and of the entire spread.

The Fool Card and The World Card represent a “very powerful metaphysical couple”.  They form the perfect pair.  The people in their environment say about them being together, that they make a perfect match.  They are drawn to each other like drops of water.  They are twin flames.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that in the beginning, The Fool had something in mind.  Along his journey, he kept that thought at the back of his mind.  And he had a one track mind.

When The Fool was first thinking about setting out on his life’s journey, he made up a plan for the course of his life.  His plan was to be happily successful in all domains of his life.  This then makes our Fool’s Journey all about pursuing the fulfillment of his goal to be happy and content with his life.

Our Fool wants to be fulfilled in all domains of his life.  In particular, besides the obvious material area of the Fool’s life, he had an ideal women in mind.  His plan included to make room in his life for this ideal women!

He hoped to go out and get her.  In his mind’s eye, his dream women would be “The One”.  He expected that “The One” would make him feel complete.  Some might call “The One”, his better half.  To feel completed by our other half is a ‘Universal Human Need.  Our happiness results from its fulfillment.

In the areas of his Spirito-sentimento-economico life, The Fool first sets out upon his Journey.  He thinks he could find  find his Soul mate.  Soul mate is another word for Twin flame.  The World Card represents the Fool’s Soul mate.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings agrees with Mr. Jodorowski in saying that, if and when The Fool is lucky enough to spot The World Card (The One), he will run to be with her.  He will go over there, over hill, and everywhere to be with her.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

Whereas, The World card will already have her Fool Card in her sights.  She will not go to him.  However, she is indeed receptive to him.  She, in turn, intuitively knows that The Fool is her Twin flame, her soul mate, The One.  This knowledge safely tucked away, she simply has to wait for him.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple - Evergreen Readings
Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings

In order to attract The Fool like a bear to honey, The World will dance for him.  She wants him to see her receptiveness to him.  She wants him to know beyond any doubt, that she is receptive to him.  She wants him to be brave and courageous enough to run to her with the full knowledge that she will let him in.  And to top it all off, what she wants concerning The Fool goes much deeper than those already mentioned.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings says the question about The World Card’s wants begs to be asked.  What does The World Card really want then?  The World Card really wants The Fool Card to be fully aware of the reason why she will let him in.

In a nutshell, The World Card does not want a chicken-shit who is a scaredy-cat.  She is not receptive to a man who will not give his full commitment to a live-long relationship with her.  She wants her marriage to him to be one that will be made accountable before others.  In other words, The World Card want to be his entire World.  She wants him to jump of the Planet Mars, to come live with her permanently on her planet – Venus!

After everything has been said and done, let us give full credit to The World Card.  She is aware that The Fool Card, with her help, will stop endlessly spinning around his staff.  She offers herself to him, so to get him to finally settle down with her, and to be the father of her babies with him – on the Planet Venus.

Tarot Cards Couples Fool World Couple – Evergreen Readings explains that The Fool Card needs to be clearly understood too!  The Fool Card truly loves The World Card, because of her devoted energy she brings to him (in return for his marital commitment to her).  With The World Card’s Core Energy, The Fool Card will realize the accomplishment of his life plan for himself.  With “The One”, he fulfills his goal for happiness…

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