Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship is about Tarot Readers doing spells.  Not only do Tarot Readers read Tarot Cards, many also do spell work with them. Sometimes, the Reader gets a great outcome from her casting a spell, sometimes not.

Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  People pay me good money to do a tarot Relationship Reading, a Love Spell, or a Curse.  They also often pay me to find out when another Reader’s predictions, spell, or curse will finally start working for them.  So I thought I would write this blog article about my experience with that.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Just last evening, a women client of mine paid me good money to do a Relationship Reading for her.  Her question was “Will my boyfriend break up with her, and if so – when”?  She refused to elaborate any further than that.  However, it has been my experience, that once I start doing the reading with this type of question, the client then will clarify her question.

As a Tarot Reader with over fifty years of performing Readings, I read within my comfort zone.  My comfort zone as a Reader is reading with both the knowledge of the cards and my Intuition.  I’ve been describing myself as an Intuitive Reader, but I’ve changed that.  To describe myself as a Tarot Reader can get rather sticky.

I am not comfortable describing myself other than to say I am a Tarot Reader, or an Intuitive Reader.  Because, I would have to say that I am a ‘Telepath’.  Being a Telepath, nowadays, is not very popular at all.  So instead, now I have started to say that I am a Psychic.  But that is not quite correct either.

A Telepath just so happens to have psychic, clairvoyant, and Intuitive skills.  She is Clair-visual, Clair-auditory, Clair-olfactif, Clair-gustative, Clair-sensing; it is common to be both outwardly and inwardly.  However, the appellation ‘Psychic’ is starting to grow on me.

Since I was a girl, people called me crazy because they were afraid of what I might tell them.  Not everyone wants to know what I can understand about him or her.  Moreover, I cannot say as I blame them actually.

A person’s privacy is a basic human need.  The average person normally holds dearly to their private thoughts and feelings.  As I am no longer a child anymore; I have since then learned how to shield myself from people’s thoughts and feelings.  I respect and honor people’s most intimate thoughts and feelings, so I never go there – unless the person deliberately asks me to.

Before I begin performing a Tarot Reading, I advise my client I might tune-in to them psychically or intuitively.  I never continue with the reading unless I have their consent first.  Last evening, a client gave me her consent to do so.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship, speaks of the average first time client.  The average Tarot Client kinda sorta already guesses at the fact, that witches also read tarot cards.  My first time client of last evening, was no exception.  At first she wanted a Relationship Reading, asking “will her boyfriend breakup with her, and when”?  She really insisted that I understand that she really wanted him to be a breakup with her.

Mid-way through the reading, she insisted I give her the exact day and the exact time that he will breakup with her.  After all, the Tarot Reader before me – had guaranteed her that he would be the one doing the breaking-up.  She had even told her the day and time of the breakup.  However, in my reading, there was no firm and final breakup.  Nor was there a day, nor a time of day of the breakup.  This is when the Querent revealed to me that the day and the time had gone by, with no breakup.  They were still officially together!

My Querent felt ambivalent about continuing the relationship with him.  On one hand, she wanted to breakup with him.  On the other, she did not really want the relationship to end.  She still loved him, but was disappointed in him.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship
Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship relates to you what had happened.  What had happened with her previous Tarot Reader was, that the client had her do a ‘breakup’ spell for her.  A spell that would make him do the breaking-up – at a specific day and time.  But the client kept going to see him anyways – to get him to go back to here.  Which he did…

In other words, the Spell requested of the previous Reader, was not exactly what she would have truly wanted.  She paid her to do a spell, that neither one of them truly wanted.

solitary practitioner Evergreen
solitary practitioner Evergreen

Because the spell was not exactly what the client really want, it went against the clients free will and against he boyfriend’s free will. This cause bad Karma to come back to the Witch/Tarot Reader.  And I’m the Witch/Tarot Reader has a defense against that happening to her after she casts a spell.  So now, spiders afflict both the client and her boyfriend.  The client had to get shots due to multiple spider bites; she now has a spider infestation.  I highly suggested to the client that she phones her previous Tarot Reader, to apologize and to ask her to remove her curse and her banishing spell.  If she can’t, my new client will pay me to fix it all for all parties concerned; the witch, the client and her boyfriend.  Oh and by the way, my new client knows that I am not beyond defending myself too!…  She knows I am Evergreen, a Solitary Practitioner.

Tarot Card Spells Love Relationship warns Tarot Readers who cast spells for money.  Before agreeing to do a spell for money, a Tarot Reader would be well advised to enter into ‘rapport’ with her client.  If there is no rapport, the reader will not get a ‘deep sense of knowing’ during the performance of the reading.

When a Querent refuses to give us all the facts, prior to a reading, it is because they just want us to convince them – in the first place – that we are for real.  On one hand, they believe in our powers, yet not really believe on the other.  A Querent, or the client of a spell may not fully understand how a spell actually works.  It is our responsibility as a Reader, or as a Witch, or an occultist, to make sure we get the correct info before doing spell work.

Generally speaking, a Hex is a spell or a bewitchment.  It can be a bad or a good Hex.  It can be inflicted or removed.  A jinx is bad luck.  I.e. losing a set of keys, or a wallet, or getting a flat tire.  A curse is a malevolent spell.  It can affect people with bad luck, misfortune, ill-health.

A Love Spell, goes against the person’s will.  It is to place under a Witches control, the sentiments of another person.  A Break-up Spell does the exact same thing as the Love Spell, but in the opposite direction.  It causes the person not to have a positive regard for the client.

No matter what kind of spell you are asked to perform as a Tarot Reader, be responsible.  Beforehand, know your client well enough.  Be sure that her intention is clear to both you and her.

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