Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell helps you to bring someone else’s love to you.  Whether it is a forbidden love that you must not want and that keeps evading your efforts, or whether it is a love denied you and rejecting you; and after all is said and done – the heart wants what it wants.  You can call love to you by doing a ‘Drawing Love Tarot Spell’ and a ‘Attracting Love Tarot Talisman’ so to get the last punch at a successful love attraction!


Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell

Drawing Love Tarot Spell and Talisman, is what it is, what it is.  It is a combination Tarot Love Spell and a Tarot Love Talisman that I have personally created and now share with you.  You may use it, but it is mine 🙂  And if you should use it,  use it only as a last-ditch attempt so to ‘attract his love’ to you – anyways!


“The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here
The future that we hold is so unclear
But I’m not alive until you call
And I’ll bet the odds against it all
Save your advice ’cause I won’t hear
You might be right but I don’t care
There’s a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants
The heart wants what it wants

You got me scattered in pieces
Shining like stars and screaming
Lighting me up like Venus
But then you disappear and make me wait
And every second’s like torture
Hell over trip, no more so
Finding a way to let go
Baby, baby, no I can’t escape”

(Part of the words to the “The heart wants what it wants song”, by Celina Gomez)


The heart wants what it wants

The heart wants what it wants! And you know what they say.  They say, that where the heart goes, so do you.  When you truly want someone, then you will go there – even if desperate.

However, a Tarot Spell and a Tarot Talisman does this complete contrary.  It helps to bring his love to you!  Instead of you going out of your way to go to him as if a beggar, he comes to you…  But how does a Spell and Talisman work?

Aleister Crowley said that doing magic is “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will”.  In other words, you cause to change his neglect and rejection of you – into his paying attention to you, and wanting you enough so to go to you.

MacGregor Mathers, a prominent ceremonial magician himself, explains magic this way.  Mr. MacGregor said that, Magic is “the science of the control of the secret forces of nature”.  Even Wiccans believe in magick..  Wiccans say of magick, that it is “to  a law of nature, as yet misunderstood or disregarded by contemporary science”.

For an Invocation, a Spell, and a Talisman to work for real, you must believe rock-solid in your powers to drawing love to you.  Wanting the love that you want, and placing your hope in it, is crucial for this to work properly for you!  For without wanting to get in that lucky last punch, and without hope and faith in your own powers, then it is all for not.  So want it hard enough, hope for it hard enough, and you will be successful at drawing the love you want to you!

If you can’t seem to make your Spell and Talisman work for you, then you may want to consider having someone else do it for you.  When performing Tarot Magic for someone else, there can be no 100% guarantee given.  However, before asking a Spell Worker or Crafter to do this kind of Spell for you, ask her if she even tried this for herself, and if it worked for her.  This then gives you a pretty good idea if she is good or not at crafting Spells and Talismans.  And always keep at the front of your mind, that you are soliciting her help so to draw the love you want to you…

Tarot Spell for drawing love to you

Tarot Spell for drawing love to you is done to ‘invoke’, and to draw love to you.  (It is assumed here, that you know about Invocations, Spell Crafting, and Talismans).  The following combination of Cards in this Spread, is used to Invoke the powers that be of Love, then to draw Love to you, and finally to use this Tarot Spell as a Tarot Talisman.


Disclaimer, yes there must be.  This combination of cards, may seem at first glance like grasping at straws.  And indeed it is doing exactly that.  When your love and desires get rejected by the one your heart wants, don’t count on there being a compromise in the battle going on with the two of you.  That is futile.

However, if you want to get the last punch, be aware that your victory may not be enduring.  Nevertheless, if you feel that it is worth continuing the battle to finally get him, continue the effort by using this particular spell.  Why this Spell?  Because both the Sun and the Moon are at play 🙂

When to do this Invocation and  Spell?  At the break of dawn, on a Sunday morning; in February, at the latest in March, if you desire to get pregnant and have a happy pregnancy.

The cards are conveniently numbered for you to follow along with the given instructions.  In this example, I used Rider Wait Tarot Cards.


Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Drawing Love Tarot Spell
Love Talisman with Rider Waite Tarot Cards


The Cards you will need to do this Spread with, are the five of Swords; the Six of Swords; and the Seven of Swords.  And the Sun Card.

1 –  The First Card you place in this Tarot Spread, is the Sun Card in the first position.  This is the ‘Invocation Card’ that you need to invoke the powers that be in favor of Love flourishing freely.

The Solar Roman Sun God flourishes “the basic expression of the person.  On the Tree of Life, the Sun Card is the “God made manifest in the sphere of the mind.  And that the idea that knowledge is power”.  It is also the Card of “Light, Life, Liberty, and Love”.

In this Spread, the Son Card represents you ‘the querent’.  It is also the The Arch Angel to invoke by day, so to do this Love Spell with, Michael – “the archangel of Sol”.

2 –  Once you have Invoked the powers of the Sun Card upon yourself, you are then ready to do the Love Spell itself.

Place the Five of Swords Card in the number two position:  Defeat.  This so to start telling the story of your lack of success in regards to what your heart wants.  And of expressing to the Sun Card, that you want to conquer and win his heart and desires.  That you wish to dominate him.  And place the color Bright Scarlet upon this card.

3 –  In position 3, place the Six of Swords.  The science of dominance in this matter.  Say something to the effect, that you need focus, clear-focus.  Now visualize the both of you on the same page in the matters of the heart.  And place the color Yellow on it.

4 –  And then place the Seven of Swords Card, in position 4.  This is the position of “getting in the last punch in the battle of what your heart wants.  And it wants him to come to you..

Visualize yourself finally getting him.  And place the color Silver on this last cards, representing the energy of the Moon reflecting upon him.  You are using your last reserve of energy to get him; and he is now there in your arms!  The last punch, is your lucky punch!

Your attracting love to you Talisman

Your attracting love to you Talisman, is the above ‘Tarot Spread for drawing love to you’ – that you just created.    You can place it in a frame to hang up on your wall, near your altar.  Be sure to keep the colors on the cards…

Just to be clear about what the heart wants, listen to Celina Gomez who expresses this better than I ever could.

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