Tarot Card Meaning Empress

Tarot Card Meaning Empress, means ‘Cultivation’.  Cultivation is about The Empress Tarot Card.  The Empress, in the Tarot, is a woman of power who harvests what she has sowed.  She stores her abundant thought energy, to share it with the children.


Tarot Card Meaning Empress
Tarot Card Meaning Empress


Tarot Card Meaning Empress

Tarot Card Meaning Empress, Cultivation.  When I look at the Empress in this Empress Card of the Wizard’s Tarot Deck, I am reminded of my adoption mother.  Mom took in children who were not her own.  Often abandoned or neglected, we ended up at her house.  Mom took us in, at all cost to herself and to her husband.

We kids had nothing when we all went to live at Mom’s house.  We did not have a dime to our names.  All we had was the clothes on our backs.  However, not for long.

Mom always managed to find us new kids some clothes.  She found each one of us a bed to sleep in.  And Dad made sure that we each even had our very own Orange Sunshine Cup!

Somehow, there was always a place for everyone of us at Mom’s kitchen table.  Somehow, come first day of school, we all had school clothes, shoes, books, and crayons to write with…  I really do not know how Mom managed to do all that for us, because Mom was a stay at home mom.   Dad worked three jobs of course, so to provide for us all.  Both Mom and Dad were always exhausted come bedtime.

Mom nurtured us children, and showered us with her motherly love and affection.  She did not want us to be deprived of a  mother’s love; she loved us for our own mother’s sake.  She transformed the situation we had been in – into a life of abundance.

Mom passed away when she was seventy years old.  At her funeral, 500 people signed their names in the funeral home’s registry book.  The priest that said her funeral high mass, and all who had signed the registry book – all called my adoption mother “Mom”!  Those calling her Mom, included all the children she had taken in to her motherly heart, and their mother’s.  For their mother’s had been one of Mom’s kids too!  Even several of her good-children.

Tarot Card Meaning Empress – Cultivation, sends accolades to today’s Moms! Today’s Moms have to go to work just like everybody else.  They are nourishing and are creative in the workplace, in their communities, and at home too.  They literally have to do it all.

Just like Mom, the Empress Card in the Tarot also represents all mothers.  They have mental creativity, and an active intelligence.  They are great at brainstorming, and at turning lemons into lemonade.  Historically, mother’s and grandmothers alike – are always ready to push their limits.

From the metaphysical perspective is about The Mother archetype.  The Mother archetype nurtures and creates through an abundance of thoughts.  In Tarot, she is from the Column of Light.  She manifests life-giving thought energy.  These women have an open door policy.  Their doors are always open to those who enter there – to learn from them.

Place the Empress Card on your altar.  Meditate on your desire to nurture and to create abundantly.  Become aware of your creative thinking.  You may also want to ask yourself who do you know that is a powerhouse of thinking energy.  Whom can you learn from, so to brainstorm with creative ideas you could put into action?

Repeat the following Tarot Affirmation:

“I nurture what I imagine in my mind”.

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