Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

Samhain:  Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

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Hello fellow Tarot Readers.  This blog post is part of the Mid-fall/Samhain 2015 Tarot Blog Hop.  Our Tarot Blogger’s group is posting about how to use your Cards to “Commune, Communicate, and Commemorate with those who have gone on before us through the Veil”.


Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate



Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Samhain falls on the 1st of November.  It is now Mid-Fall; the weather is colder, nearly all the leaves have fallen from the trees.  It is now the last of the three harvests.

Samhain represents ‘The Thinning of the Veil’.  On November 1st of each year, the Veil separating the Living from the Dead is at its thinnest.  This is when communicating with the Dead is at its more powerful.

At Samhain more than on any other day of the year, we Tarot Mediums get messages from the Dearly Departed who has crossed over before us.  We do this by doing ‘Mediumship Tarot Readings’ – so to better commune, communicate, and commemorate our own deceased loved ones as well as those of our Tarot Clients.


At Samhain, we can better commune with our deceased loved ones.  To commune means to share and receive communications.  As a good Tarot Medium can receive messages from the dead – all year round, the following question begs to be asked:  “But why especially at Samhain?”  The answer to this question lies in the meaning of the word “Samhain” itself.

Samhain is a Celtic word.  Taken from the Celtic language, Samhain changes into ‘All Saints’- in English.  Translated into French, Samhain means “La Tous Saints”.  This indicates that there is something out of the ordinary happening on All Saints Day!!!  Historically, On ‘All Saints Day’ (La Tous Saints), there occurs a mystical thinning of the Veil.  So that on that special day, we mediums can share and receive messages from dead people more than we would normally.

Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

Communing with the Dead is part of my French-Canadian cultural background.  You would be correct in saying, that we French-Canadians have a ‘Death Faith’.  As descendants of the Keltic-Bretons, our religion is firmly grounded in our dead ancestors.

As a cultural group, French-Canadians make no distinction between the dead and the living.  If one day Christianity disappears from our culture, we will still be religious.  We will still have our faith grounded in the ‘Land of the Dead’, and in our ancestors who dwell there.  Both the Land of the Dead and our ancestors who dwell there, are at the root of the Ancestor Magic we craft and practice in our daily lives.

Having explained this much, I am sure you can now better understand me as a Mediumship Tarot Reader.   As Keltic-Bretons, we French-Canadians are always aware of our deceased loved ones.  However, at Samhain, that awareness becomes sharper.

Because of the Veil, the average person’s consciousness is less aware of the spirits that walk amongst us every day.  However, on ‘All Saints Day’ when the Veil is thinner, the average Consciousness becomes – even more aware of them than on any other day.  On All Saints Day, our ability to communicate with the spirits – becomes ‘more attuned’.

‘The Samhain super-sensitive awareness of the spirits that walk among us’, actually lasts from November 1st up to January 5th.  After January 5th, this super-sensitivity to the presence of the Dead goes back down to its normal level of attunement.  Once it returns to normal, we Keltic-Bretons (as do the many other cultural groups) remain aware of our deceased loved ones – but just much less than during the thinning of the Veil itself.


Spirits can show themselves to us anytime they want to, all year round.  They can communicate with us anytime they want to, all year round.  However, at Samhain, we humans become even more super-capable (attuned).  We then are more tuned-in for Channeling.  On a personal note, it is an honor people do me to let me participate in their communicating with their dearly departed.

Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

When you do Mediumship Tarot Readings, you are channeling a message from the Dead.  You can both send and receive a message to the Departed.  The Channeling Spread is great for Mediumship Tarot Readings!

The Cup in this Spread represents the Golden Grail; it is a holy cup.  It serves as a mystical bridge between the Living and the Dead.  When channeling, it is my to-go-to spread.  I did not create this spread; because several tarot authors lay claim to it, I cannot for sure say who invented it.

I use this particular Spread because I suffer less of an energy drain when using this one.  I find it easier with this one, to visualize myself creating a bridge from my side of the veil to the side of the spirits.  Click on the Golden Grail link in the previous paragraph to get this spread.

Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

To perform Tarot Mediumship Readings, one must have heard the call.  Those of us, who hear the call to communicate with the dead, become (conscious) of something beyond the here and now.  This means that we have a deep sense of knowing about it.  We not only know it, we understand it.

In his book The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards, Alejandro Jodorowsky also explains the meaning of the Judgement card:  “as the deep nature of a person called to consciousness”.  “You hear the call of the Trumpet when a force defying death is at work”.  To go to the Judgement Card, click on the above Judgement Card link.


The Breton Witch Gaia, a cousin of the Druidesses. This picture Gaia was taken by a French journalist - in Bretagne
The Breton Witch Gaia, a cousin of the Druidesses. This picture Gaia was taken by a French journalist – in Bretagne

The Celtic-Bretons first came to the New France from Brittany – during the 1600’s to the 1700’s in hopes of finding the land of liberty.  In french, ‘Brittany’ translates to ‘La Bretagne’ (Breton).  We are the cousins of the Druidesses.

Before the Christian Conquests of Brittany, the Bretons were descendants of the ancient Celts.  This is why the Druids ruled our religious beliefs.  As the cousins of the Druidesses, we believed that the spirits walked among us.  We were, and still are today, and this no matter where we are in the world now, highly aware of the spirits of our deceased loved-ones.

To this day, here in North America, Spirits are part of the Breton’s daily lives.  Growing up as a girl, La Tous Saint (All Saints, Samhain) was a day for commemorating our dead family members and relatives.  It was a time of the Feast of the Dead in many cultures as well as in our own.

I remember my adoption mother, may she rest in peace, would bring me to the cemetery on La Tous Saints (All Saints Day/Samhain.  There, we would go to each of the Tombstones where her family was buried.  She said it was so to ‘remember’ them on that specific day of the year.  At each one, she would read the name aloud to me.

We Bretons believe that the spirits of our ancestors surround us and live with among us.  She would tell me each one of their names and stories so I would get to know them and remember them…  Down through the years, she told me their names and stories so very often, that it felt as if I had personally known them during all my life.


Mom and Dad's tombstone
Mom and Dad’s tombstone


Samhain (All Saints Day/La Tous Saint) was for my mother – the “Day of Remembrance”.  A day of remembering those in her family who had crossed over to the other side of the Veil before her.  Now that I am all grown up, I remember them as well.

The evening before, on ‘Halloween’, Mom would dress us kids in costumes representing the ‘Spirits’ that walked among us.  She would carve-out a pumpkin that represented those spirits.  She would place a candle inside that pumpkin, to ‘keep a light on’ for our deceased relatives; so they could readily find their way back home to her.  The candy she would give out represented ‘the sweet memories we held of them’.  Special prayers were recited for the sake of their souls, so to encourage their acceptance into Heaven (Hether).

The next morning after Halloween, on All Saints Day (Samhain), she would cut the apples we children had collected the night before.  She would make apple pies out of them; the apples were part of the harvest. The candy collected was sorted, and dispersed among us – her children, all according to each one of our age groups.  This represented our own contribution to Harvest of the crone.  (To read about the Harvest of the crone click on the link)


all saints at cemetary
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate


For Mom, La Tous Saint (All Saints Day, Samhain) was all about the thinning of the Veil.  She told me that on November 1st, the veil was very thin and that caused our heightened awareness of the spirits among us.  Mom told me she could hear, see, and sense them in her house and around town (not just at the cemetery).

Her commemorating them went on until January 5th.  In Canada, Thanks Giving is around October 12.  On that day, she served us a Turkey at lunch and at dinner.  With mashed potatoes, carrots, green peas, red beats, salad with tomatoes and sliced cucumbers.  For dessert, apple pie of course!  For Mom, this represented the abundance of her crone’s Harvest.  Of course, there was always an empty chair at her table for a deceased loved one.

Mom always served the same festive meal when the family gathered.  This, at Christmas too.  At Christmas, there were no gifts under our Christmas tree.  Mom said it was not our way, because we celebrated Yule instead.  She referred to Yule Tide as the night of the spirits of the past, spirits of the present, and of the future.  Spirits of the past, the present, and of the future were of serious concern for Mom.

On the morning of January 5th, was when I got my presents.  Dad placed a gift for each one of us under our decorated pine tree.  The presents represented the Three Magi who brought gifts along with them upon their travels.  It was the last day of the thinned Veil.  The last day of heightened attunement to spirits.  The last day of commemorating our loved ones and relatives, that had crossed the Veil before us!




Many years ago, Mom crossed over to the other side of the Veil – before me.  She taught me not only the Marseille Tarot and the Lenormand, she also taught me about Mediumship.  Mediumship is not just communicating with deceased loved ones.  For us of the Celtic-Bretons, it is also part of our ancestor magic practices.

Ancestor magic is all about communing, communicating, and commemorating with those who have gone on before us.  When I do a Mediumship Tarot Reading, I am honoring not only the Tarot Master who taught me (my Mom); I am honoring her belief in her dear spirits she told me about repeatedly!  For I to, remember them – just as if I had actually known them during their living; actually I do know them after their death…

Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate
Samhain: Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

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