Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage is about a spiritual journey we make during December and January.  It is a journey full of wonder and amazement!  A journey to meet your very own Magickal-self – your Wonderchild!


Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage
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Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage

Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, is “a journey to meet your own greatness.  During the months of December and January, is when all humankind (man and women alike), search for spiritual significance.   We all have this in common with one another.  If you meet me along the way, say hello.  You don’t know, you may even save my life that way 🙂

Typically, a spiritual pilgrimage is a journey people make to a shrine or a religious place.  You remember the old story of the Three Magi making a pilgrimage to find the birthplace of the infant Emanuel…

Your spiritual journey does not have to be as historical as the one the Three Magi embarked upon.  Actually, the Yule Spiritual Journey is about “your own soul longing to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life”, Jody Bergsma, Magical Times Empowerment Cards.  The journey to find the way to your own Spiritual Path in life, is to tame your ‘Ego” so to let your Higher-self live!

Tame your Ego

Tame Your Ego so to let your Higher-Self live.  Taming your Ego is to die to yourself, so your Higher-self may live!  Your Higher spiritual self whispers to you great wisdom.  It whispers to you great magickal prowesses.

Thing is though, your Ego likes to take all the place, and lays upon your path all sorts of temptations so to prevent you from doing what your Higher-self tells you to do.  If only you would listen to your Higher-self instead of to your Ego, you would save yourself a lot of years of heart breaks and misery.  You would have far less tears on your pillow at night.

Meet your Higher-self

Meet your Higher-self!  Your Higher-self is your inner-self.  Your inner-self is your spiritual-self.  Your spiritual-self is your Wonder-child!

Your Wonder-child is that part of yourself that is in awe at everything that it sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches.  Both here in the physical realm and in the astral realm.  It is that little 3 or 4 year old child you once were, who marvelled at the magic of seeing a butterfly.  Who believed in Santa Claus bringing it presents under the Christmas Tree come Yuletide.  It is that child you once were , who wanted to remain cleansed and in good spiritual health while conversing in the presence of God or the gods as you interpreted them to be as a toddler.

That very same Wonder-child (spiritual self) still lives within you, in your soul.  It has never died, it is still part of who you are to this day!  It is that part of you who secretly wants to go on the Yule Spiritual Journey in this Yuletide Season!  The journey to find your own Greatness.

Choose your Spiritual Path

Choose your Spiritual Path well.  Take your time, but hurry!  Because it is easier said than done.

Not everyone can easily find their Spiritual Path to go on the Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.  It is a path filled with pros and cons.  Right ways of doing thing, and wrong ways of doings things.

The right ways of doing things is the smooth path.  The wrong way of doing things is the rougher, more hazardous way’ – and it is full of obstacles.  You make both good and bad decisions for your life.  To err is human!  Shit happens in life.  The good news is, you will have great moments of glory along the way there.  And that know you will not be alone on your pilgrimage.

Your spiritual helpers

Your spiritual helpers are volunteers that go with you on your pilgrimage to find your greatness.  Theses are animal helpers from the spirit world.  Their spirits walk amongst us.

Be aware of their presence.  When needed, they will share with you their spiritual gifts; they will go with you, guide and protect you.  Know that you are helped!  There will be no mountain high enough that you cannot surmount; not with the help of your animal helpers it won’t.

Your destiny

Your destiny is your true self!  By following your true Spiritual Path while on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage, you will reach and become your true self!  Your true self lives in freedom.

This is your authentic self.  Your authentic self lives in real love of yourself and of others.  It cherishes what it loves.  And it prospers.

Your true self prospers, because it shares its good fortune with those who depend on it, with its community, and with its country.  With those who are widowed or orphaned.  Sharing your true authentic self with others around you, brings good cheer to them.  It makes merry with them at Yuletide…  You know what they say!  They say, what goes around comes around!

At Yuletide, honor your higher self.  Acknowledge its presence within you.  Share it with others by inviting other people over for a drink and some food.  Do this as an offering you make on your Yule Spiritual Pilgrimage.