Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis is a highly controversial blog topic, both politically and religiously.  Nevertheless, faith, religion, and even politics often come up in Tarot Spiritual Counselling.  People have very strong feelings about Trump and the Pop going at it, because it impacts their personal and family life.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis


Trump versus Pope Francis

Trump versus Pope Francis recently dominated the news.  What happened was, a journalist asked Pope Francis to comment about Donald Trump wanting to build a wall on the American-Mexican border.  Right or wrong, Pope Francis seized the opportunity to place judgement upon the State of the soul of Donald who is seeking to be the GOP nominee.  Click on The Trump Card to learn more about Trump.

As the Holy See reaches into both the United States of America and Mexico, the Pope’s opinion on ‘the wall’ is very important to many.  This said, the Pope having publicly commented on the State of Trump’s soul seriously affected American Christians.  In other words, Pope Francis took a jab at Trump.  And as Trump is Trump, Americans did not have to wait long at all to hear Trump’s comeback.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Donald J. Trump Senior


Trump readily took up the Pope’s challenge with a reply of his own.  In a nutshell, and to paraphrase both men:  Pope Francis said Trump was not a Christian for wanting to build a wall.  And Trump told the Pope that he, the Pope, will then need him to defend him and Vatican city once Isis invades it.  And then, all those who have ears to hear with, took sides; some took Trumps sides, others took the Pope’s side.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Pope Francis


Some stood with the Pope, because they do not want a wall built between the two borders.  Some stood with Trump, because they wanted a wall there.  Meanwhile, others took jabs at both men because of their own personal beliefs and politics.

Since both Pope Francis and Trump are not of the same Christian faith, the age-old question of ‘what is a Christian’ came up.   Another question that came up, was ‘do Christians build walls?  No matter the answer, Pope Francis was asked to offer an olive branch to Trump… Because after all was said and done, it was the State of Trump’s soul that was being judged by a very popular Pope.

What is being Christian

What is being Christian, is an age-old question asked since back when the Biblical Apostles taught the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.  Ever since those Biblical days, Popes have been known to be highly opinionated on the layman’s politics and its spirituality.  Several of the Churches have split away from Rome because of that very question.

They formed denominations, and cults.  The Popes themselves waged wars against each other, and they had to divide up between them the ecclesiastical Bishoprics.  Each bringing along with them the souls of Saints and their believers; and their lands and their money, and their religious and political powers.  It all took place under the banner of – what is being a Christian or not.

As Pope Francis is the present day, duly elected representative of Christ on earth, his opinion counts for much throughout the Holy See.  This means that according to the Roman Catholic faith, the Pope is infallible because Christ speaks directly to and through him about everything under the sun; which renders Pop Francis infallible.  In other words, Roman Catholics believe that Pope Francis does not make any mistakes, because his mind is personally instructed with God’s will about everything and anything having to do with life on earth, and how to get to go be with God in Heaven.

So for Roman Catholics, when the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian, it is deemed coming as if from God himself. When Pope Francis said to that Journalist, that, he the Pope thinks that Trump is not a Christian, it meant that Trump is not a ‘saved soul’.  Such a serious statement shook the Christian world!!!  Because it was “the Pope Himself” saying it!

Pope Francis went on to give us a solid example of what caused him to say that about Trump. The example given was that Trump wants to build a wall between the United States of America and Mexico.  So the question begs to be asked.  Was the Pope actually saying that Jesus thinks that to build a wall on the U.S. border between Mexico – is not what Christians do?  That Christians do not build walls?

By using ‘Trump’s wall’ as an example of sitting in the seat of the scornful, did the Pope set himself up for a fall…

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not

Is Donald Trump Sr. a Christian or not, is a real controversial matter among both Americans Christians and American non-Christians alike.  The answer to such a question lies hidden way back in the days that Christians first set foot upon this continent.

The first Christians to come to the new world, came here so to escape religious persecution at the hand of other Christians.  They came here with the hope of being able to stay alive, and to find the freedom to practice their faith.  No, the Christians that first came here were not perfect.  Nor were the Christians that came after them.  Nor are those that are here now perfect in any way.

Thinking further, no one religion, denomination, sect, or faith is ever found to be perfect.  No one man from any given faith, race, or spoken tongue is even found without blame.  In fact, and to paraphrase the Christian Bible, “the body is saved, but not the mind”.  And it is that very teaching from the Apostle James that is at the core of the Trump versus Pope Francis controversy.

What Pope Francis said about Trump not being a Christian, caused both the American Roman Catholics and the American Protestants to flex their spiritual muscles.  Some big name Protestant leaders had very little choice but to stand in defense of Donald Trump in his faith as a Christian man.  Indeed, it is that very teaching from James, that “the body is saved, but not the mind”, that caused certain Christian denominations to come hide here in the New World – in the first place!

Pope Francis resurrected the age-old debate on: is the mind saved or not.  There are basically three kinds of Christians.  The legalistic Christians claim that the proof of a man being saved is in the pudding.  The legalistic interpretation of Salvation makes them eternally looking for Biblical legal proof of a man’s salvation.  Proof as in, if they find any fault what so ever in you, then that would mean that you are not saved in the first place.  So they go around telling the other two types of Christians that they are not saved.

The “forever saved” Christians are the second type of Christians.  They believe the body, the heart, and the mind all together form the soul; and that the soul is saved with all of its three parts included.  These types of Christians forever forgive themselves of any sin whatsoever; because they think that after Salvation, they are incapable of sin.  Thus, whatever they say and do, they think it is right with God.

Then there are the ‘middle of the road’ Christians.  The Middle of the Road Christians, believe that their bodies are saved, but not their minds.  That the mind does sin; they just have to call upon the power of the blood of Jesus on the Cross so to wash their new sins with His redeeming blood.  This is the group with which Pope Francis stands firmly with.

The three different groups forever argue and debate with each other on the matter of being saved or not.  They forever accuse one another of not being saved.  And they keep calling each other to Salvation.  Notwithstanding the letters the Apostle Paul wrote to each Church back in his days.

These days, they are still going it.  They still are calling each other to repentance.  To the point that now, the following question begs to be asked.  “Do Christian’s build walls?”

Do Christians build walls

Do Christians build walls?  In other words, is it Christian like to build a wall between two countries?  Being that Trump is Trump, the Trumpster informed the Pope that, he the Pope will come to Trump so to protect the Vatican from Isis.  Meaning that if the Pope pulls-down his own wall separating Vatican City with the rest of Italy and the world, that would expose the Vatican to an invasion by ISIS.

Consider the Vatican City

Consider the Vatican City.  It is surrounded by a wall build a very long time ago.  If a wall is good for the goose, a wall is good enough for the gander too!  All according to the Trump mind.  Especially when it comes down to the Pope declaring his opinion on the State of Trump’s soul.


Trump versus Pope Francis
Trump versus Pope Francis
Vatican Walls


The Vatican is walled-up.  Pope Francis rules a State within the country of Italy, inside the city of Rome.  The State ruled by Pope Francis is called “The Vatican State”.  This State ruled by Pope Francis is a “walled enclave”.  It is about 110 acres, and its population is around 843 souls.

This walled-up Vatican State is an ecclesial or “sacerdotal-monarchical State with a Nuclear Bomb Shelter.  In other words, it is like a walled-up country within another country.  The Vatican is a walled-up Apostolic Palace.  It is an independent and Sovereign authority and jurisdiction.  The Holy See has full, exclusive dominion, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction over this City State.

Vatican City has a unique economy called Economy of Vatican City.  It has its own banking system; its own health and welfare system.  It has its own army which recruits from all over the world.  It’s got its own police force and fire department.  It’s got its own security in charge of public order, border control, traffic control, and criminal investigations.

Vatican City holds diplomatic relations with foreign countries; it enters into international agreements with foreign countries.  It also has a global reach into other countries such as the United States of America and Mexico, for example.

When the Pope says that Trump is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it does indeed have a very seriously strong reach upon us all!  For example, does it mean that the Pope does not recognize U.S. Sovereignty?  This would be the most obvious reason there is a Trump versus Pope Francis discussion in America.