Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

Spiritual Counselling:  Psychic Protection


Hello there fellow Tarot Readers.  I have read on Facebook many posts and comments about Psychic Protection.  Since many people come to me asking how to protect themselves from psychic attacks, I thought I would write a blog post article about this.

Psychic attacks are frequent against Tarot Readers.  Tarot Readers read with the knowledge of the cards, yes.  However, many of us Readers who are Intuitive and/or Psychic supplement our knowledge with our gifts, so the client can better benefit from them.  When we do this, we open ourselves up psychically.  These types of readings are called ‘Tarot Intuitive Readings’, or ‘Tarot Psychic Readings’.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

When we ‘open ourselves up’, we send out into the Universe our Intuitive/Psychic vibrations; and we receive Intuitive/Psychic vibrations back from the Universe.  Our intent and the question piggyback on an outgoing wave of vibrations that goes out into the Universe.  The answer comes back to us on incoming waves of vibrations heading our way.  Thing is, not only do we get an answer, we can get other things too.  Things such as psychic attacks.

A psychic attack is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a spiritual act of aggression towards you – in the astral plane.  The aggression is upon your astral body.  Just as we have a physical body, we have an astral body.  Just as we have emotions, feelings, and thoughts here in the physical world, we have those too in the astral world.

We often read on Facebook, posts and comments from people who relate to us how a person is sucking their energy through negative comments and negative energy.  They can do that by just being in the same room, and having a negative atmosphere around them.  Another form of psychic attack is the psychic vampire attack.  This happens when a Psychic Vampire spiritually attacks your astral body even from faraway.  He will project his astral body to bite you on the neck to suck your astral blood.  In both cases, you will feel a drain of energy.

Here are some common symptoms experienced by a victim of a psychic attack:

.  Dreaming very frightening nightmares.

.  Seeing your attacker in a devilish way, either in your dreams, your meditation or in your thoughts.

.  Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no reason.

.  Having pains in the same place at the same time on a regular basis.

.  Experiencing illness or pains in areas of weakness that your attacker is already aware of.

.  Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness when it comes to completing daily tasks.

.  Having unusually painful, even severe cases, headaches accompanied with vomiting or dizziness.

.  Questioning or doubting your direction in life, even after having been aware of your direction beforehand.

.  Depression

.  Having thoughts and images of your attacker creeping into your mind constantly.

.  Feeling that you are being watched and seeing shadows around you from the corner of your eye, even when you are alone.

.  The worst kind of psychic attack can inflict feelings of having a heart attack, and feelings of the desire to commit suicide.

If you are feeling nearly all of these symptoms, you need to consult a medical professional.  It is a good idea to start by ruling out any physical or psychological conditions first.  If your doctor says there is nothing physically or mentally wrong with you, you may want to ask yourself the following question.

How long have you suffered from all of these symptoms?  If you were fine before, and that these symptoms appeared as if overnight and that you suspect it is a Psychic Vampire attack, then you may want to get rid of the negative people in your life, or of the psychic vampire himself.

The method of getting rid of a psychic attacker varies from victim to victim.  It also depends on your own morals and principles.  It also depends on who the attacker is, and what form the attack manifests itself.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

When a person drains your energy out of emotional neediness, there are different ways of dealing with this.  One of those ways is by first maintaining a good spiritual health.  You can also cleanse your body and your spirit.  You can do this in both your physical and your astral environment.

There is always a certain degree of negativity around us.  We do not get to choose our parents, siblings, and in-laws.  However, we can be highly selective of our friends.  We cannot always choose our work colleagues, but we can choose who we hang out with.

We do not always know ahead of time – the person we are about to read for.  However, we can decide not to read for them again.  We may not always know the tarot reader we just asked to read for us.  However, we can always just walk away in the middle of a session; and never go back to her again.

It is by maintaining a good spiritual life, that your intuitive/psychic defenses remain naturally strong and healthy.  You can make the difference between helping to empower someone and helping someone at all cost to yourself and your family.

When you keep up a good spiritual health, you have the wisdom necessary to be able to help others – so they too can keep theirs.  You also know how to help them become spiritually healthy.  Always keep at the front of your mind that you cannot give what you do not have…

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

You can keep what you have spiritual health wise, by assuring a good psychic defense when performing a Tarot Reading.  There are different levels of psychic defenses.  The basic tools for psychic defense are crystals, candles, incense, and your Athame.

Before starting your reading, light a white candle for clarity, and a black candle to absorb any negativity.  I also like to envelop myself in a white and red column.  Form a psychic protective circle with your crystals.  Keep some healing crystals and stones, and your Athame.  Some clairvoyants like to balance their crystals.  They keep a bowl full of crystals nearby.  They fill it half-and-half with smoky quartz and black obsidians.  The Athame is for cutting your attacker’s astral umbilical cord that he attached to you.

Incense is great for psychic defense.  It clears negativity away from your Reading Altar.  One basic and not too expensive defense spice, is Patchouli.  You can easily find it at your local grocery store or in a cone form – at your local dollar store.  I order my patchouli incense directly from china.  It is a tad more expensive, but it is more powerful than the common ones found in my neighborhood.  All depending on how much you can afford, you can get defenses that are even more powerful.

We can go on and on listing the different ways to protect ourselves from psychic attacks and draining.  However, do not forget to cleanse and protect the room or the area in which you do your readings.

When you go out to do face-to-face readings, you are a tad confined to very basic, simple defense measures.  However, at home, you can more efficiently protect yourself and your reading room from a psychic attack.  As I mentioned above, we do not always get to choose our family.  I have family coming over for a visit soon.  I need to protect my home, my husband, and myself from psychic attacks.

Spiritual Counselling - Psychic Protection
Spiritual Counselling – Psychic Protection

How I know I need to do this, is a long story.  I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say, I got myself some Rail Road Spikes to nail down my house.  RR
Spikes are nearly unbreakable.  If you are a conjurer, RR Spikes will pin-down your house and your land against very powerful forces such as psychic vampires.

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